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Writing a sponship proposal for under armor

writing a sponship proposal for under armor

While they should be included in your sponsorship proposal as a matter of course, theres nothing unique here so we wont be discussing them. Distribution, products will be distributed through retail chains and stores, and our strength lies in the fact that we have previously established positive connections with these stores. Now that we understand what our target audiences expectations are, we can look at our sponsors objectives. Executive Summary, under Armour is at the final stages of introducing a new product to its current product line. Complication ul li Growing competition among smaller, fragmented market players costs of inputs, specifically petroleum-based production stock price /li /ul Solution Under Armour should acquire a major competitor to quickly expand product offerings while strategically positioning themselves in growing international markets.

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4 sales touches to 250 people is more effective that 1 sales touch to 1,000 people. This can be achieved by: Demonstrate a return on investment for your sponsor Audience expectations Sponsor objectives Marketing initiatives Develop unique marketing initiatives for your sponsor Selecting an audience expectation(s) Combine these with the sponsors objectives and; Associate them. We want to focus on those elements of your sponsorship program that cant be replicated by traditional marketing activities like signage, media advertising and mail outs etc. These sales touches can range from a phone call or email to a social media referral or print advert. Company Description, under Armour is a US based sports clothing and accessories company that was founded in January 2006 by Kevin Plank, who is currently the companys CEO. Additionally, we will enhance training, research and development, add new product lines and encourage innovation and modernity in our product.

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Acquisition Diversifies Under Armours Geographic Footprint Under Armour Columbia Sportswear Pro Forma.S. The company has been very successful at designing sports wear and basketball shoes and, due in part to the huge success of its clothing line, wishes to expand its operations into the soccer boots market. Physical Assets what physical assets do you have at your disposal? Improvement I want to improve my situation, be it mental, physical or financial. The Sponsorship Seekers Toolkit is the book that got me started creating my first sponsorship proposal and is one of the best sources of practical information available. Hence, Under Armour will not come under direct competition with these multinational companies. The ultimate aim of any sponsorship proposal is to convince a sponsor to invest in your program by clearly illustrating why its the very best marketing option available to them.

Three Criteria for Success Conclusion Growth Strategy Proposal Opportunities Industry Analysis. Sales touches Theres a generally excepted rule writing a sponship proposal for under armor in sales that you must touch a potential customer a number of times before they convert into a qualified sales lead. The main industry players in the market are Puma, Nike, Adidas and Reebok, all of whom target professional athletes and large sports clubs or groups. Finance Note: colms stock price as of 11/15/2007 was.72 Short Form Merger Analysis. Why acquisition with Columbia makes financial sense 2007E EPS Accretion / (Dilution) Source: Equity research reports; Yahoo! Competitive Analysis and Strategy, the market for soccer shoes is currently dominated by Nike, Reebok, Puma and Adidas. The effectiveness and required quantity of these sales touches is based on three factors: quality of the sales touch, purchase price and interest level. In part 1 of this 3 part series we looked at how to develop a sponsorship proposal that fits with the sponsors marketing plan. The plan offers details of our strategies and objectives towards achieving the business goals in both foreign and home markets. Showcase products and services, in this example, lets say were approaching a digital camera company to sponsor our cycling tour and their main sponsorship objectives are to: Increase brand loyalty, drive retail traffic and; Showcase a range of new products. Each member firm is a separate and independent legal entity operating under the names"Deloitte,""Deloitte Touche,""Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu," or other, related names.

Industry Overview ul li Market Size 42B fragmented and competitive consolidation changing fashion needs and customer sentiment goods is dominating growth /li /ul The athletic apparel industry has progress dramatically with a 67 growth rate over the last 10 years. Gratification I want to feel pleasure in my myself and my surroundings. However, the company will also target large sports clubs in its long term strategy and will begin by introducing the Sharp Shooter to sections of its current client base that may find the product useful. Known as an employer of choice for innovative human resources programs, it is dedicated to helping its clients and its people excel. So why is your social media strategy important writing a sponship proposal for under armor to your sponsor? International Expansion : Case Study India represents 34 of global revenues market will grow from 45 Billion in 2005 to 170 Billion in 2025 branded sports apparel industry taste for Western Brands, early stages of chain stores segments. Consequently, Under Armour has accumulated enough capital to fund the whole program. This sounds tricky, but if youve been applying the principals outlined above youre already halfway there: Weve defined our audience expectations: community, gratification and improvement Weve determined what our sponsors objectives are: increase brand loyalty, drive retail traffic. Putting it all together Lets recap. Although these companies are huge in the world arena, their presence is rarely felt by small sports clubs that make up Under Armours main client base since they mainly target large football and rugby clubs. Its changing the way people interact with each other and share information.

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Your target audience is already actively engaged with your sponsorship program (and your sponsor if youve done your home work). Online Course - LinkedIn Learning Under Armour BCG Matrix shayla khan shimu Under Armour Inc Strategic Outlook Aziz Ghani Strategic Analysis of Nike, Under Armour IMG Tiantong Liu Final ppt under armour Ariel Song Under Armour industry analysis shayla. We do not accept applications for individual athletes at this time. . In the Netherlands, Deloitte is the member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, and services are provided by Deloitte and its subsidiaries. Under Armour will be the only company offering a complete set of sporting items, from hats, shirts, pants, sporting shoes and other accessories. Show More, no Downloads. Ask yourself: What type and how many quality sales touches can I provide as part of my sponsorship program? This will help in brand improving brand awareness and expand our client base. This price is below the typical prices offered by the aforementioned competitors, and will give us an edge.

Right now however Id like you to take this time and do a stock-take of your sponsorship program elements using the 4 categories below: Activities what activities make up your sponsorship opportunity? Fundamentally, sponsorship is about tapping into the emotion and passion of your target audience and connecting them with a sponsor in a meaningful and positive way. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this presentation? Plans for the introduction of The Sharp Shooter have been ongoing for a number of years. Typically, these may include: Increase brand loyalty, create awareness of the brand, drive retail traffic. Conclusion ul li Apparel Industry Rivalry margins for high-end, niche products growth in emerging economies Armour for people passionate about sports advanced product Acquisition penetration in other niche product segments for sports enthusiasts geographical expansion Growth Strategy Proposal Opportunities Industry Analysis. This list is by no means exhaustive but its a start in the right direction. Clipping is a handy way to collect important writing a sponship proposal for under armor slides you want to go back to later. As previously stated, we will also distribute our products directly to our clients. This will greatly boost our distribution channel. For more information, please visit the Netherlands member firms website. Korea France Spain Canada Germany Russia Columbias 48 revenues come from outside.S.

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Exclusivity I want an experience that few others have, I want to feel special. Appendix-Merger Analysis Source: Equity research reports; Yahoo! Name* Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard). From a sponsorship point-of-view, we also need to consider its strengths as a marketing tool that goes above and beyond dollars and cents. The Sharp Shooter will also be made using the latest technological in leather treatment that will make them durable, more comfortable, and minimize injury to players feet. One advantage that The Sharp Shooter will possess over the mainstream football boots is that it will have adjustable insoles that can be adjusted when a player feels so, and hence increase a players comfort while improving grip. Colms stock price as of 11/15/2007 was.72 Stock Conclusion Growth Strategy Proposal Opportunities Industry Analysis Strong Stock Price Gives UA Acquisition Power. What does this all mean? The company shall strive to market and supply its products together in order to fight off competition and maintain its market share. The product, known as The Sharp Shooter, is a soccer boot that will target the lower end of the market.

Lets say you run a 5 day cycling tour; why do people participate and what are their expectations? Since the product will be used mainly by soccer and rugby players, Under Armour will attend similar sporting events and promote its products. The price is friendlier too, and this will enable persons who are not employed to own new boots. Market Analysis, there has been a steady increase in the number of students and youths participating in football games mainly as s recreational activity. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is a Swiss Verein (association and, as such, neither Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu nor any of its member firms has any liability for each other's acts or omissions. Finance Note: Assumes.5 cost of debt with no synergies. Conclusion Growth Strategy Proposal Opportunities Industry Analysis. This connection is the ROI sweet spot for a sponsor, whether the objective is to sell more products or increase brand loyalty. Under Armour will approach these customers and present the product to them at a commission.

writing a sponship proposal for under armor

Organizations that espouse the adoption of a particular faith or political view for entry to the youth program. The company has established positive relationships with major chain stores and distributors around the US, and this will help in marketing. As a rule of thumb 7 to 13 sales touches are needed to effectively qualify a sales lead. It specializes in sportswear and trendy casual apparel, mainly targeting athletic teams in schools, colleges, and in the military. And writing a sponship proposal for under armor this is where you need to put your thinking caps on and come up with a number of unique marketing initiatives that bring together the target audience and sponsor in a meaningful and positive way.