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Essay arguments for and against affirmative action

essay arguments for and against affirmative action

Affirmative action is difficult because it stirs up a lot of emotions, said Tummala, pictured at left, a political science professor and director of the graduate program in public administration. What are the pros/cons of these programs. It was the same thrill, a housing attorney told the historian Beryl Satter in her 2009 book, Family Properties. Instead, affirmative action policies have resulted in irrational decision making based on ethnicity. The white student manages to get a better score as compared to the black student. For them, giving minority groups preferences over white students is an unfair practice. An essay or paper on Affirmative Action Pros Cons. Second, proponents of affirmative action argue its role in overcoming deeply ingrained corporate biases. These groups can include those based on ethnicity, gender, or race. Affirmative Action levels the playing field so people of color and all women have the chance to compete in education and in business. The affirmative action does not promote these virtues. Legally, such preference may be acted upon only when candidates are comparable in quality.

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(1983) Affirmative Action in Higher Education: Is It Necessary. In the essay arguments for and against affirmative action 1990s, President Bill Clinton advocated a mend it, dont end it policy. Fortunately, there was no affirmative action at the turn of the 20th century to give members of beaten races a leg up in the competition for education and jobs. At the federal level, the roots of affirmative action can be found in an executive order issued by President John. As a rule, poor black people do not work their way out of the ghettoand those who do often face the horror of watching their children and grandchildren tumble back. He characterized it as personally offensive, saying that his respect and admiration for our Jewish citizens was widely known.

African-American women, moreover, earn only sixty-three cents per hour and Hispanic women only fiftytwo cents per hour for every dollar a white man earns for similar employment. These"s are a way to ensure that people from certain socio-demographic groups, which have traditionally suffered discrimination, have access to schools, jobs, and / or participate in political life. Many people dream of living in America to achieve the. The purpose of this paper is to bring to light all the issues, and then make essay arguments for and against affirmative action an educated statement of whether affirmative action is a worthwhile activity or if there is a better solution. In addition to this idea, individuals for the concept of affirmative action believe that disadvantaged students, such as the minorities, need an extra boost. Too many blacks do remain oppressed, but not by white Americans. Fischer argues that the decision by universities and the colleges to admit students based on race violate the 14th amendment of the Equal Protection Clause. Scott Plous, PhD, Professor of Psychology at Wesleyan University, wrote in his article Ten Myths About Affirmative Action, posted on his website (accessed Aug. Instead, it increases discrimination. Some people argue that you shouldnt extend affirmative action to an entire class of people. Once enacted, affirmative actions are tough to remove. However, individuals against affirmative action which is the viewpoint I tend to side with, believe that affirmative action actually leads to reverse discrimination).

Read Affirmative Action: Pros and Cons free essay and over 84,000 other research documents. Affirmative Action is defined as positive steps to enhance the diversity of some group, often to remedy the cumulative effect of subtle as well as gross expression. Affirmative action programs including targeted outreach and recruitment efforts, the use of non-traditional criteria for hiring and admissions, after-school and mentorship programs, and training and apprenticeship opportunities are tailored to fit specific instances where race and gender must. The main issue that affirmative action was to address is the issue of discrimination among minorities. Yet affirmative action was never proposed as a cure-all solution to inequality. Congressional Research Service, does the US Need Affirmative Action. White men hold 95 to 97 of the high-level corporate jobs. While essay arguments for and against affirmative action Obamas election qualifies as a down payment on equality, much more remains to be done. Pros and cons of affirmative action.

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Debates have been roaring in the social and political sphere of the United States on the contentious issue of affirmative action. Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. Personal Credibility: I myself am a licensed essay arguments for and against affirmative action motorcyclist with 3 years. Preferences stigmatize them as less able than other Americans to stand on their own two feet. Rationality can go through the window. Many students live very segregated lives up until the time they start college. I have a way to get you to your destination faster and look cool while you. For them, such ruling violates the constitutional rights which protect people against discrimination.

The main argument of affirmative action

Proponents of affirmative action plans argue that historically speaking, some fields may not be open to members of certain demographic or minority groups without some extra-legal encouragement. Lets take a look at some of the arguments both essay arguments for and against affirmative action for and against affirmative action. In the recent case opposing affirmative action, Abigail Fisher believed that affirmative action policies stigmatize students. Fisher argued out her case based on her experience as a white student. The fight against discrimination has been a long lasting one that started with the case of Plessy. A man may reason well without understanding the principles of reasoning, just as he may play billiards well without understanding analytical mechanics. Is there a clear understanding of affirmative action roles/goals.

For example, some universities may hire more women because, as of fall 2009, very few women had advanced to the top levels of academia. Many people support the affirmative action because they believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly. The policies behind affirmative action encourage all deprived students to enter essay arguments for and against affirmative action an advanced educational system. Affirmative action leads to reverse discrimination. In weighing the pros and cons of affirmative action, we must also answer the question What constitutes a history of discrimination.

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Affirmative Action programs merely acknowledge that hundreds of years of discrimination cannot be erased in a few decades and still hold women and people of color back. But as long as you have this paradigm where people seem to be using race and gender as a means of making hiring decisions, as long as they keep uttering this mindless blather about weve got to achieve diversity. The famous Bakke case in 1978 showed the limitations of this approach to fighting inequality. My sense is that it does a good job in promoting diverse student bodies and work forces and providing equal opportunity for at least some minorities, said Fliter. By doing so, these institutions create tolerance because students are exposed to a variety of cultures and ideas. Despite the progress that has been made, the playing field is far from level. Therefore, this aims to increase ethnic and other types of diversity within the social sphere of the community. Opportunities for women and people of color have expanded, and many believe that the unequal conditions that once justified affirmative action no longer exist. Some of these ethnic minority groups access opportunities they do not deserve just to fulfill the affirmative action requirements. Ethnic minority groups face inequality, limiting their ability to access such services as education. People supposed the program would self-destruct as everyone would become equal. Like homeownership today, slave ownership was aspirational, attracting not just those who owned slaves but those who wished. Affirmative action which is just one of many effective tools for expanding opportunity remains essential for the full inclusion of all of those who historically have been and continue to be structurally relegated to the margins of society.

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The issue of affirmative action continues to be a hotly debated issue in the college selection process and higher education. Teaser: want to decrease the money you are spending on gas by at least 500. (site text book) This is usually done through educational or economical benefits. Imagine how low figures would be without affirmative action. If the white student is admitted to the same college as the black student who did not meet the criteria to be enrolled in this college, the white student will feel discouraged by the learning process. Ethnic minorities experience discrimination every day, and experts emphasize on comprehensive policies that address discrimination from a wider perspective. Diversity and Asian Americans In admissions, the Supreme Courts primary effect was to encourage universities to go underground. This discrimination continued to take place regardless of the civil laws and constitutional promises to prevent. Proponents argue that if affirmative action helps minorities enter or rise in a field at a greater frequency, it may also increase the number of people who believe the field is open to them.

They believe that affirmative action is needed to counteract these negative effects (Timmons, 2009). This is the total cost there are NO other charges. We support affirmative action and other race- and gender-conscious policies as vital. In assessing the value of affirmative action, the central question is merely this: In the absence of sweeping societal reforms unlikely to take place any time soon does affirmative action help counteract the continuing injustice caused by essay arguments for and against affirmative action discrimination. I think that when you apply different standards to people, thats discriminatory, no matter what you want to call. The ethnic minority groups, especially the black community, have not been treated the same as white people. Congress and the Executive Branch soon followed by adopting a panoply of laws and regulations authorizing, either directly or by judicial or administrative interpretation, race-conscious strategies to promote minority opportunity in jobs, education, and governmental contracting.

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Affirmative action is considered to be unconstitutional because it discriminates white students. What are the pros/cons of these. Solving inequality using affirmative action is not the best solution because giving preferential treatment to an ethnic minority student in college discriminates white students. Org: We have come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement, and many Americans feel that the time for affirmative action is over. Tummala said it is the primary legal tool to promote minorities who have been historically discriminated against, and there is a lot of evidence that minorities have been brought into the mainstream and accepted. And thats with affirmative action programs in place.

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They believe that the discrimination these minorities have faced have placed a psychological toll on them and their descendants. Affirmative action is one of the government strategies to promote equality among different nationalities and inspire freedom and diversity. According to Fischer, affirmative action is likely to cause tension among different ethnic groups. In other words, it is policy that was established to hopefully eliminate racial preference and equalize the United States. Bakke (June 29, 1978) (on file with the Harvard Law School Library) hereinafter Powell Memo. The research record suggests, unequivocally, that it does. We shouldnt ignore that race continues to matter: To suggest that our racial attitudes play no part in the socio-economic disparities that we often observe turns a blind eye to both our history and our experience and relieves. But when it gets to the point where you are making a selection for someone to be admitted to the university or someone to be hired for a job, and to have one standard for someone who. Popular Essays Excellent Essays Free Essays A-F Free Essays G-L Free Essays M-Q Free Essays R-Z Essay Topics Plagiarism Donate a Paper Copyright HelpMe. This is something that bothers Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. the impact on women (how have their lives changed.

Effects of affirmative action in the us society

Both Presidents Nixon and Carter issued their own executive affirmative action orders, which built upon Kennedys original guidelines and provided additional opportunities and protection for women. It has not been easy for other students to see ethnic minority students accepted in college based on their race. Free, essay : Running head: Affirmative, action, affirmative Action Paper Cesar Petit-Dieu University of Phoenix MGT/434 May 4, 2010 Instructor: Eleanor. Several other cases involving affirmative action have followed similar arguments. Explain the arguments in favour of Affirmative Action Explain the arguments Promotes diversity Another main argument in favour of affirmative. Free, essays from Bartleby Informal Logic Is, affirmative, action, fair? Brian Addis August 23, 2010 Is Affirmative Action Fair? Affirmative action was created. Read this full essay on, arguments for and against gay marriage. Wedding Bells Doesn't Mean Going to HellIn the land of freedom and equality who would except. It may be said that there really is such a thing as a line.