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Learning english as a second language essay

learning english as a second language essay

For example: Chinese Language : (wo zai kuan zhong du shu) / I read in Foon Yew High School. 3.2 Participants The target participants are selected through purposive sampling. Researcher will ask learners to write a 100-120 words English essay. Learners were required to write at least 100-120 word learning english as a second language essay essay and the essays will be used to analyse through number of errors, percentage and mean. The word length is around 100-120. Answer Number of learners Percentages Yes 13 52 No 12 48 Figure 2: Learners response towards the frequency of using in English language outside of English classes. Statement: Are you exposed to English or use English outside of English classes? I started listening English news and.B.C which increased my competency in English to some extent. Essay, topic:, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! My brothers age is 10 years old. His 40 minutes class let us with almost rare chance of interaction. As for, section B an error categorization method will be used to identify the errors.

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Only 2 learners (8) scored D for English subject in upsr and none of them scored A in the upsr. A few study have proved that learners L1 will inteference in their L2 writing process. It is because learners do not even know they making errors while learning. The table 4 shows that Chinese learners L1 will influence them in learning English Language. PEI yuan (P) KPR in Kampar, Perak will be selected as participants. They will get influence by their L1 grammatical structure. Her ambition also is Art painter. The evolution process cannot go unaccredited because it will enable the lecturers to know if the objectives were met. The second part of this chapter discussed types of L1inteference in learners. Chinese will direct translate the word into English when they are written. So shePro ambition is to be a painter. Gass and Selinkar(2009,p.7) define SLA as the term that refers to the learning of a language after the learning of the native language. ESL learner A person learn English language as second language or target lnguage and it is not their mother tongue.

This is because it has became a habit for them and hard to change. Sapir (1921:8) defines, language is a purely human and non-instinctive method of communicating ideas, emotions and desires by means of voluntarily produced symbols. English is common language for the native people but for the non native people it is challenging and requires one to go through a series of classes compounded by determination and willingness to learn in order to understand it well. English and writing in, english is very hard for learners to achieve. However, Chinese ESL learners seldom master the skills especially in writing (Darus Subramaniam, 2009). According to Abushihab, El-Omari, Tobat (2011) who cited in Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics (1992 a student will make mistake and error while they write an essay and there is a differences between mistake and error. Chapter III methodology.0 Introduction This chapter will introduce the methods used to carry out the research. She lives with myPro. It focuses more on how learners use their L2 to find out the errors and classified them into categories. Acquisition of the first language is easier in comparison to the second language because of lot of the natural exposure. It is because they think the word in their L1 and translate it. It was in class four when I was introduced with.

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Order now, as a teaching material, this WebQuest highlights the main objectives, which will serve as the yard stick of determining whether the intended purpose of the WebQuest is achieved. Besides, all of them are from non- English speaking background. I so like my family. Two research questions will be focus based on the problems. Finally, I likes my family. The researcher has chosen junior year one learners who are studying.M. It means that this two language are similar in noun, adjective, adverb or etc. Phumklom cited a study which was done by Baljit Bhela from Flinders university Schools of Education. The second part of this chapter is to discuss the types of L1 interference in learning L2 and the last part of this chapter will be the research previously done by researchers. Statement: Rate your English Language proficiency level.

First language acquisition takes place almost in natural setting which is not the case in second language learning which takes place in artificial classroom environment. Bhela found out that the major problems for most of the L1 learners faced are, learning english as a second language essay they will use their L1 syntactic structure. This study is using purposive sampling because only one class of Chinese ESL learners will be selected as participants. As a result, the interference of L1 has become the major problem for Chinese ESL learners in the process of learning, english especially in writing. Another 3 learners (12) consider their English proficiency is good which means that they can speak, write, read and listen well. The chart shows that 13 learners (52) use English language outside of English classes.

Most of them will make errors when they are writing. Then, each parts of model will be divided into few paragraph. This commitment demandsplenty of time and hard work. Three approaches are used to describe L1 interference in this study. Likewise I felt difficulty in learning grammar where our teacher least focused.

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It is because they are still not proficient in their. They will get interference by their L1most of the time. It is because learners will used their L1 linguistic knowledge to express in their. 2.1.1 Contrastive Analysis CA, based on behaviorism, is an approach which used to compare the differences and similiarities of learners L1 and L2 (Richards and Schmidt, 2002). It was until the age of eight that I was monolingual. 1.5 Significance of Study This significance of study can help teachers understand the grammar problems caused by L1that learners face in their writing. However, this study will only focus on grammatical errors that students made in order to be consistent with the research questions and the purpose of the study. This chapter has been divided into two parts which are questionnaire and conclusion. From the content in the introductory part of the WebQuest, It is true that. English Language : I study in Foon Yew High School. (has) My hobbies is playing badminton. Nepali also obstructed in learning phonemes. Therefore, I came here, USA, to learn.

The topic of the essay is my family. Most of them admit that they use English language to communicate with other people through social network such as facebook and google. The table 5 6 shows the most common errors that Chinese ESL learner make in their English writing. So, in this study, the researcher will examines interference of Chinese learners mother tongue in learning English as their second language. As a freshman student at Tennessee State University, I am taking the. In English, the correct sentence should be, "I like my family so much". Last but not least, the discourse rules between Chinese and English are difference. The statistics will be divided into percentages and mean.

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It is the contrast with errors. Another learning english as a second language essay 12 learners (48) disclosed that they do not use English Language outside of English classes. As a subject teacher, who was only.L.C passed taught up English. Statement: What is your score for the English subject in the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (upsr)? It also enables them to share their difficulties and hence understand the challenges a head of them. Section B is provided an essay.

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It is because thinking. During this course of time I encountered lot of problems in different ways right from pronunciation about which I was completely unaware. According to Darus Ching (2009 Markin is a software which developed by Martin Holmes in 1996. Chinese learning english as a second language essay ESL learners will get interference in learning English due to the differences of syntax, lexical usage and discourse patterns. 3.1 Research Design This study is to identify the problems faced by Chinese students in learning English. This software was chosen because it can help in categorization and statistical analysis of errors. This experiment showed that learning, english from a nonnative speaker may cause troubles in both listening and speaking parts. 10 learners (40) think that their English level is average. It also requires a diligent rfecting the talking, reading, and writing of the.

Lexical My father and mother very love our. My fathers name Aux Chi Len Seong Another younger sisters age is 6 years old. "More people are waiting for food" and "Much people are waiting for food means alot of learning english as a second language essay people. Learners are more or less likely to be influenced either positively or negatively by their first language. It can be either in the beginning of paragraph or at the end, depends of the writer how to organize. The result shows that L2 learners will think in their L1 before they write and this cause errors appeare in their writing. It is because only one class of English Second Language (ESL) learners will be selected as participant. The word with suffix "s" indicates many students. English by speakers with different native languages and answered questions based on the lectures. Anybody who wants to make connections with the world we live in should learn. Table 1 Learners proficiency in English Language Scale Number of learners Percentage Scale (Lowest) (Highest) * Table 1 shows the learners proficiency in English Language. Discourse Pattern Wong Yi Wei hobby also is drawing, ambition also is painter. 25 Chinese junior one learners who study.M.

The Markin software provides annotation buttons learning english as a second language essay to classify the error. Chinese ESL learners will transfer their L1s habit when they write. However, it might become other meaning due to the word choice. He found out that Chinese learner will transfer their syntactic to English when they are writing. Her job is an officer. The only way of teaching he used was drilling. We will write a custom essay on, learning, english as a, second, language specifically for you for only.38.90/page. They will still continue to make certain errors. Table 4: L1 Interference in English Language L1 Interference in: Examples Syntactic I have three sister and two parents. PEI yuan (P) KPR is the place where the researcher is going to carry out the study.

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It is because the L1 interference with English Language causes grammatical errors in the writing learning english as a second language essay process. 25 Chinese learner who study.M. This emphasizes can help teachers to understand learners learning problems. Table 2 The score for the English subject in upsr Grade Number of Learners Percentages A 0 0 B 14 56 C 9 36 D 2 8 Figure 1: the score for the English subject in upsr Table. Understanding a word and pronouncing it correctly is indeed the fundamental step in solving the complexity. Print, reference This, chapter I, introduction, background of the study. But, learners who do not know how to use will overlook the words "more" and "much" in the same category.