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Aau masters thesis

aau masters thesis

This feedback may be in writing, but it no longer constitutes part of the assessment. You can find a course description for the Master's Thesis in the course catalog. It is a good idea to start with this plan at your first meeting because it can help you to remember the points mentioned above. Oral defense The department will send you information regarding the oral defence of the thesis either via mail or BlackBoard. . Confidential theses You are not required to attach your confidentiality agreement when you upload and submit your Master's thesis. For the sake of the planning of the thesis exams, it is important that you submit the form "Thesis submission statement" weeks before you submit your thesis. Your application for dispensation must provide documentation for the following: The circumstances justifying the wish for an off-campus exam The Danish agency (embassy, consulate, partner university) providing the exam venue The person who has agreed to supervise the exaam. You are not allowed to hand in a paper copy of the thesis, as it is the uploaded version that is legally binding. The supervision plan must be uploaded as a pdf file. Once you are registered, you cannot cancel your registration. If your maximum duration of studies is extended or shortened, your (automatic) registration will depend on your maximum duration of studies.

Master's thesis

Stephan Leitner reserved, corporate planning with statistical forecasts, assoc.-Prof. Form: See under 6, Thesis submission statement When you have completed your Masters's degree, you will receive an exam certificate. . You can find a list with the current topics (including information regarding your thesis supervisor) and instructions about the necessary steps to obtain your supervisors acceptance below. Publication of your thesis When you submit your thesis, you will be given the the option to publish an electronic copy of your thesis via AU Library. This means that you can submit your Masters thesis before the specified submission deadline. Predictive Forecasting Eine empirische Bestandsaufnahme über den gegenwertigen Einsatz von Predicitve Forecasting in österreichischen Unternehmen. You can read more about your options on the page on exemption and parental leave.

Your supervisor is a key figure during the production of your thesis because he/she can assess whether your topic has been delimited sufficiently, and whether it can be produced within the timeframe and academic framework stated in the academic regulations. The flow is set up as a group-flow. Exceptional circumstances must always be documented. If you do not submit the thesis before the new deadline, you have used the second out of the three attempts to pass the thesis. The departments suggestions include a wide variety of topics with different focuses. If you are two authors you must register by completing the same web form together (e.g. Remember to use your supervision plan. Under the category Extra material you can upload material like movies, sound, programs (Excel, SAS.). General rules on pregnancy It is important to distinguish between maternity/paternity leave and pregnancy. During periods of leave, students cannot receive supervision or the government student grant.

Master's programmes at Aalborg University

You should keep in touch with your supervisor along the way. All other parts of your thesis must be submitted digitally. Read more on how to convert your paper to PDF. Form: Plan for thesis supervision. For inspiration on points to discuss, see 'Good advice for the first meeting with supervisor'. Pregnancy does not qualify as exceptional circumstances and therefore cannot be used to justify the postponement of the thesis submission deadline. If you do not submit the thesis within the deadline If the thesis is not handed in before the deadline, you have used one examination attempt. If you do not pass If your Masters thesis does not pass, you will be informed of this by your supervisor.

Aau Masters Thesis / Narrative essay help

Please note: in the time period 15 June to 15 July the deadline for the assessment is extended to six weeks. Theses, during your studies you can write both your bachelors and your masters thesis at the Department of Management Control and Strategic Management. Therefore, you must make absolutely sure that you upload the correct version. How do I find a supervisor? If you wish to write your Master's thesis with a fellow student from a different MSc. The deadline for assessment/the oral defense is 6 weeks, counting from the submission day. You and your supervisor complete and sign the supervision plan. The academic supervisor must approve your title and problem statement. Discuss your thesis statement and prepare a supervision plan, which must be included in the form.

Fill out the supervision plan in collaboration with your supervisor. Form : Supervision plan (2nd and 3rd attempt) Uploading the form: See under 4, Plan for thesis supervision Please note that you only need to obtain the signature of your supervisor. If you do not submit your Masters thesis If you do not submit your Masters thesis by the specified deadline, you will receive an F (submitted too late and you will have used the first aau masters thesis of three exam attempts. The student guidance and information service also arranges courses and workshops which can help you to plan the process involved in producing your thesis. If you fail your thesis there are other rules and submission deadlines (see below: "Handing in the thesis. The Board of Studies see each of the three exam attempts isolated, and can therefore only grant an exemption from the deadline for submission if exceptional circumstances have affected the specific examination attempt, you are working. The course descriptions for the Master's thesis in the spring semester 2019 will be updated at the end of October 2018. The physical product must be submitted to Study Centre Arts, Tåsingegade 3, building 1442, second floor, during office hours. You have one final deadline of 3 months to submit the thesis, starting from the second deadline. If you want to take leave of absence, you should do so in the semester prior to submission. You will then have to prepare a modified problem statement which must be approved by the supervisor. Again, the month of July is not included when calculating the deadline. Read more about maximum period of studies.

Bachelor's and Master's Theses Studies, AAU Klagenfurt

We recommend that you read the 'Guide aau masters thesis to Digital Exam for students and that you start uploading in good time before the deadline. However, you are responsible for checking, that your registration is correct. No submission If it is clear to you even before the submission deadline for the "Thesis submission statement" form that you will not be able to submit your Master's thesis by the specified deadline, please do not submit any form. The thematic focus of the seminar changes every semester. Deadlines for submitting the Masters thesis: 1 June for students enrolled on a two-year Masters degree programme starting in the summer 2 January for students enrolled on a Masters degree programme starting in the winter or with an extension.

When you upload your Master's thesis in wiseflow, you must indicate (in the 'Cover whether the thesis contains confidential material. They will consider whether your common topic can be approved within both MSc. Once you have uploaded your thesis it is not possible to withdraw. Feedback You are entitled to receive feedback on your thesis once it has been assessed. Identical course descriptions for each institution have been made and can be found here: Course description for Department of Economics and Business Economics (econ). Within 14 days of being informed of the assessment, you and your supervisor must sign a new aau masters thesis supervision plan regarding your second (or third) exam attempt. If the Master's thesis is written by one person you must choose "Create one-person group" in wiseflow. Next you should contact a lecturer or a researcher in your chosen field of study and find out whether he or she would be interested in supervising you.