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Aids in south africa essay

aids in south africa essay

The cultural attitudes toward condom usage are an enormous problem and the only way to get past them is through furthering sexual education. 5 of all people in sub-Saharan Africa are HIV positive and lack of access to health care means that most of them will eventually develop aids and die. The notion of, south, africa being heavily plagued by, aIDS as opposed to other areas of the world is one that has not been completely solved. Impact on the Labour Market: Table 1 illustrates the progression of HIV/ aids through the labour force and the potential impact in terms of the increased cost burden to companies and other sectors. Households, employment decisions) to macro aggregates (e.g. Impact on the Individual and on Households: Individuals suffer from the disease, not the economy, and thus, Individuals will be addressed first (BER, 2007:11 The most notable economic consideration for Individuals suffering from HIV/. As difficult as it may be to do, correct information about the virus itself must be widespread: the ways it is contracted, the ways it can be prevented, the fact that people need to be tested before they pursue further sexual relations.

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Condom usage is one of these notions and is a serious issue in South Africa ; indeed, in all its surrounding countries. Other high risk groups include street youth, male long-distance truck drivers, miners, military, and para-military groups (Bond, Kreniske, Susser, Vincent. This resource will help you polish your academic work. By the year 2010, HIV prevalence in adults is projected to reach 25 of the total population. In all likelihood, HIV/ aids will lead to a shift in spending aids in south africa essay from more to less productive avenues (e.g. HIV/ aids illness and death are leading to major skill gaps in the workplace (Garbus, 2003:61, 62). A female that refuses sex without a condom from her husband may face some sort of abuse, whether it is verbal or physical; this is a definite deterrent. Decisions at a business level can translate into changes in national investment, demand for goods and services, employment and economic structure. South, africa, one of every ten people has. Either way there are a number of interesting issues to look into.

Furthermore, projections published by the World Bank in 2000 found that by 2010, South Africa s gross domestic product will be 17 lower than it would have been in an aids -free scenario (Garbus, 2003:60). Soldiers are known for transmitting STDs either through voluntary or coerced unions. Barnett and Blaikie clearly show that this adds another dimension to the cultural attitudes towards condoms in that now there is also issue that blacks interpret the advice to use condoms as a sort of conspiracy by the government. These marginalized groups are large contributors to the spread of the virus; street youth transmit the disease through unprotected vaginal or anal aids in south africa essay sex that is commonly used as a form of initiation or as a way to establish dominance amongst themselves (Hunter 27). With aids, however, if no efforts were put forth to combat the pandemic, a complete economic collapse within the same three generations was projected (Garbus, 2003:9-11). South, africa and also have far reaching socio-economic consequences. No one has ever shown that people from the core areas of the epidemic in Africa are more sexually active than.

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Increasingly so, older and younger people will have to enter or remain longer in the aids in south africa essay labour market, which dramatically alters its composition and effectiveness. Last year it accounted for 40 of all deaths between the ages of 15 and 49 (m). What are the moral issues? With the mobility of both professions, transmission of the disease to other areas is made very easy. Religious objections to condom usage are more of a concern in predominantly Catholic nations such as Uganda; instead of this issue to confront, South Africa has to deal with the effects of a long-lasting racial divide within the country. HIV is the virus that causes. Africa that make up the global epicenter of the. An issue that is largely influential in taking these steps is funding.

The figure merely tries to give a better understanding of how funds are allocated to assist this global disaster. Bisexual or homosexual intercourse and injecting drug use are also very popular ways. What areas does the, south, african government aids in south africa essay need to focus on to improve the current crisis with. South, africa and will answer the following questions: Why. This shall be portrayed using a framework that describes how the disease affects the individual economic state, and how these effects ripple outwards to businesses and eventually the macro-economy.

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Aids and the adult prevalence rate of HIV. The epidemic is so out of control that it has gone beyond the high risk groups and moved to a household level; the prevalence of aids can no longer be denied, and it will only be to the nations detriment to continue to. Approximately a third of the companies surveyed by The Bureau for Economic Research (BER, 2007:55) report responded that HIV/ aids has already had a negative impact on profits, with more than half expecting an adverse impact on profitability in five years time. Another way to describe this is that national government is responding to the pandemic by rapidly increasing allocated funds, as well it should (Hickey et al, 2003:89). Definition of Concepts, hIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus: A sexually contracted virus that causes. Is there a solution?

Well, it's very serious. The Governments role in public health will continue to be placed under increased demand due to direct responsibility. If people knew how to protect themselves and that it was socially acceptable to protect themselves, they most likely would. It is unrealistic to assume that a nation aids in south africa essay that is already so deeply involved with this disease will all of a sudden flip 180 degrees and assume principles of condemnation of pre-marital sex. South, africa has a population close to 40 million people - an estimated.2 million (10.5) are infected with HIV. Women in this position develop a certain tolerance to the situation in which they accept issues that are the cause of many divorces in the west (Barnett and Blaikie 162 they learn that because of their economic dependence.

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(Whiteside 4) These countries individually struggle with aids for different reasons, but all of these neighboring countries are interconnected with the increase of the aids epidemic. These countries individually struggle with. You can view samples of our professional work here. Aids in Africa may come up as a specific essay topic, or you may be assigned an essay on aids and decide to focus on Africa as your theme. The final way that this disease is usually contracted is through infected blood transfusions that would be used to help hemophiliacs or a case of extreme loss of blood. According to Garbus (2003:61-62) the International Labour Organization projects aids in south africa essay that; South Africa will lose.8 of its labour force by 2005 and.9 by 2020. The following table gives the figures for the estimated number of adults and children living with. Expenditures are mainly increased for health care costs, burial fees, training and recruitment of replacement employees.

Women have great difficulty persuading their partners to use condoms due to gender relations, religious beliefs, and in a place like South Africa, politics become an issue as well (Barnett and Blaikie 160). One of the most visible consequences of the pandemic will be an increase in the number of people seeking medical care: substantial proportion of the HIV/ aids victims will be likely to turn to state hospitals for medical care (Anonymous). Impact on Firms and General Industry: aids -related illnesses and deaths to employees affect a firm by both increasing expenditures and reducing revenues (Bollinger,. This means that there are more mothers that are going to be victim to the virus and more orphaned children that fall into high risk situations that were discussed before. The financial strain on the public health aids in south africa essay sector could be severe, not only as a result of the sheer number of people seeking such care, but also because health care for aids patients is more expensive than for most other health conditions. According to a June 2003 report from the World Bank, previous studies have seriously underestimated the economic impact of the aids pandemic, failing to acknowledge the impact of education and parenting on the economy. Here are a few suggestions. Economic Impact of HIV aIDS in, south, africa, figure 1 gives a graphic and structural view of how the macro-economy is affected by the HIV pandemic. Jones (1996:45) lends support to the theory by saying that HIV infection will become increasingly important for businesses in the second decade of the epidemic since most of the people living with HIV are between 25 and 44 years of age. By 2010 its death toll will be higher than that of the two world wars combined, and it will soon be worse than the total claimed by all wars put together, (Hunter 7). What also emerges is that production costs have been affected predominantly through labour productivity and worker absenteeism, followed closely by employee benefit costs. While it's made many people change their lifestyles in the west, though, the place it's made the most impact is in Africa. Expenditure on the pandemic by Government will continue to grow in an attempt to manage the disease (Hickey et al, 2003:89).

Casale (2006:7) states that the effects of HIV and aids on business links micro-level behaviour and outcomes (e.g. However, realistically, it must be understood that this places extraordinary expectations on provincial management. The disease was initially only regarded as a serious health crisis, but it is now clear that the pandemic also holds economic consequences for. Aids will be used interchangeably. There is very little evidence that would support this theory and most African cultures suggest the exact opposite; in many African cultures, sexual modesty is highly emphasized for African women (Poku 194). The future of the pandemic, at least partly depends on the direction of the Governments HIV and aids policies. In addition to this the government has to focus on improving its welfare system to get women off the streets. Horizontally, HIV/ aids demands the involvement, investment and co-operation of national departments besides health.