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How do electric car motors work essay

how do electric car motors work essay

Can you really make how do electric car motors work essay a motor from a battery, a screw, a magnet, and a strip of wire? SeCond finger Current, thuMb Motion , a quick word about current, if you're confused by me saying that the current flows from positive to negative, that just happens to be a historical convention. You can read more in our main article on hub motors. From the outside, you would probably have no idea that a car is electric. Although they have been around for over a decade now, the rage is only just catching. When you drive an electric car, often the only thing that clues you in to its true nature is the fact that it is nearly silent. Other kinds of electric motors In simple DC and universal motors, the rotor spins inside the stator. The electric current flows to the charger which converts the current into a format that can be easily absorbed by the rrent than flows to the battery where it gets stored to be retrieved later. But if we want to turn this amazing scientific discovery into a more practical bit of technology to power our electric mowers and toothbrushes, we've got to take it a little bit further.

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DC Electric Motor by Masayuki Yokoyama et al, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, June 1, 2010. When the accelerator is released it delivers 0V and when they are fully pressed, it gives maximum output. People like Benjamin Franklin, who helped figure out the mystery of electricity back how do electric car motors work essay in the 18th century, believed it was a flow of positive charges, so it flowed from positive to negative. A longer-life motor with an improved design of commutator. To find the answer to that, we have to go back in time almost 200 years. The more these cars are used, the more will the air will be polluted. One of them takes the electric current away from us through the wire and the other one brings the current back again.

Other aspects include battery types, which makes it more efficient in energy. A dozen new models, at least, are set to be released by the idle of next year, with many more in the pipeline for a little later release. In this article, let us find out what makes electric cars the next big thing in the automobile market. Before passing the current to motor, the controller converts the 300V DC into a maximum of 240 volts AC, 2 phase power which is suitable for motor. The closer together the magnet and the coil, the greater the force the motor can produce. Electricity, magnetism, and movement, the basic idea of an electric motor is really simple: you put electricity into it at one end and an axle (metal rod) rotates at the other end giving you the power to drive a machine of some kind. It simply means to change back and forth in the same way that commute means to travel back and forth.) In its simplest form, the commutator is a metal ring divided into two separate halves and its.

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Consequently, the battery packs are under the vehicle and sometimes in the trunk. However, inward they are very different from each other. The 3 main components of electric car are :- Electric motor, Controller and Battery. It is the same kind of batteries that are commonly used when starting up a gasoline engine. Add to that the maintenance charges and the cost of servicing for the bumps and dents it gets from minor accidents every now and then. The inventors who did that were Englishmen Michael Faraday (17911867) and William Sturgeon (17831850) and American Joseph Henry (17971878). Although we've described a number of different parts, you can think of a motor as having just two essential components: There's a permanent magnet (or magnets) around the edge of the motor case that remains static, so it's called the stator of a motor. The automobile market is booming how do electric car motors work essay right now. There are three types of them in the market: DC brushless with top speed, AC induction with the best acceleration and permanent magnet motor. You are probably a tad hesitant to buy the new electric car because it seems like a bigger pocket pinch at one go than you are prepared for. While some mechanical devices will allow the user to automatically switch the direction of the battery leads by flipping a switch, such as a power drill, other devices are fixed in a certain direction and would require the user.

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However, take note that electric cars are not essentially the easiest or speediest to maintain. Electric cars are something that show up in the news all the time. Taking pride of place among the lot are the electric vehicles. You will also find a regulator on the batteries, which simply ensures energy amount produced and that which is consumed by how do electric car motors work essay the car is constant. If the coil of wire could carry on moving like this, it would rotate continuouslyand we'd be well on the way to making an electric motor. Nickel metal hydride batteries : They are cost much more than lead acid but provide higher output and better performance. Because the current flows in opposite directions in the wires, Fleming's Left-Hand Rule tells us the two wires will move in opposite directions. Inside the stator, there's the coil, mounted on an axle that spins around at high speedand this is called the rotor. Last updated: May 14, 2019. Now we have better ideas about how electricity works, we tend to talk about current as a flow of electrons, from negative to positive, in the opposite direction to the conventional current.

The electric current from the battery connects to the motor's electric terminals. If you place the wire near a permanent magnet, this temporary magnetic field interacts with the permanent magnet's field. Tags: speech on cars, electric vehicles essay, why electric cars are future persuasive essay. The electric motor gets its power from a controller. Bumping into cars on the street is a given anyway. As electricity is passed to the electromagnet, the field magnet attracts and repels the electromagnet which causes the axle to spin. If you take one of these induction motors and "unwrap" it, so the stator is effectively laid out into a long continuous track, the rotor can roll along it in a straight line.

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Photo: Even small electric motors are surprisingly heavy. This ensures there is not battery that burns out. Armature, the armature, or electromagnet, consists of an iron bar that is wrapped in coiled wire. Better for the environment, first of all, and most importantly, electric cars will help us combat the very monster that is threatening the well being of the world at how do electric car motors work essay present- global warming. These are the motors that are used in creating an electric vehicle. Let us not forget one of the biggest joys that driving an electric car gives us: the ability to drive soundlessly. Suppose we bend our wire into a squarish, U-shaped loop so there are effectively two parallel wires running through the magnetic field. The brushes are also in direct contact with the battery leads. Buying an electric car will rid you of all these worries. Moreover, the workability aspect of electric cars is very interesting. According to statistics, almost everyone has owned or rented vehicle in their lifetime. Flick a switch and get instant powerhow our ancestors would have loved electric motors! It is this magnetic rotation that allows all mechanical devices to work.

What about the commutator? A decent parking spot is hard to find with cars standing nose to bumper all the way; you think there is a decent enough space, but bum into another car while trying to maneuver yours into the spot. Field Magnet, the field magnet is just a permanent magnet that is placed near the armature. These engines run on diesel or gasoline fuel. The stator and rotor effectively swap over, with multiple iron coils static at the center and the permanent magnet rotating around them, and the commutator and brushes are replaced by an electronic circuit. The commutator reverses the coil current every time the coil flips over, just like in a simple DC motor, so the coil always spins in the same direction. For instance, you will not find any gas tank, as they do not use fuel for locomotion or propelling the engines. Instead of rotating continuously in the same direction, it would move back in the direction it had just come! These potentiometers tell the controller how much power it is supposed to deliver. Universal motors DC motors like this are great for battery-powered toys (things like model trains, radio-controlled cars, or electric shavers but you don't find them in many household appliances. Under how do electric car motors work essay the hood, there are a lot of differences between gasoline and electric cars: The gasoline engine is replaced by an electric motor.