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The day my grandmother died essay

the day my grandmother died essay

They did not know what was wrong with her so they rushed her to Chandler Regional Hospital where they soon gave her a blood transfusion. The summer before my freshman year of high school, my grandma was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. How could this happen? I visited my grandma almost everyday to let her know I am here for her. Following the death of my beloved grandmother s, my perspective on life has the day my grandmother died essay greatly changed. She is only 66 and we had years already planned out. I sat in silence in the car on the way to my grandmas house and I felt the worst gut feeling when I walked into her room. My grandmother would always worry about others and would try to help them in any way that she could. She was an inspiration to me and a great joy to have in my life for 17 years.

The Story of Losing My Grandmother (My Best

I the day my grandmother died essay spent every day that summer by my grandmas side, never knowing when God wanted to beckon her up to her new home. You were ready to leave this hell and get back home to your comfy bed. The women I saw laying in bed everyday was sick and cold and could barely talk. This wasnt supposed to happen. I miss you dearly. She worked so hard to give my family and I the life we enjoy today. My grandma was my best friend we did everything together. To this day, I'm still here trying to complete my college education. Looking back, I wish I hadnt taken advantage of that time. She was a fighter, a survivor, and all around the most beautiful person I knew. Later that week they found that her heart was palpitating and that she had stage 2 colon cancer. We were all ecstatic, and I was so glad to have my best friend back by my side, instead of in a hospital bed.

She showed me what it is like to give and help people. Having my graduation party, going to Vegas for my 21st birthday, going to Paris, France with my mom, seeing me get married and having children of my own one day. This was the one thing you looked forward to for a very long time. Do not let it grieve you, no one leaves for good. And if she did make it through surgery which is only a 20 chance, she would be a vegetable. This was not the grandma I knew: the grandma I knew was lively and vivacious and feisty and glowed with love. I consider her not only the most influential person of my childhood, but of my entire life so far. I will make you proud. It did not take long before it was her time. Copyright This I Believe, Inc., all rights reserved. I love my grandma more than anyone I have ever met in my entire life. My grandpa and great-aunt could not stay in the room. And, I believe that people should express their love and gratitude for one another as much as they can because you never know this could be their last day of their life.

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Wednesday afternoon: code blue code blue. Not everything in life has a fairytale ending. Next Essays Related to the day my grandmother died essay Losing, my, grandmother, got a writing question? I didn 't know how to deal with my emotions, I never spoke to anyone with how I felt, and for the longest time I didn 't even cry. We will always love you. This story is the reason why I believe in my grandmother s death. Before I had my son, people would say that I was a complete different person. Being a mother is absolutely amazing.

You know grandma would not want to live this way. Theres no way I could ever not want him in life. When I was 10 years old, my grandma (or as I called her, Ma) was diagnosed with lung cancer. She cant die now. She raised me same way she was brought up, and for the day my grandmother died essay that I am appreciative. I have never lived more than 8 minutes from her my entire life. A pulmonary embolism is what they called.

I kissed her one last time. She was the healthiest person I knew. My mom just told me to spend as much time with her as possible, but none of it made sense. . It was too hard. It has only been five months since my grandpa on my step-dads side died. As I walked in to the house, I saw my family sitting on the couch and I could see how sad and heartbroken everyone was over the tragedy that occurred. She would help others learn from their mistakes and share great experiences with the ones she loved. Ive never love anyone or anything like the way I loved him. My grandma, with no life in her once sparkling eyes, laying in bed, cold and no longer living. A few hours later more and more family started to arrive to my grandmother 's house. I wish you a happy mothers day grandma.

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That day was the the day my grandmother died essay last time I ever saw my grandma, and it was not in the way I had hoped. While we didnt always get along, I never felt safer and more loved than when I was in her presence. I still smell the scent of peppermint in Room. However when I try to think about her death in my mind, yet unable to completely think about the sadness. I didnt know this person. I was holding her hand never wanting to let. I remember that day so well, like it happened yesterday. I believe in that my family made the right decision by not making my grandma suffer. Dont get me wrong I was the stupidest. Please contact This I Believe, Inc., regarding reprints and permissions requests. She showed me how to be a kind loving person with a great heart. You realize that family is the most important and outstanding gift that someone can have, especially after losing someone who you cherished and looked up to throughout the years.

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Why does this have to happen to me, to my family? It was just me, my mom, and my dad. My grandma had never smoked a day in her life. She inspired me in so many ways and to see her like this sent me into a deep, deep depression. Blood pressure starting to decrease. This is what she would have wanted. We were very blessed that the doctors found and took out all the cancer. The death of my grandmother really changed my life. I believe that I have learned many values and beliefs from my grandmother. Unfortunately for her, she only made it half way.