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Importance of education in developing countries essay

importance of education in developing countries essay

Developed countries that invest more on education have higher literacy rates such as Canada, with a literacy rate of 99 (The World Factbook compared to a developing countries such as Africa. The facts about starvation in todays world are shocking; today, there are some 800 million people who do not have access to sufficient food to meet their needs. In this stage the importance of education in developing countries essay students have to face many difficulties and learn more about the every field of life. If the students knows that what and how technology helps in the development of a country and they are thought about the technology then they can make advanced from them and can play a great role because nowadays. The people cant found something for his food then how can how got education and become a pillars in the development of a country. For example one study was made when certain group of people in a University realized that people in developing countries dont cook their food well enough. Education is often poorly measured, and the impacts do not always show up as statistically significant in cross- country growth regressions (Levine Renelt, 1992). Visit m to see how we can help you!

The Role Of Education In A Country Education Essay

Improvemnent and changes have to occur, teachers need to be more educated because they are the ones that are providing the students with knowledge and the ability importance of education in developing countries essay to read and write. Some of the main points are starvation, education, child labor, safety and human rights. There needs to be more police and laws, but that does not solve the whole problem. Due to engineering the countries are even able to become an atomic bomb. Hence we should also take interest in religious education. 1204 Words5 Pages, the economic progression of a country is not measured by the literacy rate of the country or number of people who are educated. Therefore the education plays a great role in a country. So they give scholarships to someones who are talented and they got education on free of cost. Another way is that the food among the people in the country could be shared equally to all the people.

The Importance of Education in Developing Countries Essay

Some have wars and some bad climate but the common thing is: they all have problems. So the nations or countries are by build by mothers, if he teacher child well then it is impossible that country cant developing. Therefore the lack of education in a country can be considered a form of poverty. Due to education we can improve our technology and mostly our defense importance of education in developing countries essay technology by which we can secure our country. The solutions to the starvation are actually pretty simple. All the problems are linked. He teaches us about the relationships and manner of leaving in a society then in country and in a world at global level. The peoples dont know the importance of education. Canada is more modernized and revolves around educated people unlike Africa which is a developing country. Those countries who know the importance of education, so they first prefer to got education. Like other subjects engineering also plays great importance.

Essay about Lack of Education in Developing Countries

You need to help people to help themselves. The education plays a great role in the field of agriculture. It is a word that stands alone. Many diseases, foods and medicines are deliberately made to weaken and control people. It is capable of work only if all the tires of the truck work in synchronize manner. Education is very difficult to get because books cost, schools have to be importance of education in developing countries essay build, no one knows how to teach and families need kids to work and to get food for the family. Child labor is unfortunately very common in developing countries. They can think positive and can compete with another country easily in the field of development and prosperity of a country. This is only educated leader who can perform every duty of a country well. One in four children in sub-Saharan Africa aged between 5 to 14 have to work often up to 16 hours a day because their families rely on the income contributed by their children, therefore Africa has to spend more. At the early stage the most important teachers of a child are his parents and specially his mothers. He is the richest person in the world and is giving constantly food to charity.

The country or nations systems are by one person which is known as leaders of that country. The development of a country in medical field are within the doctors hands, if they work hard then they can achieve all the targets that are face nowadays in a country. Nowadays the nations are developing by arts. So the education is necessary for seeding the technical education like engineering because they can play a great role in developing a country and helps them to become superior in the world. These issues are very different in developed and developing countries. The next problem depends on the seriousness of the issues. Amartya Sen has defined poverty stating that it is the lack of capability to function effectively in society. The more people getting educated, the more people solving problems.