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Athletic trainer career research paper

athletic trainer career research paper

There are many types of dance, such as ballet, tango, modern dance, tap, and jazz. Subjects demonstrated a faster timed sprint following sleep extension. (2019) C hronic lack of sleep is associated with increased sports injuries in adolescent athletes Milewski MD,. View profile » Occupational Therapists Occupational Therapists Occupational therapists treat injured, ill, or disabled patients through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. View profile » Special Education Teachers Special Education Teachers Special education teachers work with students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. They teach language, motor, and social skills athletic trainer career research paper to young children. Full details of this category are located in the. What to Do, people often overestimate the amount of sleep that they get, and athletes are no different.

5 areas sleep has the greatest impact on athletic

Surveys are used to collect factual data, athletic trainer career research paper such as employment and salary information, or to ask questions in order to understand peoples opinions, preferences, beliefs, or desires. They design processes and equipment for large-scale manufacturing, plan and test production methods and byproducts treatment, and direct facility operations. View profile » Cooks Cooks Cooks prepare, season, and cook a wide range of foods, which may include soups, salads, entrees, and desserts. They counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare. View profile » Occupational Health and Safety Specialists and Technicians Occupational Health and Safety Specialists and Technicians Occupational health and safety specialists and technicians collect data on and analyze many types of work environments and work procedures.

Sleep deprivation has an impact comparable to intoxication by alcohol, which for athletes can have a major impact on their game. Insurance Underwriters, insurance Underwriters, insurance underwriters decide whether to provide insurance, and under what terms. View profile » Medical Transcriptionists Medical Transcriptionists Medical transcriptionists, sometimes referred to as healthcare documentation specialists, listen to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare workers make and convert them into written reports. Both assistants and aides work under the direction of occupational therapists. Some drive regular routes, and others transport passengers on chartered trips or sightseeing tours. View profile » Small Engine Mechanics Small Engine Mechanics Small engine mechanics inspect, service, and repair motorized power equipment. View profile » Exercise Physiologists Exercise Physiologists Exercise physiologists develop fitness and exercise programs that help patients recover from chronic diseases and improve cardiovascular function, body composition, and flexibility. They provide data relevant to the shape and contour of the Earths surface for engineering, mapmaking, and construction projects.

athletic trainer career research paper

They seek to reduce the risk and occurrence of negative health outcomes through research, community education, and health policy. View profile » Food Preparation Workers Food Preparation Workers Food preparation workers perform many routine tasks under the direction of cooks, chefs, or food service managers. View profile » Financial Analysts Financial Analysts Financial analysts provide guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions. View profile » Respiratory Therapists Respiratory Therapists Respiratory therapists care for patients who have trouble breathingfor example, from a chronic respiratory disease, such as asthma or emphysema. These devices include artificial limbs (arms, hands, legs, and feet braces, and other medical or surgical devices. They keep records, help customers, and carry out financial transactions. Composers write and arrange original music in a variety athletic trainer career research paper of musical styles.

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They prepare budget reports and monitor institutional spending. If you would like to view this site without cookies, go to your Browser Settings. They use various classification systems to code and categorize patient information for insurance reimbursement purposes, for databases and registries, and to maintain patients medical and treatment histories. The study covered 30 baseball teams and showed that players demonstrated a decrease in plate discipline as the athletic trainer career research paper season progressed, leading to an increase in batters swinging at balls outside of the strike-zone. What this study shows is that we can use the science of sleep to predict sports performance. All CE programs described for each category must be intended for an audience of credentialed healthcare and/or wellness providers (i.e., ATs, PTs, RNs, PAs, PTAs, MDs, CPTs) and the content must be at least entry level and pertain to the domains identified in the. Get Your Copy By purchasing a document from the BOC Store, you indicate your understanding of the product being purchased. View profile » Photographers Photographers Photographers use their technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills to produce and preserve images that tell a story or record an event. Clinical social workers also diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. View profile » Court Reporters Court Reporters Court reporters create word-for-word transcriptions at trials, depositions, and other legal proceedings. The only acceptable documents are original certification cards, original certificates of completion or photocopies (front and back) of certification cards or certificates of completion. View profile » Athletes and Sports Competitors Athletes and Sports Competitors Athletes and sports competitors participate in organized, officiated sporting events to entertain spectators.

In some states, home health aides may be able to give a client medication or check the clients vital signs under the direction of a nurse or other healthcare practitioner. They work with groups in summer camps, fitness and recreational sports centers, nursing care facilities, nature parks, and other settings. They contact customers, explain the features of the products they are selling, negotiate prices, and answer any questions that their customers may have about the products. View profile » General Office Clerks General Office Clerks General office clerks perform a variety of clerical tasks, including answering telephones, typing documents, and filing records. Mapping technicians use geographic data to create maps. Some develop the applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or another device. Both these studies show that sleep is crucial to the physiological, biochemical, and cognitive restoration of the body. What to Do Since sleep habits are such an important aspect of predicting long-term athletic performance, athletes may want to investigate known methods for achieving the most restful sleep possible. They also fill holes, indentations, or seams in metal products.

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There is a 25 processing fee to submit CEUs using a paper. View profile » Models Models Models pose for artists, customers, or photographers to help advertise a variety of products, including clothing, cosmetics, food, and appliances. Learn more about nata liability insurance coverage and managing your liability as a healthcare provider with the below resources. View profile » Musicians and Singers Musicians and Singers Musicians and singers play instruments or sing for live audiences and in recording studios. Orderlies transport patients and clean treatment areas. View profile » Registered Nurses Registered Nurses Registered nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members. View profile » Assemblers and Fabricators Assemblers and Fabricators Assemblers and fabricators assemble finished products and the parts that go into them. They report the news for newspapers, magazines, websites, television, and radio.

Sprint 8 Research : High Intensity Interval Training Benefits

View profile » Biomedical Engineers Biomedical Engineers Biomedical engineers combine engineering principles with medical sciences to design and create equipment, devices, computer systems, and software used in healthcare. Requirement, documentation must be kept for 2 years after the reporting period has ended. Hardvard Medical The sleep crisis and the science of slumber Macleans Studies link fatigue and sleep to Major League Baseball (MLB) performance and career longevity Winter. The impairment to the brains decision-making centres following sleep loss was found to increase risk-taking behaviour, and adjustments to moral reasoning athletic trainer career research paper and inhibitions. Installation, Maintenance, and Repair, legal, life, Physical, and Social Science, management. ATs must complete a predetermined number of continuing education units (CEUs) during the certification maintenance period. View profile » Solar Photovoltaic Installers Solar Photovoltaic Installers Solar photovoltaic (PV) installers, also known as PV installers, assemble, install, and maintain solar panel systems on rooftops or other structures. View profile » Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides Occupational therapy assistants and aides help patients develop, recover, improve, as well as maintain the skills needed for daily living and working. The study also concluded that, other tactical occupations such as military, law enforcement, and fire departments may benefit from consistency in sleep metrics. View profile » Travel Agents Travel Agents Travel agents sell transportation, lodging, and entertainment activities to individuals and groups planning trips. View profile » Dentists Dentists Dentists diagnose and treat problems with patients teeth, gums, and related parts of the mouth.

And other countries and regions. View profile » Multimedia Artists and Animators Multimedia Artists and Animators Multimedia artists and animators create images that appear to move and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other forms of media. They may collect samples for testing, or they may work to mitigate sources of environmental pollution. View profile » Customer Service Representatives Customer Service Representatives Customer service representatives interact with customers to handle complaints, process orders, and provide information about an organizations products and services. View profile » Insurance Sales Agents Insurance Sales Agents Insurance sales agents contact potential customers and sell one or more types of insurance. View profile » Construction and Maintenance Painters Construction and Maintenance Painters Painters apply paint, stain, and coatings to walls and ceilings, buildings, bridges, and other structures. Athletic Trainers (ATs) must be able to demonstrate ongoing certification in ECC throughout the reporting period. These drivers must know their way around a city to take passengers to their destinations. View profile » Rehabilitation Counselors Rehabilitation Counselors Rehabilitation counselors help people with physical, mental, developmental, or emotional disabilities live independently. They prepare machinery and equipment layouts, plan workflows, conduct statistical production studies, and analyze production costs. (2014) How sleep deprivation decays the mind and body The Atlantic Moderate sleep deprivation produces impairments in cognitive and motor performance equivalent to legally prescribed levels of alcohol intoxication Williamson A, Feyer. They ensure its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security in both paper and electronic systems. View profile » Urban and Regional Planners Urban and Regional Planners Urban and regional planners develop land use plans and programs that help create communities, accommodate population growth, and revitalize physical facilities in towns, cities, counties, and metropolitan areas.

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View profile » Personal Financial Advisors Personal Financial Advisors Personal financial advisors provide advice on investments, insurance, mortgages, college savings, estate planning, taxes, and retirement to help individuals manage their finances. They negotiate repayment plans with debtors and help them find solutions to make paying their overdue bills easier. They prepare operating rooms, arrange equipment, and help doctors during surgeries. In addition, they test prototypes to make sure that they function according to design. Certificate The certificate may be purchased alone, printed on fine paper. View profile » Top Executives Top Executives Top executives devise strategies and policies to ensure that an organization meets its goals. Practice Analysis, 7th Edition. They review balance sheets, evaluate the risk level of loans, and assess bank management. They try to understand how these organisms live, grow, and interact with their environments. Click here for complete AT emojis User Guide. AED, airway obstruction, barrier devices (e.g., pocket mask, bag valve mask). These therapists use a variety of modalities, including arts and crafts; drama, music, and dance; sports and games; aquatics; and community outings to help maintain or improve a patients physical, social, and emotional well-being.

They also evaluate position descriptions to determine details such as classification and salary. Insurance sales agents explain various insurance policies and help clients choose plans that suit them. Nata News: Proper Treatment of Degrees, Licenses and Credentials This website uses cookies to improve your experience. View profile » Natural Sciences Managers Natural Sciences Managers Natural sciences managers supervise the work of scientists, including chemists, physicists, and biologists. Food preparation workers prepare cold foods, slice meat, peel and cut vegetables, brew coffee or tea, and perform many other food service tasks. View profile » Public Relations Specialists Public Relations Specialists Public relations specialists create and maintain a favorable public image for the organization they represent. They combine art, business, and engineering to make products that people use every day. View profile » Chemists and Materials Scientists Chemists and Materials Scientists Chemists and materials scientists study substances at the atomic and molecular levels and analyze the ways in which the substances interact with one another. They often use clinical trials and other investigative methods to reach their findings. Career counselors help people choose careers and follow a path to employment. The current period ends December 31, 2019. View profile » Waiters and Waitresses Waiters and Waitresses Waiters and waitresses take orders and serve food and beverages to customers in dining establishments.

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Their job duties vary depending on the area of the college they manage, such as admissions, student life, or the registrars office. Their duties vary by state and by the dentists offices where they work. Most tractor-trailer drivers are long-haul drivers and operate trucks with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) capacitythat is, the combined weight of the vehicle, passengers, and cargoexceeding 26,000 pounds. Surveying technicians visit sites to take measurements of the land. View profile » Forest and Conservation Workers Forest and Conservation Workers Forest and conservation workers measure and improve the quality of forests. Technicians work with specialists in conducting tests and measuring hazards to help prevent harm to workers, property, the environment, and the general public.

They bring business and information technology (IT) together by understanding the needs and limitations of both. View profile » Massage Therapists Massage Therapists Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. View profile » Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators Arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators facilitate negotiation and dialogue between disputing parties to help resolve conflicts outside of the court system. They study the physical characteristics of animals, animal behaviors, and the impacts humans have on wildlife and natural habitats. They also may review and edit medical documents created using speech recognition technology. What to Do, our Science of Sleep eBook breaks down a comparison of two soccer goalkeepers with some very different sleep habits. They direct activities related to research and development, and coordinate activities such as testing, quality control, and production. Community health workers collect data and discuss health concerns with members of specific populations or communities. View profile » Sales Managers Sales Managers Sales managers direct sales teams.

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View profile » Desktop Publishers Desktop Publishers Desktop publishers use computer software to design page layouts for newspapers, books, brochures, and other items that are printed or published online. View profile » Insulation Workers Insulation Workers Insulation workers, also called insulators, install and replace the materials used to insulate buildings and their mechanical systems. View profile » Manicurists and Pedicurists Manicurists and Pedicurists Manicurists and pedicurists clean, shape, and beautify fingernails and toenails. View profile » Chiropractors Chiropractors Chiropractors treat patients with health problems of the neuromusculoskeletal system, which includes nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. View profile » Loan Officers Loan Officers Loan officers evaluate, authorize, or recommend approval of loan applications for people and businesses. View profile » Paralegals and Legal Assistants Paralegals and Legal Assistants Paralegals and legal assistants perform a variety of tasks to support lawyers, including maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research, and drafting documents. Tapers prepare the wallboard for painting, using tape and other materials. They often work in product evaluation and testing, and use measuring and diagnostic devices to adjust, test, and repair equipment.

They feed, groom, bathe, and exercise pets and other nonfarm animals. View profile » Sociologists Sociologists Sociologists study society and social behavior by examining the groups, cultures, organizations, social institutions, and processes that develop when people interact and work together. More Info Close and Accept. More and more athletes are learning that sleep has a big impact on performance, wins, and losses. View profile » Construction Equipment Operators Construction Equipment Operators Construction equipment operators drive, maneuver, or control the heavy machinery used to construct roads, bridges, buildings, and other structures. Detectives and criminal investigators, who are sometimes called agents or special agents, gather facts and collect evidence of possible crimes. Injury Rates, reduced sleep has been linked to increased injury rates during athletic competitions. View profile » Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners Meeting, convention, and event planners coordinate all aspects of events and professional meetings. View profile mathematicians and Statisticians. View profile » Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers to businesses, athletic trainer career research paper government agencies, and other organizations. View profile » Editors Editors Editors plan, review, and revise content for publication.

athletic trainer career research paper

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View profile » Construction and Building Inspectors Construction and Building Inspectors Construction and building inspectors ensure that construction meets local athletic trainer career research paper and national building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations, and contract specifications. In our eBook, youll learn: The difference between mental and physical fatigue. View profile » Architects Architects Architects plan and design houses, factories, office buildings, and other structures. View profile » Audiologists Audiologists Audiologists diagnose, manage, and treat a patients hearing, balance, or ear problems. View profile » Surgical Technologists Surgical Technologists Surgical technologists, also called operating room technicians, assist in surgical operations. Luke A,. View profile » Animal Care and Service Workers Animal Care and Service Workers Animal care and service workers attend to animals. View profile » Geoscientists Geoscientists Geoscientists study the physical aspects of the Earth, such as its composition, structure, and processes, to learn about its past, present, and future. View profile » Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technicians Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technicians Broadcast and sound engineering technicians set up, operate, and maintain the electrical equipment for radio programs, television broadcasts, concerts, sound recordings, and movies. In addition, web developers may create content for the site. View profile » Nuclear Engineers Nuclear Engineers Nuclear engineers research and develop the processes, instruments, and systems used to derive benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. View profile » Hydrologists Hydrologists Hydrologists study how water moves across and through the Earths crust.

athletic trainer career research paper

View profile » Radiologic and MRI Technologists Radiologic and MRI Technologists Radiologic technologists, also known as radiographers, perform diagnostic imaging examinations, such as x rays, on patients. View profile » Electro-mechanical Technicians Electro-mechanical Technicians Electro-mechanical technicians combine knowledge of mechanical technology with knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits. View profile » Forensic Science Technicians Forensic Science Technicians Forensic science technicians aid criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence. Although continuing education units (CEUs) are not awarded for ECC certification, ATs need to be current with the ECC requirements throughout the reporting period. View profile » Electricians Electricians Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical power, communications, lighting, and control systems in homes, businesses, and factories. View profile » Childcare Workers Childcare Workers Childcare workers attend to the basic needs of children, such as dressing, bathing, feeding, and overseeing play. View profile » Film and Video Editors and Camera Operators Film and Video Editors and Camera Operators Film and video editors and camera operators manipulate moving images that entertain or inform an audience. View profile » Cost Estimators Cost Estimators Cost estimators collect and analyze data in order to estimate the time, money, materials, and labor required to manufacture a product, construct a building, or provide a service. For instance, a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer holding a masters degree and working in a state where licensure is not required should write, Sally Snow, MS, ATC not ATC,.

athletic trainer career research paper