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Essay on conservation of water bodies

essay on conservation of water bodies

Wildlife, conservation in India What is, wildlife? The law uses a variety of tools to limit and control direct pollutant discharges into waterways, as well as the disposal of dredge or fill materials. However, as the weather warms and the ice melts, low water levels reveal a variety of debris littering the bottom and floating on the water surface. Many nations have government agencies. In response the Indian govt has formulated some policies to safeguard wildlife like the Wildlife Protection Act which provides for the protection of wild animals, birds and plants and Project Tiger to mainly safeguard population of Bengal tigers in their. We can also see it somewhat from satellite photos of Mars, the moon, and other "dead" space bodies. Stormwater is, in essence, just what is sounds like: water from a storm. . There are already parts of the world where we can see how life would change, if there were no water. The intended use of a waterbody is considered when deriving a working definition of "pollution including human-derived litter. While the consequentialist side argues that the human population needs to do what is best for them no matter what that means for the animals. There would be no sweet scents, since moisture is what conveys smells.

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In addition to providing an aesthetic and environmental benefit, cleanups reconnect citizens and the community to the waterways that have been a vital part of the nation's history and culture. This further enforces the need of right wildlife conservation efforts in India. The law also addresses pollutants coming from nonpoint sources (e.g., sediment-laden runoff from a farm field). Temperatures would swing from extreme to extreme, getting hotter as time went. Among the many impacts are interfering with the establishment of aquatic plants, affecting the reproductive behavior of fish and other animals, and depleting the water of dissolved oxygen as the wastes decompose. Despite environmental regulations that protect the quality of streams, lakes, and wetlands, solid waste in the form of trash, litter, and garbage often ends up in these surface waters. For example, the.S. Research has shown than people are more likely to behave in ways that preserve our waterways if they are clean in the first place. Any precipitation that falls from the sky, including rain, hail, and snow, is considered stormwater. Elsewhere, impoverished villages in tributary watersheds dispose their wastes onto the ground or into small creeks, which eventually drain to larger waterbodies. Essay about Wildlife Conservation. In general, there are two fates for falling stormwater. .

There are many opportunities for private citizens to participate in river and stream cleanups. Wildlife conservation Introduction Developing India is metamorphosing the environments; especially it is giving an antagonistic emanation for Indian Wildlife. It can also cause localized flooding when storm drains take on too much water at once. Plastics can be especially hazardous to wildlife. Some solid wastes, such as animal waste, radioactive materials, or medical waste, are managed by other government agencies and laws. The control of solid waste falls under a different division within the EPA. It includes animals, plants and microorganisms. Some species have become extinct due to natural causes, but the greatest danger to wildlife results from human activities.

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A grassy field with thirty deer, or an open plain with elephants, zebras, and giraffes? But humans don't conceive of ourselves as subordinate to anything anymore. Similarly, the Clean Water Act does not apply unless the materials are polluting a essay on conservation of water bodies waterway; that is, it does not apply to trash or debris along a riverbank. There would be no cushioning effect against earthquakes. See "Pollution of the Ocean by Plastic and Trash" for a photograph of a bird en- shrouded by a piece of plastic). Despite increased environmental awareness, some people still use waterways as a repository for unwanted items, including couches and mattresses; cars and car parts; bicycles; shopping carts; bags of stolen property; fuel containers; and paint cans. Along with over 500 wildlife sanctuaries, India now hosts 14 biosphere reserves. In urban areas, trash and litter (general terms for dry solid waste) often are transported by stormwater runoff. Water is a constant reminder that life repeats. Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting endangered plant and animal species and their habitats.

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Environmental Protection Agency sponsors an "Adopt-a-Watershed" program. The softening effect of water is also evident in the way it prepares seeds to grow. Importance of, wildlife, conservation, due to the growing impact of deforestation, continuous efforts are being made by some anxious animal lovers to protect the endangered species of wildlife as well as those that are on the verge. This demonstration of trees is leading to the end of wildlife in India. An endangered species is defined as a population of a living being that is at the danger of becoming extinct because of several reasons. The Clean Water Act as amended in 1977 provides the legal basis for the protection of the quality of surface water. Many rare animals are hunted for food and even for sport. Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Press, 2000. During his tenure he has witnessed the relocation of all 4 tsswcb Headquarter Offices in Temple, 10 out of the 11 Executive Directors, the funding of 3 new agency programs and has seen the creation or re-establishment of 63 soil and water conservation districts (swcds). Numerous independent nonprofit organizations also promote various wildlife conservation causes.2 Wildlife conservation has become an increasingly important practice due to the negative effects of human activity on wildlife. Environmental regulations have greatly reduced pollution of streams by sewage and by garbage or rubbish (i.e., wet wastes such as food byproducts). Industrial and manufacturing processes create mixtures of municipal solid wastes, hazardous waste, and other wastes such as construction-demolition debris.

Species have been relinquishing, since this development began. We need to study species and their roles within ecosystems to understand their interdependencies and to predict the impacts of our actions on the environment. Organic waste (e.g., wood wastes) can have chemical and biological impacts on rivers and streams. In a natural landscape without development, stormwater is absorbed into the ground or falls into bodies of water. . The composition of the air would change too. Sunken boats and abandoned barges made navigation difficult and hazardous. The river was a dark, murky color, and large rafts of floating garbage covered the surface of many river segments. As per the survey India is a home to about 60-70 of the total biodiversity found across the world and about 33 of plant species are endemic.

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The progress of man throughout has been beneficial for the human race but it is the wildlife that has suffered through the years. Other government agencies that share responsibility for the canal say the water quality is good from an ecological perspective: that is, it meets criteria for waters that support ecosystems (e.g., sufficient oxygen and water clarity). Humans use waterways to transport goods via boats and barges. Waterways in developing countries often are used for dumping household rubbish and commercial wastes. By the early 1990s, the river was considered biologically inactive and had dangerously high counts of fecal coliform. Wildlife, conservation is essential to the protection of endangered species and potentially saving humans and the ecosystem because scientists don't know all of the affects that the extinction of certain species may have on the ecosystem and people. Depending on their form they can either be ingested, causing internal organ failure, or they can cause a slow strangulation. We are slaughtering the impeccable seraphic ventures just for our sake. This is what would spring to mind for most people as soon as they hear the term " wildlife What most people don't realize, is that no matter how deep into the city you live, or whether you live. And we can extrapolate from the properties of water, itself, and what we know of its effect on life. In some developing countries, for example, navigable waterways are not only transportation and trade corridors, but also the site of floating villages. Scientific studies haven't quite figured out how the loss of one particular species could affect the ecosystem or humans for that reason.

Habitat destruction is a main part of the problem but many animals are being killed and taken by hunters and poachers too. Among the goals of wildlife conservation are to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and to recognize the importance of wildlife andwilderness lands to humans.1 Many nations are government agencies dedicated to wildlife conservation, which help to implement policies designed to protect wildlife. If, instead of commanding it, we could conceive of ourselves as a partner or an intelligent component of water's own rain and storage cycle, it might encourage us to be more respectful of what water can. As the population of humans grows we have essay on conservation of water bodies to expand so that we can all live comfortably. As teasing is not a single reason behind such vanished. These activities have vastly reduced the natural habitats of our wildlife and many species are endangered or nearly extinct. What role does it play and what would happen if we were to lose it or it didn't exist? Wildlife conservation is a practice in which people attempt to protect endangered plant and animal species, along with their habitats. Wildlife includes plants, trees, birds and many others organisms. Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource. To water, were it sentient, it might seem that humans were its children, since we are so dependent upon it for survival. Now imagine the air without water. Domesticating wild plant and animal species for human benefit has occurred many times all over the planet, and has a major impact on the environment, both positive and negative.

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There is an ongoing battle between people who think that they are helpful and people that think that they aren't doing anything. Even with regulations that define pollution, sometimes no government or agency is willing to accept responsibility for litter and other debris in waterways. It involves the protection and wise management of wild species and their environment. The non-consequentialist side argues that animals have just as much right to live as we do and because we don't know what the consequences would be we should save them. The regions divergent wildlife is preserved in plentiful national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across the country In recent time, this kind of human violation has become a threat for wildlife. Updated on March 14, 2018, we know how important water is to human life and also, because of agriculture, how important it is to plant life. The dust in the air would be blown hither and yon, with nothing to wash it down. Despite the seemingly dismal outlook for waterways, international aid and governmental efforts are giving hope for local rehabilitation in some areas. Under this comes the Asiatic Lion, the Indian white-rumped vultures and the Bengal Tiger. Will end up in the water.

New York: Putnam Publishing, 1994. Protecting and enhancing Texas' natural resources since 1939. Hunting, clearing of forests, draining of swamps and damming of rivers for irrigation and industry this is what we appraise of man's progress. Wildlife tours in India is your chance to explore some of the well known tiger reserves and national parks sprinkled across different parts of the country. The ground, because it would be rock, sand, or dry earth would have nothing in or on it to blunt the heat. If no government agency has the responsibility or resources to clean up the banks of a stream or its littered streambed, then it is the responsibility of nongovernmental organizations and private citizens to. Animal species serve as an indicator of the health of the ecosystem. Either they are few in number or are threatened by the varying environmental or predation parameters. We have reached to a height when much percent of the species have been dematerialized. In our land, for development wildlife is daily moving a step ahead to be vanished. Living in the Environment, 6th. Wildlife Conservation in My Country In Malaysia, just like elsewhere the modern world, many species of wildlife are disappearing fast, and conservation measures are needed to prevent animals and plants from vanishing for good. Wildlife conservation programs have been working hard to save many different species from extinction.