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Essay rosetta stone

essay rosetta stone

With new evidence and fresh interpretations coming to light in recent years, questions once thought settled have been reopened. A number of scholars have now suggested that the original Pantheon was not a temple in the usual sense of a gods dwelling place. A portico with free-standing columns is attached to a domed rotunda. The Roman Pantheon probably doesnt make popular shortlists of the worlds architectural icons, essay rosetta stone but it should: it is one of the most imitated buildings in history. Some colleges require or strongly recommend that you submit a resume along with your application (see. In Pagan Gods and Shrines of the Roman Empire, edited by Martin Henig and Anthony King (Oxford: Oxford University Committee for Archaeology, 1986. Showing pigs through your local 4-H troupe. Instead of the great triumph of Hadrianic design, the Pantheon should more rightly be seen as the final architectural glory of the Emperor Trajans reign: substantially designed and rebuilt beginning around 114, with some preparatory work on the building. Adding to the plausibility of this view is the fact that the site had sacred associationstradition stating that it was the location of the apotheosis, or raising up to the heavens, of Romulus, Romes mythic founder. It was to be a triumphant display of his will and beneficence.

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Hetland, Dating the Pantheon, Journal of Roman Archaeology 20 (2007. Why Has It Survived? It has this name, perhaps because it received among the images which decorated it the statues of many gods, including Mars and Venus; but my own opinion of the name is that, because of its vaulted roof, it resembles the heavens. Originally, the approach would have been framed and directed by the long walls of a courtyard or forecourt in front of the building, and a set of stairs, now submerged under the piazza, leading up to the portico. Work with what youve got. Avoid cliches like punctual, essay rosetta stone passionate, organized, hard-working, team-player. Pantheon Plan, what was ita temple? If youve received honors and awards, youll have a separate section for those, too but not all of us are that cool. For how long each time? Youve got a slick digital resume.

Further, the concrete of the dome is graded into six layers with a mixture of scoria, a low-density, lightweight volcanic rock, at the top. Awards and Honors Think of this section as your trophy case on paper. Additional skills, it depends. Roman History by Cassius Dio, a late second- to early third-century historian who was twice Roman consul. For a good example, look at the library Thomas Jefferson designed for the University of Virginia. The dates show much youve invested in that activity. The conventional understanding of the Pantheons genesis, which held from 1892 until very recently, goes something like this. However, keeping a professional resume on hand will serve you in a few other ways. List the organizations involved, your position and the date you received the award (month and year works). The problem of the inscription. Skills This final section should be short and sweet, like a toddler eating a cupcake. Be specific and use numbers.

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Whatever the precise date of its consecration, the fact that the Pantheon became a churchspecifically, a station church, essay rosetta stone where the pope would hold special masses during Lent, the period leading up to Eastermeant that it was in continuous use, ensuring its survival. Even if the club never met? Its walls are made from brick-faced concretean innovation widely used in Romes major buildings and infrastructure, such as aqueductsand are lightened with relieving arches and vaults built into the wall mass. Sanctae Mariae Rotundae (photo: Steven Zucker, CC BY-NC-SA.0) Yet, like other ancient remains in Rome, the Pantheon was for centuries a source of materials for new buildings and other purposesincluding the making of cannons and weapons. And restored to some unknown extent under the orders of Emperor Domitian (who ruled 81-96.E.). Is a requirement for many scholarships or internship and employment opportunities (read: ). Organizing weekly pick-up basketball in your neighborhood.

(photo: Peter, CC BY-NC-ND.0) Who designed the Pantheon? Working on your parents/friends car. Most textbooks and websites confidently date the building to the Emperor Hadrians reign and describe its purpose as a temple to all the gods (from the Greek, pan all, theos gods but some scholars now argue that these. If you can afford it, go to your local office supply store and buy some thick, white or off-white resume paper. Taking summer art classes. Save your resume as a PDF with a professional, clear title. And, in an act of pious humility meant to put him in the favor of the gods and to honor his illustrious predecessors, Hadrian installed the false inscription attributing the new building to the long-dead Agrippa. However, he provides important evidence about the buildings purpose. This piece is itself interesting for the fact that visible on its face above the porticos pediment is another shallow pediment. And then essay rosetta stone think of those accomplishments in terms of numbers. As you pass through the enormous portal with its bronze doors, you enter the rotunda, where your eyes are swept up toward the oculus. The Pantheon has one of the most perfect interior spaces ever constructedand its been copied ever since. For how many teammates?

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Among the most important: the three easternmost columns of the portico were replaced in the seventeenth century after having been damaged and braced by a brick wall centuries earlier; doors and steps leading down into the portico were erected. Pdf Dont write, References available on request. Make use of bullet points. Education This section requires a little more work. Described as the sphinx of the Campus Martiusreferring to enigmas presented by its appearance and history, and to the location in Rome where it was builtto visit it today is to be almost transported back to the Roman Empire itself. The Role of the Sun in the Pantheons Design and Meaning, Numen 58 (2011. This section is your chance to show essay rosetta stone that youre different, because its more than just your responsibilities. If youre not, use past-tense verbs. How was it designed and built?

Gene Waddell, Creating the Pantheon: Design, Materials, and Construction (Rome: LErma di Bretschneider, 2008) Smarthistory images for teaching and learning: More Smarthistory images Cite this page as:. Avoid titles like asdjks. Leave the documents margins at 1 inch. With which types of paint do you thrive?) Interpretation/translation skills (This goes beyond just speaking a language!) Musical proficiencies (Can you read music? Need help thinking about your experiences? First place out of how many schools/teams/participants? In Agrippas Pantheon these spaces had been filled by statues of the gods. One approaches the Pantheon through the portico with its tall, monolithic Corinthian columns of Egyptian granite. This section allows you to show off any extra classes youve taken in high school that reflect an interest in your major. We know very little about what happened to the Pantheon between the time of Emperor essay rosetta stone Constantine in the early fourth century and the early seventh centurya period when the city of Romes importance faded and the Roman Empire disintegrated. (Project Director: John Filwalk, Project Advisors:.

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Ranogajec, "The Pantheon (Rome in Smarthistory, December 11, 2015, accessed May 24, 2019). If you dont have a rockstar resume, thats okay. Create a style for each level of information. How many meetings have you led? It is now clear from archaeological studies that Agrippas original building was not a small rectangular temple, but contained the distinctive hallmarks of the current building: a portico with tall columns and pediment and a rotunda (circular hall) behind. Well, essay rosetta stone when it comes to college resume templates, looks matter too. He wrote, He Agrippa completed the building called the Pantheon. Choose a serif font. It identifies, in abbreviated Latin, the Roman general and consul (the highest elected official of the Roman Republic) Marcus Agrippa (who lived in the first century.C.E.) as the patron: Marcus Agrippa Lucii Filius Consul Tertium Fecit (Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, thrice Consul, built this). It is now an open question whether the building was ever a temple to all the gods, as its traditional name has long suggested to interpreters. Instead of saying I managed, just say managed.