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Groundwater research paper

groundwater research paper

According to the Central Ground Water Authority any building with roof size larger than 100 square meter located in an area with rainfall higher than 800 mm are well suited for roof water harvesting. Of the total water used in our country, nearly 80 per cent is consumed for irrigation, 12 per cent for industrial needs and 8 per cent for domestic use. Go to Top Where does this water which eventually supplies us with so much groundwater come from? A good part of groundwater is also fast becoming unfit for human use both due to natural and anthropological activities. Tube wells are also convenient for tapping groundwater from a thick unconfined granular aquifer with deep water table. The beneficiary communities are willing to take charge of the structure for regular maintenance. The bailer is lifted and dropped a few times within the bore hole to gather the drill cuttings within the hollow space of the bailer. But this is not the case in some selected regions falling under large alluvium basins such as Ganga and Brahmaputra and similar other river basins.

Groundwater pollution research paper

To select a good well site in an area, the Geohydrologist would need to collect data from the existing wells in the vicinity. This depends on a number of factors, such as the type of soil and rock below the surface. Supporting Information, supporting information is important, ancillary information relevant to the article that does not appear in the print or online version of the journal. As professional Geohydrologists are not available everywhere, water well sites are also selected by water diviners. For example, if the time required to fill in a bucket of 100 litre capacity is 30 seconds, then the discharge of the pump is 200 ltrs per minute or 12 cubic metre per hour. Are there natural streams flowing underground? In fact more and more groundwater should be extracted from the flood prone areas of Assam, West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to create extra space within the groundwater reservoir. 3, page 388 (1996). Read more detail from Wiley on supporting information.

A lack of groundwater limits biodiversity and dangerous sinkholes result from depleted aquifers. Papers with multiple authors should be cited in the text using "et." (e.g., Jones. Secondly, the water allowed to be stored in the dry well from an external source for recharge should be silt-free as far as possible. A considerable quantity of fresh water is also being lost due to chemical pollution of irreversible nature. When the impellers are rotated at a high speed, water rises through the rising pipe attached to the pump due to the centrifugal force created. This means that over time, less water will enter as the existing surface water continues to evaporate. The pump discharge is then increased to a medium rate of pumping so that water level falls further down but eventually stabilized at an intermediate depth. About 10 of these do not get any canal water. Use bold, solid type. . It may be noted that while the water may get physically cleaned of physical impurities while percolating through a porous media to recharge groundwater, but the chemical properties remain more or less the same. The sucked water is thrown out of the delivery pipe due to the centrifugal force created by the impellors.

When preparing figures that will be scanned, remember that surface smoothness is critical. . Hand pump as a major source of safe drinking water became popular against the use of traditional village dug wells for a number of reasons. One should therefore lower a pump in a bore well at a depth where it has sufficient bottom clearance and at the same time has adequate depth of submergence. Roof tops are also likely to be used for solar panels in the future. We require that journal papers be cited using both volume and issue number (e.g., vol. The proposal for having water supply in duel qualities; one for domestic use and the other with recycled water for non-domestic use are to be taken seriously. One of the commonly used criteria for assessing chemical quality of drinking water is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Can ordinary farmers monitor groundwater recharge? Based on their experience, a drilling agency can and usually provides many advisory services including the selection of the site, diameter and depth of the bore and also the horse power and stages of the pump to be deployed. Recent and older alluviums are unconsolidated sedimentary formations, which occur usually as alternate beds of sand and clay (or shale) with varying thickness and proportion.

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Small diameter, high speed submersible pumps are most appropriate for lifting water from a tube well where electric power is available. This aquifer is the only significant source of groundwater available within the Bald Eagle Valley and will be called upon to meet the growing demands for water resulting from economic activity stimulated by the completion of I-99. Go to Top How do we select a well site that will yield sufficient quantity of groundwater? Major cations found dissolved in water in appreciable quantities are calcium, sodium and magnesium in combination with anions like chloride, carbonate and sulphate. But in order to maintain the requisite discharge a user may be encouraged to deploy a pump of higher Horse Power.

groundwater research paper

Pump manufacturers usually provide the characteristic curve for high capacity pumps so that the users operate the pump at the optimum operating condition. The following criteria for construction of an artificial recharge structure are important. Use the "line numbering" feature in your word processor. The owner has the legal and absolute right to extract and use the groundwater in a manner deemed fit by her/him. As per groundwater zoning these areas fall under Safe category. As these bores stand by themselves without the support of any casing pipe, these are usually referred to as bore wells. Why has the Government not yet been able to control undue groundwater extraction? If not all, at least some educated farmers can become part geohydrologist after going through necessary orientation and training. In household level operation, fluoride content is reduced by keeping the water over night in a red clay pot or by adding some dried power of Drum Stick seeds.

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Unfortunately, many a times this gamble does not pay as the bore well fails to yield the requisite quantity of water. This in turn has led to the rat race for deepening the existing dug wells but more so for the construction of deeper and deeper bore wells increasing construction cost. Lowering of water table has rendered millions of existing shallow dug wells in the country go dry. Figures Figures should be prepared at the final publication size (8.25 cm wide for one column and.15 cm wide for two columns). . While the TDS and pH of drinking water may be well within the permissible limit, but presence of arsenic, fluoride, iron and any other toxic compounds beyond the permissible limit can also make the water harmful to health. However, when an area faces an outbreak of water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, jaundice etc., all the drinking water supplies must be analyzed specifically to verify absence of these bacteria and viruses, before consumption. Sustainable yield of an aquifer refers to the total quantity of water it groundwater research paper can yield.e.

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Measurements show groundwater decline. What about the other sources? In an area with no existing dug wells, the Geohydrologist could also carry out a special survey known as Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) in which, the resistivity of different sub-surface formations are measured along depth. How is groundwater budgeting done? As a back-up, the Farmers Association can also select a few observation wells exclusively for monitoring groundwater fluctuation. The mindless pursuit for extracting more and more groundwater by all the users has already started exerting tremendous pressure on this limited resource. Indirect sources include contaminants that enter the water supply from soils / groundwater systems and from the atmosphere. Also, as water levels decline, the rate of water the well can yield may decline. It is the most popular, low cost survey technique available for groundwater well site selection.

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K.C.B Raju (formerly with cgwb) is presented in figure. We are aware that as the head increases, the discharge reduces. Scanners faithfully reproduce all smudges, crooked lines, and stray marks. Depending on the site conditions, about 2 20 per cent of rainfall can go as natural groundwater recharge, the average for the country is taken as 10 per cent. Geohydrological studies, amongst others, require collection of water level data from numerous wells throughout the year to obtain the extent of fluctuation in groundwater table. Very few polluters are willing to or are legally enforced to invest in proper treatment facilities for the polluted effluents produced in their factories before discharging them to the stream. If accepted and published. Based on the measured and interpreted values of sub-surface resistivities and other local information, the Geohydrologist is able to predict the suitability of a site for water well. Groundwater extraction or draft from an aquifer is computed directly by adding the total discharge of each of the wells tapping the aquifer in the area.

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First of all, in case of a hand pump, the water does not get contaminated directly as happens in a village dug well where some of the users may also take bath or wash clothes at the well site. What are the basic groundwater quality aspects one should know about before using it as drinking water? Hence there is no need to insert a casing pipe to keep the bore hole standing. A hand pump is merely a water extraction device. Manuscripts and all figures must be in an electronic format in order to utilize our online review system. . Given a continuous supply, water enters a porous rock formation replacing the air and gradually saturates all the pore spaces.

Why do wells near the sea coast which yielded fresh water in the past turn saline later on? Twin pipe ejector or Jet pump, is sometimes used in low yielding bore wells. The rate of percolation through the structure should be adequate to justify its construction. The blanket moratorium under the Environmental Protection Act (1997) on construction of new tube wells is logical and helpful but this at best would merely stabilize the present level of extraction. If groundwater levels decline too far, then the well owner might have to deepen the well, drill a new well, or, at least, attempt to lower the pump. Exposed to air and water since they were unearthed for a road cut last year, the rocks produce sulfuric acid, which dissolves heavy metals and imperils Buffalo Run, North Bald Eagle Creek and groundwater.

Figure 7: Optimum discharge of a tube well as obtained from step drawdown test The curve indicates that the rate of fall of water level increases exponentially with the increase in discharge. With 1170 mm average annual rainfall and 328 million hectare of land area, India receives nearly 4000 billion cubic metre of water annually from rainfall. The annular space between the casing pipe and the bore is usually filled up with pea sized gravel of uniform size till the top of the first aquifer. For example, the residents near the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico City rely solely on aquifers. Sometimes, in coal mines, groundwater accumulated in large quantity in spaces created due to removal of coal over the years can cause accidents thus creating the effect of a flowing underground river.