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Hepatitis c research paper pdf

hepatitis c research paper pdf

With the new approaches of adding novel oral agents to the interferon and ribavirin, the cure rates have increased to about 85-90 percent (Holmberg, 2011). Nelson,.K et al (2011). Hepatitis , c and never really understood what it could do to somebody, all I remember was being told not to touch someones blood. You simply let us know exactly what type of the viral inflammation you need and our writers custom write your project. Epidemiology, target population for hepatitis, c is mainly the intravenous drug users hepatitis c research paper pdf who share needles and other equipment for administering their drugs.

Research Paper On Hepatitis C Pdf

It is also a common problem among alcoholics with reduced liver functions. Journal of viral hepatitis 18 (1. Individuals with the disease may stay healthy for decades without knowing that they are infected. Other tests include liver biopsies in determining the level of liver damage; in addition, screening also is conducted. In addition, during the initial stages of the infection, most patients experience very minimal clinically important symptoms. In the beginning of the attack of Hepatitis C, it is referred to as acute hepatitis. Treatment and Medical Management In very rare cases, hepatitis C infection will clear without any medical interventions. HCV is the leading etiological agent for chronic hepatitis, hepatocellular carcinoma, and liver cirrhosis (Drexler, et al (2009,.210). Hepatitis, c ; it is not a certainty, but a good possibility. He said that this drug was destroying his wife and making her worse. A blood test can tell if you have. He told me not to use anything of his, no matter what it was, for he feared that I may get. Global epidemiology of hepatitis B and hepatitis C in people who inject drugs: results of systematic reviews.

Free research paper example on, hepatitis, c : Introduction: Everyone knows that when they feel sick, that something is not right, they should see a doctor. Combined with nanomedicine, these areas promise a pipeline of drugs that not only are effective, but also specific to individuals of different genetic profiles. If you get HBV, you may feel as if you have the flu. Prior to 1992, hepatitis, c was transmitted mainly through organ transplant and blood transfusions (CDC, 2009). In developing nations without a sufficient supply of medical equipment, oral medications is the better option as opposed to injection. According to John Henkel of the.S. The husband answered and knew immediately who I was because the patients were asked months ago to participate. Despite this, a number of positive developments have been realized, which include the harm reduction strategies like new syringe and needle provision or substance use treatments that have proved beneficial in reducing hepatitis C risk in IDU cases (Ghany et al, 2009,.1378). Liver cirrhosis is commonly associated with patients already infected with HIV and hepatitis. Diagnosis A number of diagnostic tests have been developed with the aim of timely detection of the disease.

Hepatitis research papers report that the disease can come in the forms. Newer and more rapid techniques are required, therefore, to combat the problem of hepatitis. Paper on, hepatitis, c for you! You begin to feel a fever, chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches, these symptoms are flu-like, but what you may be really experiencing are the symptoms. NIH: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases).

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This makes about 3 percent of the population globally (Norton, 2012). We can write on any form. Sharing of needles or other equipment used by intravenous drug users also is known to be a way hepatitis c research paper pdf of transmitting the disease. At my job RHM Assoc., we conducted a survey to interview. Amateur tattoos carry hepatitis C risk: CDC. There are at least six viruses known to cause liver disease: hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, and G, which vary in their severity and characteristics. Free research paper, medicine research papers. He said that there is a possibility that he may have. Contamination with infected blood is the leading mode by which the disease is spread to healthy individuals. Preview: I will tell you what, hepatitis, c is and what it can do to you. Other resultant effects of liver cirrhosis include varicoses, portal hypertension, and jaundice, bleeding and cognitive impairment syndrome, commonly known as hepatic encephalopathy. .

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Twenty to thirty percent will develop liver failure and subsequently die. Credibility and Goodwill: I have always heard. Hepatitis, c, because I was never educated on the topic and was clueless. There is no vaccine against the protection of contracting hepatitis, this is as of 2011. In approximately 75 percent of all cases, treatment for Hepatitis C is ineffective as most individuals carry the disease throughout the course of their lives. This is because it takes time for the antigens to cause a production of antibodies that will be present during testing. Early diagnosis therefore is recommended for the prevention of these damages and to avoid infecting healthy hepatitis c research paper pdf individuals. For twenty years, you could be hosting a virus without even knowing, until it is too late. Symptoms, Co-morbidities, and Complications, in the event of acute infection, hepatitis, c results in a host of symptoms, including fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle pains, loss of weight, and nausea and jaundice (Nelson,., 2011). Prognosis and Treatment Failure Relative to Genotype The success rates for hepatitis C treatment for patients on ribavirin and pegylated interferon for up to 24-48 weeks has been determined to be 50 percent. Hepatitis, c and how to avoid. This will prevent extreme damage to the liver that only is presented when the disease has progressed to worse states.

The good news is that two weeks later after a second tests, the doctors found that there was hepatitis c research paper pdf a flaw in the first diagnosis. It has also been observed that patients treated with interferon monotherapy have higher SVR than those with combo treatment (Ghany et al, 2009,.1348). Those with acute Hepatitis C have a 75 chance of developing chronic hepatitis. HBV usually gets better on its own after a few months. We are available 24/7 to help students with writing research papers for high school, college and university. If you travel to countries where. Hepatitis, including, hepatitis, a, Hepatitis, b and, hepatitis,. Alcoholic liver disease and hepatitis C : a frequently underestimated combination. It helps your body digest food, store energy, and remove poisons. Central Idea: Hepatitis, c is an epidemic for anyone, of all walks of life and by 2010, the death rates will most likely surpass aids. Liver cirrhosis and hepatomas are common problems that occur in patients when the diagnosis is confirmed at late stages.

Mueller, S, Millonig, G Seitz, HK (2009). Diagnosis, management, and treatment of hepatitis C : An update. Food and Drug Administration, Hepatitis C is the major reason for liver transplants in the United States, accounting for 1,000 of the procedures annually. The three strains of hepatitis include: Hepatitis, a Hepatitis, b Hepatitis, c Hepatitis, a can be found in fecal matter. This freaked me out, that within 6 months hepatitis, c seemed to be a popular issue, at least around. For this reason, a number of individuals with the disease become aware of their infection only after considerable damages to the hepatic cells (Hicks, 2012). An additional four million new infections are reported annually around the globe, making the disease to be of public health concern (Hicks, 2012). There is a vaccine for HBV.

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I was wondering how my dad could contract. B is common, you should get the vaccine. Hepatitis, a causes jaundice, fatigue and diarrhea; however, most of those infected with the disease recover on their own in 4 to 8 weeks. The virus also can be transmitted through semen, vaginal fluid, or saliva of an infected individual, although in rare cases. Unprotected sexual intercourse, needle sharing and blood transfusions are the most typically methods of transmission of this virus. The use of this combined treatment approach has shown positive results among 5060 of the patients receiving treatments (Nelson,., 2011). . Hepatitis C information for the public. Hepatitis, a, Hepatitis, b or, hepatitis,.

For instance Herpes, once you have it, you are stuck with. Although most individuals recover from the disease within six months, some go on to carry the disease, although they manifest no symptoms. About 1 percent of those with this disease do not recover. Hepatitis C was not discovered until 1989, but the patients whom I have spoke with mentioned contracting the disease in the early 80s. Today, approximately.2 million Americans suffer from hepatitis, c and 75 percent of the patients develop acute hepatitis,. Retrieved 14th February, 2012, from. Lancet 378 (9791 57183. Hepatology, 49(4 Holmberg, S (2011). The disease is responsible for between 8,000 and 10,000 deaths yearly. Research, resources, for You, your liver is the largest organ inside your body. An infected woman can give hepatitis, b to her baby at birth. This means that most of the people that I have spoken with has chronic Hepatitis.

Chapter 3: Infectious disease related to travel. Effective treatment is seen at the first six months of chronic hepatitis. However, with improved techniques of disease diagnosis, it will be easier to detect the disease in its early stages of development. Failure to attain sustained viral responses (SVR) following a course of pegylated interferon and ribavirin among some patients has been attributed to non-response, relapses, or virological break through hepatitis c research paper pdf and this is only in minor cases (Ghany et al, 2009,.1348). . My job requires me not to speak of actual results for each interferon, but they were very close with satisfaction. It causes some flu-like symptoms for a short period of days; so many victims are unaware that they are experiencing the effects of Hepatitis C, because they pass it off as the flu. Hepatitis poses a significant risk there are certain strains of the virus that are more virulent and difficult to treat than others. Depending on the genotype of HVC, this treatment is administered for a period ranging between 24 to 48 weeks.

Currently, treatment combines both antiviral drug ribavirin and pegylated interferon alpha. In addition, patients who develop cirrhosis are more prone to hepatocellular carcinoma. At this stage, liver transplant is very necessary. Other interventions that have been put in place include ultrasound surveillance for cases of hepatocellular carcinoma and timely vaccination against other forms of hepatitis. B spreads by contact with an infected person's blood, semen, or other body fluid. Conclusion Hepatitis C has become an important public health issue posing challenges because of its nature of incubation period. It is approximated that 10-30 percent of patients end up developing cirrhosis in their early thirties (Nelson,., 2011). Hepatitis is a viral inflammation of the liver that can promulgate cirrhosis of the liver, liver disease and death.

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Hepatitis C can lead to serious, permanent liver damage, and in many cases, death. This takes place in a period of between 1-2 weeks after the infection. HCV treatment is generally recommended for those patients whose HCV infection and liver abnormalities have been proven. World journal of gastroenterology: WJG 15 (28 346271. The treatment to clear the virus is like going through hell. Although some sexual contact can promote the transmission of the disease, widespread outbreaks typically occur when food has been exposed to unsanitary conditions. Also common complication is Hydes prurigo nodularis, an unusual disorder whose etiology is unknown and is characterized by extreme pruritic nodules. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that about 170 million people around the world are infected with the virus, which is the leading cause of chronic hepatitis,. (Transition: Lets start with, What is Hepatitis C anyway?) Body:. However, this approach has some adverse effects in which half of the patients experience flu related problems while a third of them experience emotional problems. I have been praised for working for such a company that made this wonder drug, and I have been screamed at for working for a drug that is killing my wife. Prevalence of thrombocytopenia among patients with chronic hepatitis C : a systematic review.

We interviewed to find out what was better, which one had less side effects, because the two were made by hepatitis c research paper pdf to separate companies. You may also have jaundice, a yellowing of skin and eyes, dark-colored urine, and pale bowel movements. These tests include the recombinant immunoblot assay; elisa test, which also is known as the HCV antibody enzyme immunoassay; and the quantitative HCV RNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR) (Ghany et al, 2009,.1344).Typical detection of HCV Ribonucleic acid has. In the case of chronic infections that occur without symptoms, it is thus discovered in the event of routine screening and during elevated liver enzyme levels investigations. . According to Ghany, et al (2009,.1348 individuals with genotype non-1 infections, with lesser fibrosis, and lower baseline HCV RNA levels or those with Caucasians origin, have high SVR rates. Hepatitis attacks only the liver, because many viruses only attack certain cells, like pneumonia it only attacks the human lungs. One type, hepatitis, b, is caused by the hepatitis, b virus (HBV). Frequently, a number of chronic hepatitis C infections lead to hepatomas and liver cirrhosis. In the case of chronic infection, it has been reported that about 80 percent of those exposed to hepatitis virus develop hepatitis, c (Nelson,., 2011). Bloomington, Indiana: AuthorHouse Drexler,.F et al (2009). Hepatitis, c is transmitted via blood to blood contact. Hepatitis, c patients taking an interferon for treatment, I have spoken to over fifty who have told me how they got it, what it feels like, and how grateful they are for being alive. Hepatitis Research Papers Hepatitis research papers report that the disease can come in the forms.