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Illegal immigrants essays

illegal immigrants essays

These plants could be potentially harmful as they could be weeds which could be easily carried by clothes such as Lehmann Lovegrass, Cheatgrass among others. For instance in Arizona the Department of Health was frauded out of 15 million. Immigrants possibly carry diseases and other issues into the country with them. 2 pages, 983 words. This would provide a process and a way to control the amount of people coming to the country. An example of this includes the introduction of the kissing bug into the.S. The acceleration of identity crime in the last couple of years has been attributed to the advancement in technology. Other diseases that are also attributed to being spread by immigrants included leprosy, Malaria, Hepatitis according to (Lutton 12, 14). Illegal immigration can be defined as disobeying the immigration rules of a destined country by disregarding the right protocol of moving into that country. 2 billion, food-assistance programs with. All countries, including the United States, suffer from some amount of illegal immigration, and actions towards illegal immigration are vigorously debated.

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Illegal immigrants can be engaged in the process of voting, ultimately affecting the voting results. They also have a major influence on the various decisions and policies that are made in the country. Along the.S Mexican Border, investigations revealed that out of 17, 651 illegal immigrants apprehended at the border in 1999 in Texas about forty nine percent of them had illegal immigrants essays Tuberculosis bacteria. Also when they develop mechanical problems such as flat tires. Immigrants lead to changes in the wages patterns of most.S citizens with the estimate being that between 1980and 2000 the wages of citizens decreased by up to three percent with low skilled workers with less than.

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Considering the fact that illegal immigrants who had low skill levels flooded the job market, this subsequently led to depreciating working conditions and reduced compensation for legal immigrants and.S citizens. With the Federal Bureau of Prisons estimating that about three tenths illegal immigrants essays of those in jail are illegal immigrants. Due to the competitiveness that illegal immigrants bring, those who are lowly educated and socially placed are the ones who are most vocal in their opposition of illegal immigration. When this border fence is cut, it is left open and animals such as horses and cattle can pass through. However, plenty of studies have been carried out in California and New Jersey by the National Research Council (NRC) which have a large population of immigrants. Public schools, where classrooms are becoming larger and education programs are struggling to meet student demands. Since 2001 Congress has increasingly increased the amount of finances budgeted for the.S borders to try and seal them off. They have affected various groups in society for instance farmers. This can seriously affect human and animal life health wise due to the spread of viruses and bacteria.

It also affects banks of water bodies and causes confusion to legitimate users over the right federal trails (Arizona Bureau14). In September 1995, the National Science and Technology Council (nstc) released a report Infectious Disease, A Global Health Threat which led to calls for a re-look at the public Health Policy due to the eminent dangers. Social effects, crime, illegal immigrants engage in criminal activities which lead to increased crime rates. The effects of immigration are felt more intensely in states where large numbers of immigrants have settled in relation to others. Miko, Francis, and Park Grace. Although our country was founded by immigrants, we no longer are capable of dealing with all the other issues like education, jobs, healthcare and housing, that come with allowing more people to come to our country,. The Republicans on the other. This could lead to loss of lives in case of accidents according to (Smith, Edmonston 6). I agree with his plan to expand the use of this program.

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Trafficking in Women and Children: The.S and International Response. Others state that illegal immigrants pose a challenge to the government and should be gotten rid. However, illegal immigrants are more likely to introduce alien plant and animal species or infectious diseases, since they are unchecked by immigration services. 2 billion food assistance programs (1. With those who have large families being the most heavily dependent on public support systems hence creating a drain on public funds as they utilize public utilities such as roads, and medical centers. Illegal immigrants are sometimes referred to as aliens. The 1994 Miller Peak Fire in Coronado National forest could have been caused by such a fire. For instance in the fire brigade spent more than five hundred hours trying to put out twenty fires at Bueno Aires National Wildlife Refuge costing about 34,000 according to (Arizona Bureau 16). Many illegal immigrants are coming over and cause crimes and endangering the American citizens. Such states include New Jersey and California. Our birthrate is decreasing and immigrants are needed.

This means that the economy is dependent on them. Also, the aliens harass people who live near the borders for water, food, medical supplies and shelter. Some of the wildlife that are directly affected includes birds which have lost their breeding ground illegal immigrants essays which usually takes place in trees and scrubs on the ground. 6 billion, and federal aid to schools with. Considering the fact that most illegal immigrants are able to live safely in the.S without being deported and in some instances granted permanent residency, most people are tempted to migrate illegally.

Again, it becomes difficult for federal employees to work and illegal immigrants essays live in certain areas which are especially known as smuggling zones. When the government introduced new laws demanding employers not deliberately hire illegal immigrants in 1986, illegal immigrants began stealing identification documents and social security numbers from.S citizens to enable them get work. . With the conclusion showing a negative net fiscal impact on the economy. The Immigration Debate: Studies on the Economic, Demographic and Fiscal Effects of Immigration. Illegal immigration also has a great cost as well. For instance the 2000 presidential elections between President Bush and Al Gore could have been significantly affected by illegal immigrants voting considering how close the election was. Property and insecurity, illegal immigrants have led to damage of property especially when large groups of immigrants pass through a territory. Again, illegal immigrants help in facilitating natives to join the work force. I think another thing that could be done is have a startup visa for immigrants who want to come here and start a business. This is because illegal immigrants were usually willing to accept less than the required minimum compensation and do without other benefits such as insurance cover.

This has cost the government a lot in claims. Wild fires, again, various wild fires have been caused by fires which have been lit and carelessly left by illegal immigrants illegal immigrants essays as they move about. Properties are also vandalized by aliens as they pass through the land. But, I believe that the main problem with immigration is not the legal immigrants who come here following the rules, but rather its the illegal immigrants who sneak into our country over borders and then put. More money was spent on support and other needs such as on the equipment maintenance and repair of aircrafts and fire engines. Political AND constitutional effects, voting Patterns, it has been argued that illegal immigrants might just have an effect on the political landscape of the.S. A majority of the children are trafficked from Mexico to be sold off to people who are not interested in going through the lengthy process of legal adoption. The impacts of other problems, such as illegal immigration contributing to rising crime rates, cultural misunderstandings and government spending, are harder to factually assess than the problems above. Trafficking and exploitation, some parts of the.S border are very remote, and can sometimes be used by immigrants to smuggle people and controlled substances into the.S. Fires that have been lit and abandoned by aliens have led to wildfires which have led to destruction of natural resources and property such as residential areas and federal buildings. Approximately 43, or 7 billion, of the federal taxes illegal immigrants pay go to Social Security and Medicare (. Problems Due to Illegal Immigration Essay Example. This is because terrorists can pass themselves off as illegal immigrants as they blend in while intending to harm the public. .

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Since smugglers want to get off at high speed this usually results in accidents as they can run down people for instance using cars or pose a danger to security personnel like cops when they are stopped at barricades. Furthermore, sixteen percent of immigrants from the Hispanic region had Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (aids) infections. Illegal immigrants, if working, are possibly taking jobs from registered United States citizens. If a bunch of poor, illiterate illegal immigrants can successfully penetrate into the United States, how much more a group of well organized criminals who are well funded. A topic that has been on the news often in other states where there is a lot of illegal immigrant crime is overcrowding of prisons.

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If I decided to live and work in Italy, it would be my responsibility to learn the Italian language before I go there or attempt to become a citizen there. The Arizona Ambulance Association reported that 3 million dollars of costs which were overdue were owed illegal immigrants according to a report by (Arizona Bureau 25). For instance vehicles, houses and other property. I think we should also have programs set up that would help new immigrants coming over find jobs or a list of people to call for work. If their business does grow further and is successfu, they should then have the option to stay permanently. They also affect public expenditure and income tax revenues. The first is through crossing the.S Mexico border, the other is through over staying their visas.

2 pages, 977 words, almost all of us can say we are children of immigrants. Works Cited Arizona Bureau of Land Management Report. So, what is the solution? Government and local states have also responded to the issue of illegal immigration by passing new acts. Section 12 of the Immigration and Nationality Act stated that admission was to be denied to immigrants infected with certain diseases especially those that were contagious such as Tuberculosis, leprosy and mental illnesses However, following the March. It has been proved that non citizens can easily register for voting and participate in the electoral process hence influence election results. Either our great grandparents or grandparents came to America for a better life. Other sources also confirmed the incoming of foreign diseases such as the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in 1993 was able to link Tuberculosis to immigration, with the highest infection rate being in California with 61 percent of the infected not being natives. They did this with the help.S nurses. Because most illegal immigrants do not undergo the necessary medical testing, they end up carrying illnesses into their host illegal immigrants essays countries. They fraudently charged Medicare for patients with inflated prices for prescriptions or refused to deliver already paid for orders.