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Sunnie and shia essay

sunnie and shia essay

Other denominations also exist including the Sufis, Ahmadis, and others but make up much smaller portions of the total Islamic population. Koran and consider each other to be Muslims. In early Islamic history, the Shia were a movement - literally "Shiat Ali" or the "Party of Ali". Image copyright AP, image caption The deaths of Ali, Hassan and Hussein gave rise to the Shia concept of martyrdom. The new Khalifah was to be someone who had been with the Prophet in Mecca and Madinah, qualified to pass on correct hadith, and whose life was very similar to the Prophets. Sunni Muslims rule Major Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, but things are starting to change as now Iran is the main home for the Shia and is rapidly increasing in strength in Pakistan, India, the Yemen and the Lebanon. Sunni muslims are the followers of Abu Bakr whereas Shia Muslims are the followers of Ali. Shia are also guided by the wisdom of Muhammad's descendants through his son-in-law and cousin, Ali. So, let us return to Shia-Sunni relations that you may study in your essay on Muslim unity. The first thing you should explain in your essay on Muslim unity is that Shia (or Shiite) and Sunni are the main denominations of Islam. There normally be religious gatherings and some beat themselves with chains and cut themselves with swords to share what Hussein had suffered.

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Why did Sunni Shia split? Sunni Islam is more popularly spread in countries such as Africa, China, Southeast Asia, sunnie and shia essay South Asia and some of the Arab world. But Ali didnt want to bear a grudge and respected the Prophets friend. Iranian Islamic Revolution also had a great impact on the intensification of Shia-Sunni confrontation. From Lebanon and Syria to Iraq and Pakistan, many recent conflicts have emphasised the sectarian divide, tearing communities apart. After the Muhammads death the prophet as elected by the people of Medina, Sunni Muslims are said to have accepted Abu Bakr, father of the Prophets favoured wife, Aishah, as the successor of Muhammad and followed him. Take into consideration that your essay on Muslim unity can investigate not only these two denominations. Following the prophets of Allah, preparation for and belief in the Day of Judgment. Buying custom written papers is easy PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card options are available for your convenience! The name "Sunni" is derived from the phrase "Ahl al-Sunnah or "People of the Tradition". He was in charge of making sure that none of his people were to live in hunger, without shelter, education or someone to car for them. He ruled from 656-61.

Origins of the Sunni - Shia Split. Sunni Muslims, on the other hand, do not attach any special power to the clergy, and their religious leaders tend not to concern themselves as much with expansive political roles. Shias believe that Muhammad appointed Ali his cousin and son-in-law to be the next caliph, and his direct descendants are the successors of the Prophet. Sunni Muslims believe in all four Khalifahs, but the Shia Muslims believe that Ali should have been the leader from the day the Prophet died. Thereby, if one is to properly understand the context of any religion, it is important to know the denominations that fall under. On the other hand, in the Shia-dominated countries like Iran and Iraq Sunni are also mistreated. Shiites place a greater emphasis on the torment of martyrdom suffered by the Imams, and voluntarily submit themselves to physical pain in order to sympathize with them. Some scientists regard the period after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire as the most peaceful in the relations of the major denominations of Islam. As Islam spread to countries around the world, some individual Muslim nations have tended to embrace one denomination over the other. Sunnis live in South Asia, China, Africa and the rest of the Islamic world. Shia Muslims are in the majority in Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Azerbaijan and, according to some estimates, Yemen.

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Image copyright AP, image caption Pilgrimage to Mecca is one of many rituals that are shared by both sects. It is based on six articles of faith referred to as the Six pillars of Iman. The split between these two significant sects of Islam can be traced back to the time soon after Muhammad's death in the year 632, and centered on who would succeed the. However, in your essay on Muslim unity you can mention that there are countries where the two denominations intermingle and can even have intermarriages. What is Shia Islam? In some countries, like Saudi Arabia where Sunni dominate, Shia can be treated rather harshly. The actual differences between the Sunni and Shia sects. Cultural and Political Divisions, the modern geo-political situation has amplified the differences between the two sects, and in turn has increased tensions between them. Authority of the books of Allah. All Muslims are guided by the Sunnah, but Sunnis stress its primacy. Other duties were to make sure justice had been done and oppression put down. Before he was about to die he did not give the public the opportunity to elect the next Khalifah, but instead nominated Umar.

Both sects emphasize the Five Pillars of Islam, read the same Q'uran (. Some differences in practices should also be described in your essay on Muslim unity. But they differ in doctrine, ritual, law, theology and religious organisation. Shia Muslims believe in a temporary marriage where a marriage is set for a prefixed period of time. After the Prophets death there was an election where Abu Bakrs votes outnumbered Alis. Muharram is an important day for Shia Muslims as it marks the day when the Prophets grandson Hussein was martyred. These high clerics wield significant political authority that often extends across national borders. When purchasing an essay, you can certainly count on timely help from our support team, whereas your essay writer will have your custom paper written way before the deadline. Islam will probably not seem as dramatic as many non-Muslims presume.

sunnie and shia essay

The tradition in this case refers to practices based on what the Prophet Muhammad said, did, agreed to or condemned. The Khalifate was then offered to Uthman who accepted all the conditions. Whether you have a compare and contrast or an argumentative paper due, you can place your order 24/7. It is a kind of federalism sunnie and shia essay between Muslim nations, and can also be described as a form of political unity. Sunnis base their standards of their faith on the Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet and the laws based upon them. The first four Khalifahs, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali, were known as the Rashidun or Rightly-guided or Orthodox. The number of Shia Muslims today is rising as people in many developing countries are reacting against the decadence of the modern world.

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The divide between Sunnis and Shia is the largest and oldest in the history of Islam. Members of the two sects have co-existed for centuries and share many fundamental sunnie and shia essay beliefs and practices. This group makes up the more traditional, or orthodox, form of the religion. He was also the father of the Prophets youngest wife Aishah. But first, we would like to tell you that your essay on Muslim unity can disclose some other aspects like Caliphate. There are three main branches of Shia Islam today - the Zaidis, Ismailis and Ithna Asharis (Twelvers or Imamis). In the essay on Muslim unity you should definitely tell about the main differences between Shia and Sunni and the reasons for that. In January 2016, the execution by Saudi Arabia of a prominent Shia cleric who supported mass anti-government protests triggered a diplomatic crisis with Iran and angry demonstrations across the Middle East). Tehran's policy of supporting Shia militias and parties beyond its borders was matched by Sunni-ruled Gulf states, which strengthened their links to Sunni governments and movements elsewhere.

The khalifate was offered to Ali sunnie and shia essay first, on the condition that he accepted the previous Khalifahs, but he refused this. Arabic, shiat Ali, which means, "followers of Ali." The Shiites regarded him as the first in a series of Imams, or high clerics, who were direct descendants of Muhammad and acted as messengers of God. These four Khalifahs were very simple, tolerant people and were well versed in the Quran. Sunni constitute 85 of the total amount of Muslims in the world; Shia. The supporters of Ali, known as Shia believed that the Khalifate should have stayed in the line of the Prophets family. Shia Muslims believe that one has to belong to the family of the prophet in order to become the leader of the Muslims. In the essay on Muslim unity you can introduce the other reasons like the revival of the Islamic religion within the entire Islamic world. Sunni and Shia united due to common threats of that time. Supremacy of Allahs will belief in predestination good or bad is from Allah alone. Who are the Sunnis? Abu Bakr was an old man, he was about 60 years old and only rules for two years, (632-4 CE). The Shia group that believes in the seven Imams believes that the last one disappeared in AD 880 and will come back to restore justice on Earth.

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They believe the first Imam was Ali and his powers passed on from father to son until the last Imam, Mehdi. How are they different now? Most Shia Muslims are ready to give up their life in fighting for what they think is right. Worship practices also differ in terms of the scriptures, or hadith, that are acceptable to them. Cultural and political differences make up the most divisive issues separating the two groups today. In the Middle East, Sunnis make up 90 or more of the populations of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In Syria, Iranian troops, Hezbollah fighters and Iranian-backed Shia militiamen have been helping the Shia-led government battle the Sunni-dominated opposition. What role has sectarianism played sunnie and shia essay in recent crises? Image copyright AFP, image caption The execution by Saudi Arabia of a prominent Shia cleric triggered a diplomatic crisis with Iran. Actually, the split between these two denominations occurred after the death of the Prophet Muhammad in the year 632. They claimed that Ali was the rightful successor to the Prophet Muhammad as leader (imam) of the Muslim community following his death in 632.

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Specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, they were in close touch with the sunnie and shia essay people and were easily approachable. Image copyright Getty Images, image caption Egypt is home to some of Sunni Islam's oldest centres of learning. The main Muslim group is the Sunni Muslims. Hassan is believed to have been poisoned in 680 by Muawiyah, the first caliph of the Sunni Umayyad dynasty, while Hussein was killed on the battlefield by the Umayyads in 681. This means that the denomination often becomes a part of the national identity and culture of the country, sometimes resulting in the oppression of the other sect, as well as both internal and external political tensions. The relations between Shia and Sunni nowadays are rather tense. It bases its teachings upon the Holy Book of Quran similar to all other Muslim denominations. It was the Khalifat Movement with the purpose of protecting the Ottoman Empire. Though Sunnis historically accepted these as well, they abolished the practice long ago.

Some refused to follow Abu Bakr, however, and believed that another man, Muhammad's son-in-law, Ali, was Muhammad's true choice to be first the. During the first thirty years after Prophet Mohammeds death, four Khalifahs, who were the Prophets dearest friends, governed Muslims. They also frequently combine the five daily prayers into three or four, especially if they work long hours, and do not consider this to indicate a lesser amount of devotion. Religion has a tendency to seep into the lives of those who practice it and these influences most often defines the role that it plays in a persons life. . Sunni jihadist groups, including Islamic State (IS have meanwhile been targeting Shia and their places of worship in Syria and neighbouring Iraq.

Sunni and, shia, sects

So, your essay on Muslim unity can be devoted to one sunnie and shia essay of these denominations or to the relations between several of them. The second period that can be discussed in your essay on Muslim unity is post-1970. Sunni and Shiite Muslims are summoned to prayer each day by different calls, and practice certain rituals in different ways. Excellent formatting and language flow is what you get when you buy an essay from. The Ithna Asharis are the largest group and believe that Muhammad's religious leadership, spiritual authority and divine guidance were passed on to 12 of his descendants, beginning with Ali, Hassan and Hussein. Sunni Islam can be found in countries like Africa, China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and some of the Arab world. Demographics, the majority of practicing Muslims today are Sunni; Shiites, by comparison, comprise between 10 and 20 of the world's Muslims. Considered to be the most orthodox form of Islam, Sunni religion today is recorded to have over 940 million followers, which is comprised of about 75 of the world Muslim population of all the Muslim countries worldwide.