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Village life essay for 2nd year

village life essay for 2nd year

Most of the people in the village are uneducated. But, the present condition is not satisfactory. Roads should be made so that the villagers easily avail the remote opportunities. However, a few houses are made of bricks. It becomes a breeding spot for flies, village life essay for 2nd year mosquitoes and other insects. The first essay on Life in a Village with"tions and Outline 2nd one is an Essay on Village life without"s.

Essay on, village, life for Matric, FA, FSC, Intermediate, 2 nd, year

Recreation is not only joy but need of a man. They are content with their little joys and sorrows. We know that village people have few wants in life. They are very hospitable and generous to their guests. Man's heart away from nature becomes hard. Consequently, the village life has gone rusty.

They are content with a few facilities and little joys. It is a merry game between man and nature. The greatest of the poets have sung the praise. Their main occupation is agriculture. Summer and winter have their own marvels. Villages have their drawbacks too. Evils of ignorance and blind faiths have crept.

Essay on, village, life with"tions for 2 nd, year 10th Class in English

The sight of dawn looks very fascinating. Majority of the inhabitants of villages are associated with the farming. Great thinkers and village life essay for 2nd year philosophers have spent their invaluable lives in the countryside. The children sit on the jute mats under the open sky. However, village life is not without its drawbacks. They take to farming. The village life is a mixed blessing. They attend the folk dance and the open air dramas. They wake up as the sun rise in the morning and come back to home as the sun sets. "Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so". The economy of Pakistan depends on agriculture. Educational institutes in villages are very limited and the existing ones have very poor environment. Pakistan is predominantly an agricultural country.

Most of all the problem of electricity problem should be removed so that they avail all the basic needs. However, a few artisans like carpenters, blacksmith and shoe-makers work in a village. Villages are full of natural beauty; Lush green fields, vast plains, flowing streams are seen everywhere. The beauty of nature can easily be seen and felt. They enjoy mutual co-operation. Education level should be improved and should build more educational institutes. In villages "choppal" is the meeting place where elderly people meet in the evening to have their conversation about the local problems. The boy who cried wolf and the villages came out to help him. Heaps of dirt lie here and there. In case of sorrow or happiness they are always seen united as one community and solve the problems of each other. They are happy with their house and harvest. Fairs, festivals and marriages are the special occasions for rejoicing and merry-making.

Life in a village essay with"s - Zahid Notes

Hence, village life is highly cherished, in all ages by every soulful man. Students can write the same essay under the question, village life essay, essay on village life, essay on living in a village, living in a village essay, Essay Advantages and disadvantages of living in a village. There are no proper hospitals and medication centers. The best thing about the people is that they still have village life essay for 2nd year brotherhood feelings. Life in a village is very peaceful. Most of them work in the fields of big farmers and other well-to-do people.

The belonging people are very loving, pure, honest, brave and hardworking. Their joys and sorrows are common. We should try to make our villagers happy and prosperous. With a little attention villages can become the pride of Pakistan and it is hoped that things will change in the near future. You may like an essay on Life in a Big City with"tions.