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Functionalist perspective essay

functionalist perspective essay

Feminism, from a Radical Feminist perspective it could be observed that Mrs Bertram has been oppressed by her husband. Once the first basic need has been satisfied, the following stage is safety needs, the need for security. Maslow observes that it is mainly social factors that hinder the personal growth of humans. He may feel that family and professionals are undermining his authority as head of the household. Since her behaviour is wholly attributed to her condition. I will be able to scrutinise the Bertrams current situation and apply the theory in order to gain a wider understanding of the social context. Functionalist theorists regard society as a system with interlocking parts. This is formed throughout early childhood and is developed through standards, values, parenting and moral standards. It also helps me empathise with the sufferer and the family.

Functionalist perspective Essay - 241 Words

This would not be possible for Mrs Bertram. Perhaps this reliance on the domestic labour, comfort and sexual duties of a wife, which has been lost my Mr Bertram through his wifes condition is attributing to his behaviour. Individual children are given tasks based on their different abilities and judged according to their unique characteristics. Due to her alzemers she is unable to carry out the duties that functionalist perspective essay would have been expected of her. This time away from the house for him may reaffirm his role as a dominant male within society whilst his dominant role as a man disappears at home. Functionalists focus on the positive functions performed by the education system. Skilled jobs maintain job satisfaction for the worker, but not always. Therefore it is made immediately clear that the writer is going to address the specific question set. He proclaimed that humans come into conflict when their basic instincts come up against social pressure to follow, laws or moral codes. He believed that if a member of society was deemed as dysfunctional, then he was considered to be a deviant member of society. It could also be observed that this kind of behaviour is reinforced within the hospital setting, where the schizophrenic behaviour is reinforced through attention from professionals within that setting.

Self-actualisation is the final stage in the hierarchy and can only be reached when all foregoing needs are satisfied and the person feels he has achieved everything he wants to in life and is the best that he can. They are all good theories and each are made for different people Im sure people agree and disagree with all the theories but that doesnt mean they arent good in their own way. Each stage must be satisfied in order to progress to the next. This would enable her to function again within the system under a different guise. (Haralambos et al 1996) Institutions are part of the social system they are a prime contributor to the maintenance of a society. The essay also mentions post-modernism and Weberian theory which is impressive at gcse. Role Allocation and meritocracy. Functionalists view society as a set of interconnected parts which work together to form a whole. I find it extremely difficult to trust anyone enough to tell them about the situation, and I strongly feel I shouldnt have to tell everyone that meets him, this only leads to labelling him as mentally ill, thus. It could be observed that Mr Bertram had an alcohol dependency. You would expect most of her needs to be met within the context of her marriage to Mr Bertram; however, since he has neglected his role as a husband, he has placed her in a position of significant danger. Creating Social Solidarity, we have social solidarity when we feel as if we are part of something bigger. The quality of writing is good.

functionalist perspective essay

The Functionalist Perspective on Education ReviseSociology

So being ill meant acting in different, deviant ways to the norm. The functionalist view has been criticised, this essay seeks to explore some of these criticisms and give sufficient evidence to support their views on social stratification. It is built on the assumption that the person gain help in order to gain function. The way in which a society is stratified differs from one to the next, but in most Western countries this is similar. It is well structured, making it an easy read. It is noted that their flat is in an appalling state, she is unable to feed herself and left on her own for most of the day. FIN, sociology of Education Revision Bundle, if you like this sort of thing, then you might like my sociology of education revision notes bundle which contains the following: 34 pages of revision notes mind maps in pdf and png. However it is uncertain as functionalist perspective essay to whether his s safety and security needs are being met.

Durkheim suggested that social consensus takes two different forms, mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity. Deviance occurs when people are not functioning correctly, according to the norm. This further increases her oppression as she is fully dependent on her husband to provide the care and attention which she is desperately in need. Despite being born into a low class family, one can still attain education due to the welfare systems set up by governments to create equal opportunity. In the family, children are judged according to what he calls particularistic standards by their parents that is they are judged by rules that only apply to that particular child. It is clear that in this relationship and the current situation faced by the Bertrams that he too has no way of reaching self-actualisation. It could also be observed that Mr Bertram is a dysfunctional member of society. Mrs Bertram is no longer fulfilling her duties as a wife and this could be disrupting his routine. The last, conflict theory is the competition of scarce resources and how the elite control the poor and week. And be fixated on one of the stages.

Free Essay: A Functionalist View of Stratification

Psychodynamic theory, through the Psychodynamic theory of personality we could speculate about Mr Bertrams past and how that has influence on his behaviour in the present. I would observe, however, there is some attempt from Mr Bertram to achieve a sense of self-esteem, since he spends the majority of his time with his compatriots at the golf club. It is believed that each part needs to function effectively in order for society, as a system, to work as a whole. She would have food, water and care of her basic needs. Symbolic interactionism is the use of symbols and is face-to-face interaction. Karl Marx was the originated the conflict perspective, which focuses on the negative, conflicted, and ever-changing nature of society. Organic solidarity is a form of social cohesion that arises when the people in a society are interdependent, but hold to carrying values and beliefs and engage in varying types of work. You might also like my brief vodcast on the same topic. I have as close a relationship as possible with him, and to that end I usually bear the brunt of his paranoia and aggression when he is unwell.

Education is more work focused today increasing amounts of vocational courses. Psychodynamic theory had been developed and evolved over the years. Spelling is accurate and the use of some punctuation is effective in demonstrating that the writer is aware of what vital sociologists have stated: âÅGiddens wrote âsocieties can no longer be understood through the application of general theoriesâ. By examining a situation from a Sociological perspective we can take into account how various aspects such as class, social structure, religion, disability can impact people from a wider social context. None the less, it is not through choice that she has become dysfunctional within society. In the case of the Bertrams it is clear that Mrs Bertram is currently not even meeting the bottom of Maslows hierarchy of needs. But if we go all the way back to traditional times; in a tribe such as the Ndebele of Africa, we see that women were pampered and treated very well by men, simply because their jobs of gathering food.

In that case Mr and Mrs Bertram would be able to stay at home under treatment and the issues about care could be dealt with accordingly. The social role of individuals is an integral part of the theory. This candidate successfully avoids that. Mead Introduced this perspective to American sociology in the 1920s. Government schools provide education at a minute price to that of private schools, and even then, this fee is voluntary. Freud believed it was possible to have arrested development through trauma. He believed that this self- actualisation was as important as basic needs but could not be met unless other stages of human needs were completed. Social inequality, as seen by functionalists, is inevitable, it's an 'unconsciously evolved patten of life, by which societies ensure that the most important positions are filled by the most appropriate people, the most highly qualified.