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Further, the popular tendency to emphasize a subjects perspective as transcending both other subjects and the potential truth value of criticism from other subjects stems from a misunderstanding of phenomenological psychology.…..
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L'industrie italienne de l'aluminium: cartels, multinationales et autarcie. Histoire, ?conomie et Soci?t?, 369-395. L'industrie p?troli?re mondiale: concurrence ou cartel?: analyse socio-?conomique des six plus grandes p?troli?res mondiales. Tout dabord, nous…..
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Cat essay

cat essay

All in all it was a good article because it got right to the point. However, keeping pets is not an easy task and pets like humans require a lot of love and care. BBreed Standards For each domestic cat breed, there is an official standard of perfection registered with different cat associations that describes the ideal cat of that breed and its distinctive features; lists desirable and undesirable characteristics; and mentions. Cats that are allowed outside have some degree of freedom and independence, and may enjoy hunting small animals and interacting with other cats; they get plenty of exercise and are unlikely to become bored or lonely. Although exact show rules and procedures vary from association to association, the general format is the same. One was from the Feline Advisory Bureau and another was written. Vaccination is the only effective way to control the disease. Its tail provides balance when jumping or falling.

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Cats are said to have played an important part in keeping rats out of the California gold mines. Archaeological evidence indicates that the Romans were the first to bring cats to the British Isles. Kittens are born blind, deaf, and helpless. Although the Old Testament makes no mention of cats, the Babylonian Talmud tells of their admirable qualities and encourages the breeding of cats to help keep the houses clean. Kittens should be inoculated against rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia, and, optionally, chlamydia. It contained facts about the domestication of cats that the other article left out. Like other members of the cat family, the domestic cat has retractile claws; keen hearing and smell; remarkable night vision; and a compact, muscular, and highly supple body. Ask our professional writer! The cat can turn its ears to focus on different sounds. Each judge works independently, and judges opinions sometimes differ markedly.

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BNeutering or Spaying Every year hundreds of thousands of unwanted domestic cats and kittens are destroyed because homes cannot be found for them. Some cats can be trained to use a cat essay harness leash. A sexually mature female cat goes into heat, or estrus, several times a year; during estrus, she is both receptive to, and attractive to, male cats. After judging each cat within a particular class or breed, the judge gives out preliminary awards, such as Best of Color or Best of Breed. A female cat is spayed (altered by removing the uterus and ovaries a male cat is neutered (altered by removing the testicles). It is obvious that cats are very intelligent animals. The judge takes each cat out of its cage in turn, places it on the judging table, and examines the cat carefully to make sure that it is healthy and meets the standard for that breed. Some veterinarians recommend altering cats as young as 12 weeks of age, while others recommend waiting until the animal reaches sexual maturity (at six to ten months of age). The owners bring the cats to the ring when called and place them in the judging cages. Later artists, such as the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci and his German contemporary Albrecht D?rer, are among the many who included cats in their works.

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Many of the social signals of domestic cats take the form of scents; for example, male cats can apparently smell a female cat who is receptive to male cats from a distance of hundreds of meters or yards. Breed standards differ slightly from cat association to cat association, and not all cat associations recognize every breed. Cats as compared to other pets particularly dogs are easily maintainable. The Egyptian cat goddess Bast, or Bastet, depicted as having the body of a woman and the head of a cat, was the goddess of love and fertility as well. He is smart, and I know he will eventually figure it out. The cats whiskers, or vibrissae, are extremely sensitive to the slightest touch, and are used for testing obstacles and sensing changes in the environment. You dont need to run after them, you dont need to tie them up and you never need to be bothered about their loudness. AGeneral Care Although cats have a reputation for being relatively independent, domestic cats require love and attention from their owners. So far, attempts to develop miniature or giant domestic cat breeds have been unsuccessful.

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Indoor cats need exercise just as outdoor cats. The first domestic cats in North America arrived with the colonists and were employed to keep the rodent population under control in the settlers fields, barns, and homes. ABreed Origins Many domestic cat breeds, including the Maine coon, Manx, Russian blue, and Siamese, began as a naturally-occurring variety of domestic cat native to a specific geographic area. Cats that have been altered are healthier and easier to live with. Cats are soft, sweet, and lovable. There is no reliable blood test for FIP, but a vaccine is now available. Hence there is no doubt in the fact that cats can actually be excellent pets and their company is thoroughly enjoyable. Upper respiratory infections are a common feline illness and can sometimes be fatal, especially in young kittens. Next Essays Related to Cats, got a writing question? They do not get sloppy at times like dogs who like to do a lot of licking. . Their small size and innocent nature makes it easy to take care of them while dogs on the other hand can get quite aggressive at times.

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The first reason I think that cats make the perfect pet is because they are self sufficient. Once a cat develops symptoms, the disease is invariably fatal. Although FIP is contagious, some cats appear to develop a natural immunity. However, many other people keep cats to control the mouse or insect population in their house cat essay or on their farms. Their eyes open at 8 to 10 days of age, and they begin to be weaned about 6 weeks after birth. It only contains important facts and some were very broad while others were some what detailed. An infected cat may transmit the disease to other cats before it develops clinical symptoms itself. A single cat show may have 8 to 20 different judges; usually, a cat is judged by every judge in the show.

An outdoor cat may be struck by a car, poisoned by common pesticides, or injured by other animals (other cats, dogs, and, in some areas, wild animals such as coyotes). For example, in the Siamese breed standard, the eyes are described as almond-shaped and slanting toward the nose; a tendency to squint is penalized, and crossed eyes are a disqualifying fault. Iiicat breeds About 40 varieties, or breeds, of domestic cats are recognized internationally. The cats teeth are designed for biting, not for chewing. At cat shows in the United States, each judge has his or her own ring-an area consisting of 10 to 15 numbered cages and a judging table.

They are mild in their behaviors, create no issue and are independent and come to you yourself when they need attention and love. The cat has a highly developed sense of smell, which plays a vital role in finding food and in reproduction. The Renaissance, in contrast, was the golden age for cats. After twelve weeks of age, a kitten may also be inoculated against rabies, feline leukemia, and feline infectious peritonitis. In India cats often played an important part in religious or occult ceremonies. The decision of whether to allow a cat outdoors is a personal one; cats that have been declawed, however, and those that have not been altered, should not be allowed outdoors unless confined to a covered enclosure. The Cat Essay, Research Paper, cat, Domestic, small, mainly carnivorous animal, Felis catus, member of the family Felidae, popular as a household pet, and valuable for killing mice and rats.

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Cat shows do not award monetary prizes, and the entry fees and travel expenses can be expensive. The cats tongue is covered with rough protuberances, or papillae, that it uses to rasp meat from bones. Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is an inflammation of the peritoneum (lining of the abdomen). Egyptian cats were also used for sport by their owners. Although an indoor cat does not enjoy the same freedom as an outdoor cat, many indoor cats live happy and complete lives. BSenses The cats vision is exceptionally well adapted for hunting, especially at night. This not only gives a sense of love to the pet owner but also adds to the overall ambience of the home. ACat Associations A cat association is an organization that registers cats and kittens, selects cat show judges, and schedules cat shows. DCat Diseases Domestic cats are susceptible to a variety of viral and bacterial diseases. In addition, the cat may be exposed to the fatal feline diseases that are endemic in the stray cat population. Because they were economically useful and were believed to ensure many children for a family, cats were so revered that they were mummified and buried either with their owners or in specially designated cemeteries. Panleukopenia (feline infectious enteritis) is a highly contagious, often fatal disease characterized by a sudden onset and severe gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

The cats claws are designed for catching and holding prey. Another quality of cats as pets is that they cat essay are generally very clean. Although the various cat breeds often differ dramatically in coat length and overall look, they vary less in size than do dog breeds. People like playing with them when they are kittens and once they are older and calm love just snuggling with them. Because of their nocturnal habits, they were believed to consort with the devil. After judging all the cats in a category, the judge gives top awards to the ten best cats in that category. These cats usually do not come into much contact with their owners. The nursing staff would contact the patients family and inform them of the situation. Purebred cats are judged on health, temperament, and how well they fit the official standard for their breed. Cats wait in cages in another area of the show hall, called the benching area.