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Obey your teachers essay

obey your teachers essay

The policy also emphasises the teachers accountability to the pupils, their parents, the community, and to their profession. (ii) Since peers are good judges of subject matter expertise, they can give highly specific feedback. On the contrary the feeling of being unfortunate to be in the teaching profession is very pernicious which brings untold harm to his/her style of teaching. But this also includes school education, because nowadays, when parents are very busy they are the people, who teach children what is beautiful and what is ugly, what is right and what is wrong. A teacher can never truly teach, obey your teachers essay unless he is still learning in himself.

Essay on, teacher for Children and Students

As teaching is a profession, it is quite natural that teachers should be accountable to the educands for their own acts of obey your teachers essay omission and commission. A teacher needs to be authentic, genuine, sincere and committed. A teacher needs to be an effective planner taking account of needs of the students, available resources of the institution and time. Interviews can either be individual interviews or group interviews. (b) In this system of accountability, more emphasis would be put on the outcomes of students because accountability is related to performance of both teachers and students. Teachers should come forward to prepare them adequately and effectively to face the challenges in a bold manner.

They need to question their own ideas and practices and to be open to new ideas for the growth of professionalism and personal development. (f) To develop necessary skills and attitudes to enable them to be effective change agents in the society. If there exists any sort of friction in the teacher-taught relationship, then it may cause problems in assessment. It is a general tendency on the part of weak teachers to over-assess their capabilities and overrate their performance. Instead of harping on criticising the students mistakes, the teacher should show them right path to learn effectively. Therefore, a teacher stands as a model who shows by his/her own action. Due to excess subjectivity, some students will form different opinions on the same theme. (d) They would implement new methods and improved strategies in their teaching activities so that better learning would be ascertained in the long run. Through the feedback mechanism, they will be very sincere and try to improve their teaching by rectifying the drawbacks in teaching. To conclude with the observation of Henry Von Dyke: He (teacher) communicates his own joy learning and shares with boys and girls the best treasures of his mind. In other words, how a person is actually plunged into ones station of work is measured or evaluated absolutely to know the efficiency of his/her work or duty. Essay on the Characteristics of a Teacher.

Task 2 Should kids really obey all rules or do what their parents and

It is difficult to keep attention on every student under the age of ten. For a Competent and Good Teacher:. In the international context: The role of teacher is very necessary to prepare the students to face the global challenges in future. By this procedure of evaluation teachers are likely to be dedicated and committed to their profession. He/she has to show them way to get rid of problems on the way to learning. A teacher has to build the future of the pupils in different ways in consonance with the native capacities and natural interests of them. Since, society spends in the form of allocation on education; it is naturally that society expects something from teachers who constitute a major force in the educational system.

Why should we obey teachers?

As everyone says that school time is the best time in life when everyone learns basic things about life and different subjects. A bad teacher is a person that focuses only on the information he provides not taking into account the children or anything. As an important step in evaluation process, self-evaluation brings improvement in the performance of teachers. What activities of the teacher do you like most? Survey form and interviews. The International Commission on Education. (d) To keep teachers abreast of latest developments in the profession due to the multifarious research activities in the area of teacher education. Teachers are a great source of knowledge, prosperity and enlightenment to the children which benefits the whole life. Thus he/she helps in maximisation of Learning. The teacher should be dedicated and concerned about the development of pupils obey your teachers essay like their parents. Further, accountability ensures proper care for the pupils. In-spite of difficulties, peer group evaluation is a right step in right direction to help in improving the efficiency of teachers.

(j) To enable the teachers to contribute to the qualitative improvement of education. (d) It will dehumanize education because it would reduce education to a series of inputs and outputs just like an industry or enterprise. For example, a class eleventh teacher is evaluated by another class eleventh teacher of similar training and experience who knows students and school conditions obey your teachers essay of the teacher being assessed. For this purpose, rules are introduced and children are brought up to polish their behavior accordingly. It needs to be continuous and systematic.

Ielts Writing Task 2 Some people think that children should obey rules

Teachers evaluation system provides a scope to teachers to appraise their own roles vis-a-vis other professions. In comparison to other professions, teaching profession is very important as far as its values are concerned. Conclusion: One of the indicators of a good teacher it is his desire to teach in a new, original form, adding something new and personal to make the learning process as exciting as it can possibly. Therefore, diagnostic and evaluate skills are essentials for becoming an effective teacher. Therefore, this form of evaluation is not sound and objective. Some believe in obedience, while others fear excessive control on children will erode their problem-solving ability in adulthood. (ii) There could be a possibility that teachers may not be interested to participate in peer evaluation as they may prefer to avoid the onus and prefer to leave the task to others. Innocent, energetic as children are, they cannot automatically grow into persons of great refinement.

In the economic sphere: It is apt to be mentioned that a lot of challenges stand like the mountain before all irrespective of age and place. Mastery Over the Content : Mastery over the content is an essential characteristic for becoming an effective teacher. It breaks the monotony of the class and makes teaching an interesting affair. Then professional growth can not be a night-mare for the teachers who are the chief agents of social change and national reconstruction. Since accountability of teachers is directly related to the promotion of quality and standard in education and to the growth of professionalism, care should be taken to evaluate the performance of teachers in the context of teaching in the classroom. In an age of open and distance learning, it is expected that a teacher should have the ability to prepare audio-instructional materials and modules that would promote self-learning on the part of the pupils. Teachers need to be very conscious of their own roles and responsibilities for attaining the ultimate objectives. Therefore, peer evaluation is to be considered as the best one as far as improvement of performance is concerned. The National Policy on Education (1986) and the Revised NPE (1992) have emphasized the professional growth of teachers. Thus, in-service training or education enables a teacher to teach effectively with ease and confidence. To enable teachers to create a thirst for knowledge among children they must continue to learn and keep abreast of changes in different areas of knowledge.

obey your teachers essay

Ielts Writing Task 2 Sample 665 - Children should obey rules or do what

Such a person can be very good in the obey your teachers essay theoretical part of his subject but he will never have students being emotionally attached to him. Good and Bad Teachers essay, introduction: Teaching can without any doubts be called the leading power of the societys development. As a manager in the class, he/she controls the class in an effective manner to ascertain effective learning. Of course high professionalism in the field of the taught subject is very important, but when it comes to being a bad or a good teacher this is not the weightiest factor. For example, a student who is starved of affection tends to be inactive and indifferent to the teaching executed by a teacher. Empirical evidences support this trend as it is revealed that some teachers are in a position to give themselves better ratings than those of given by students, peers and administrators. Interviews : Face to face interaction can be semi-structured in the form of question and answer sessions. Therefore, accountability is related to productive aspect.

Moreover, they know their own situation well and they know, feel and benefit from good teaching. Therefore, management gives a chance to the teachers to undergo in-service training for maximization of teaching and learning. He or she should have the competency to design proper instructional programmes to modify the behaviour of the students adequately. Thirdly, it is an essential requirement of the teacher that communication ability of teachers is to be promoted. Alien culture has engulfed the national culture.