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Essay democracy in pakistan

essay democracy in pakistan

The image of political leadership has been rotten over the time. The monopolization and centralization of power have creating a lot of problem for Pakistan. There have been differences than consents essay democracy in pakistan among the political parties. Order Now, economic difficulties. Pakistan was unacceptable to the ruling elite of West Pakistan and was subsequently eliminated from the political scene in 1951. No other form offers such a chance to its people. Rules in the most undemocratic atmosphere. If it happens it would bring prosperity that strengthens the democratic foundations of the country. Active Civil Society.

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The greatest causes of this fall are the illiterate masses, political leaders and parties, and the dictators. It provides a plat-form to aggrieved citizens to seek redressal of their griveneces. Democracy is not just happening of electoral exercise, it is set of principles based on the concept of freedom, liberty, equality and tolerance. But unfortunately, it has never enjoyed full bloom in Pakistan. But it is a bitter fact that fools are many and wise are few. Democracy in, pakistan, essay (450 essay democracy in pakistan Words the progress of democracy in, pakistan has been most irregular (fitful) and unsatisfactory, Pakistan was supposed to have a completely democratic system of government within an Islamic framework. Democracy in Pakistan: Outlines: Introduction: Democratic Governments of Pakistan, causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan. All the elections in the political history. We need to make out democracy better in the interest of the common man. It encourages arts and science. People learn the blessings of public rule. Thirdly, democracy in, pakistan has been seriously hampered (checked from developing) by other factors between 1979 and the present war in Afghanistan, the rise of drug culture in and out of the country, the rise of terrorism, the growth of provincialism. Illiteracy lack of political of awareness.

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Consequently common men remain indifferent to national politics and democracy that induce undemocratic forces to intervene. Political culture cannot flourish until political parties start functioning in democratic manner. There are many factors that contribute to the collapse of democracy in, pakistan. Pakistan can road to democracy with dedication, determination, commitment, courage and patriotism of its political leaders. People of the country can perform the role of opposition against the govt. But do we really know what democracy is? The policy-making and application is done in a better way. Pakistan are always claimed to be democratic in nature. As Quaid-e-Azam said Democracy disciplined essay democracy in pakistan and enlightened is the finest thing in the world. One is that democracy creates equality, as it is the Govt. Thirdly, lust for power and money on the part of political leaders has led to the serious downfall of democracy. If people get legal way to their redressal, it reduces the likelihood of illegal adventures. But all these elements have never enjoyed unity.

Short essay on Democracy in Pakistan

They are almost all illiterate and most backward. In this sorry state of affairs, intellectuals, scholars, learned and devoted people are mostly kept out of the electoral process or power corridors. Secondly, corruption and nepotism contribute to the downfall of democracy. Elections are just one of the manifestations of democracy. Ironically, a considerable majority of educated people lack awareness to democracy. Through this system, the aim is to create stability and certainty in society. They did not do this to the utter (complete) harm of the nation. But in Pakistan, essay democracy in pakistan it has never been observed. There is no second opinion that democracy is pre-requisite for Pakistan to earn a respectable place in the international community. Democracy stands for peoples rights and representation.

This empowerment has to be in all fields.e. The separation of East, pakistan was the result of mismanagement of state affairs in the political and economic fields. Pakistan desperately needs trustworthy leadership that people follow dedicatedly. It favours a progressive society. But unfortunately, it is newspapers or media based and personality oriented. Terrorism and extremism 5) Suggestions to meet the challenges. There are two faces of equality. Sometimes the majority gave a wrong decision. Its the high time when youth is active and willing to welcome the dawn of democracy and it should be utilized to its fullest. This issue must be addressed through transformation of syllabus on modern lines.

Democracy gives people the chances of regular elections. They cannot vote intelligently at all. Resultantly, the international powers, in pursuance of their own goals, care little to the democratic stability of the country. Power thrust, intolerance and corruption have plagued the politics of Pakistan. These initial problems of Pakistan gave him little time to focus his attention on democratic and constitutional development of newly born state. Pakistan, in order to counter the menace of Indian adventures, had to allocate major chunk of her resources for military development at the cost of negating other socio-economic sectors of the country. Pakistan, thus, is that of these jagirdars and industrialists at the top joining hands with military dictators and bureaucrats / (civil servants) and facilitating military rule. Relation with India. Sometimes democracy was hanged at the altar of political clashes.

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Role of people in democracy has proved to be the key factor in making it the most desired and admired form of government. It ensures good governance and strengthens the political set. Democracy, its need and its blessings must essay democracy in pakistan be incorporated as part of the syllabus at all levels of education. Economic, social, political and above all educational. This contribution of the people does make a difference to the fate and history of the country. Democracy lends people a chance to rule the country as they wish.

An independent and efficient Judiciary ensure prevalence of social justice in the society. But both these principles do not exist. The prime duty of our first governments was to introduce a universal education programme in the whole country on a war footing (when the population was also much smaller). Pakistani Youth 7) Conclusion. They dont have any thought about what is ideal for their country and themselves. And it is a collective social enterprise that we cannot leave to the dominant elites. Unfortunately, democracy has never been implemented in Pakistan. Equality is neither implemented nor maintained.

What does it stand for? Pakistan has to strengthen democracy in order to earn a respectable place in the world and head towards the road of progress and prosperity. At the center of this system is the idea of fundamental rights, political equality, social justice and individual freedoms. Feudalism and racism. According to the resolution of the Constituent Assembly, Pakistan adopted democracy within an Islamic framework as a form of government since its birth. In Pakistan, democracy has also failed due to its inherent problems such as political inequality, poor policies, malpractices, weak and poor leadership, injustice in sharing of power and distribution and misuse of influence. Industrial bigwigs and military educators also kept the common people out of political arena. Weak political leadership created space for civil-military bureaucracy. It is a very well balanced system which has slowly evolved into the fair and reasonable essay democracy in pakistan system we all know. A dedicated involvement of people at large would provide a solid base to democracy in Pakistan. In view of some intelligent people, democracy system is not a good choice for a country like Pakistan because sincere leaders who are faithful to their nation in a real sense are needed to ensure this system that is quite difficult to happen.