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Prison overpopulation essay

prison overpopulation essay

Increases tax system The government of various countries might be to waive prison overpopulation essay of a certain part of the income tax or lowering rates of income tax for those married couples, who have single or two children. Increase in Resources: It is necessary to increase mineral, agricultural and industrial resources of a country. It is the main issue of the country. Following are the effects are given below with point. The availability of these facilities results in peace and prosperity and moral and social welfare of the people. Thirdly, many more people will not get sufficient food as land does not increase like the population.

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Less death rate, on the earth, the rate of population is increasing more by the growth of birth rate, but the death rate is rarely growing. The people of this country would not, and did not obey such a law, so why does the government think the drug laws of today will succeed? As the world globalizing, the number of population also increasing alarmingly. On the whole family planning is useful for the happiness and welfare of the individual, the country and the whole humanity at large. Moreover, as a consequence of overpopulation poor countries will not be able to provide habitat all. Moreover, due to modern techniques pregnancies, today are far safe. Awareness of family planning, the awareness of family planning is most important for improve the knowledge of people. Though the overall population remains the same, it just affects the density of population making that place simply overcrowded. Many of the effective medicines are curing to the thousands of life from Illnesses. Most of the water conflicts is happening in the small areas of poor people. In the end, we can say that overpopulation is a curse and a permanent threat for the development of the country if we need to keep pace with other nations of the world we should stop the flood of the population. How many more decades have to go by until the government realizes that over abundant laws is not a viable solution.

Many simple people quite wrongly believe that it is irreligious to produce fewer Children It is quite baseless. As a result of unemployment the rate of committing crime and overcrowding are picking up significantly. Houses are narrow, dark and ill-ventilated. Some people prefer to move to developed countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia where best facilities are available in terms of medical, education, security and employment. In the modern world, there are effective medicines which is increasing the chance of conception and lead to rising in birth rate. It gives rise to a shortage of resources. Our earth gives limited water and food facility, which is falling short of the current needs. It is causing very badly on the earth. This triggers malnutrition, starvation or even worst health problems. What problems does overpopulation cause?

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People live in the streets, under the bridges or any other public places because of homelessness. Most of the developing countries including Pakistan are prison overpopulation essay the worst victims of overpopulation and need family planning. Overpopulation leads to Crowded and Congested living. From the past years, it is happening in the country, poverty is growing at high level and it is the small population, which have not the money for life in comfort. Overpopulation showing that, there are many factors, which can increase the death rate for short periods of time, the ones that increase the birth rate do so over a long period of time. A difference between demand and supply continues to expand due to overpopulation, it raises the prices of various commodities including food, shelter, and healthcare. Mostly, the information is incomplete, which results in sexually active teenagers unaware of contraceptives and embarrassed to seek information about same. Poverty is the biggest hallmark of the overpopulation because all of this will only become worse if solutions are not sought out for the factors affecting our population. Family planning helps to create a balance between the population and the resources of a country it means that the population should match the available resources. It helps to feed a mouth of families. Migration, in all around the world, many people are migrating from one place to another place.

Role of Govt: The Govt should propagate through media to make people aware of the horrors of over-population. It is a very big problem of the countries. Because of the overpopulation, there are resource are getting on the earth and there are the minimum resources are remains for the human. Besides providing food, new challenge for providing home for all emerges. In order to provide inhabitants with shelter, many forests are cutting down and the universe is becoming desert. Limiting the Number: Number of children should be according to income and resources.

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It raises by the large amount of affected air, which leads to increase the global warming. High medical facility, in the high developing industrial revolution, the technology advancement prison overpopulation essay is increasing and there is also the more facility of medical has developed for people to save them. Please let me know band score by the way! Every people have to know about the series after effects of overpopulation, which can help curb population growth. The sense of Responsibility: Everyone must realize his role in national prosperity. If drugs are worthy of lengthy prison sentences then why is it possible to go into any convenience store and buy a twelve-pack of beer? Prohibition was enacted in the early part of the last century, and was repealed a little over a decade after it had become law. By the way it poses an immense number of problems such as unemployment, poverty, food deficiency, overcrowding and the most dangerous environmental problems. It is the basic right of every human being to get certain basic necessities of life These include proper food, clothing, housing, medical treatment, education, and employment. Creates conflicts and wars, the overpopulation must increase the conflicts and war between the people. The majority of people being convicted and sent to prison is due to the excessively strict drug laws, or the so-called, War on Drugs. Proper Spacing: With proper spacing between the birth of the children population can control over-population. This may be partly possible way to decrease the birth rate.

They are not aware of the disastrous results of over-population so they overproduce children. Too many American citizens are being locked up for crimes that just should not be against the law. But any laps Creates. Thanks for comments in advance! In an overpopulated country, people cannot get a sufficient amount of good food. It is individuals that populate the world. In the overpopulated area, rarely men get the better facility of the different resource, in fact, people are not getting the better medical facility, which can cause badly in human health. Increase unemployment, by the overpopulation, fewer people are getting the employment and a large number of the population remains unemployed, because there are not available more facility of the job. Lack of natural resources, by the problem of overpopulation, on the earth, the natural resources are decreasing from here.