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Essay on survival skills

essay on survival skills

Shelter is anything that protects a person from his/her environment, including dangerous cold and heat and allow restful sleep, another human need. Shoes should be sturdy work shoes or boots. Make sure you create a fire base so as to prevent moisture from putting out the fire. Looking at these various scenarios, it is clear that to survive in each of these situations one would most certainly need somewhat different sets of skills. Navigation by observation of terrain essay on survival skills features on a map or otherwise known - Using a GPS receiver, if one is available. There is an emphasis placed on practicing fire-making skills before venturing into the wilderness. This will serve you nicely as drinking water.

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588 Words 3 Pages, the definition of survival is simply, the fact of remaining alive or in essay on survival skills existence, especially after facing life-threatening danger. A support group is valuable in survival situations. Survival Skill #3: Start a fire with a battery by short circuiting the battery. Store water in thoroughly washed plastic, fiberglass or enamel lined metal containers. This should be in one container, ready to grab and go in case you have to evacuate the building.

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There are many circumstances that could threaten the survival of a person or essay on survival skills a group of people. Learn about possible consequences of deliberate acts of terror. Those who are not disabled should learn who in their neighborhood or building is disabled so that they may assist them during emergencies. In the wild, fire can provide a sensation of home, a focal point, in addition to being an essential energy source. This means having your own water, food and emergency supplies.

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Women who wear high-heels should be sure to have comfortable flat shoes at their workplace in case an evacuation require walking long distances. This works equally well with sunlight or moonlight. Specifically it offers survivalists much needed encouragement and often times can relate to what everyone is going through and keep groups from feeling alone. Disaster Supply Kits You may need to survive on your own for three days or more. It offers the benefits of a support group, mutual trust and friendship. If essay on survival skills you live in an apartment building, ask the management to mark accessible exits clearly and to make arrangements to help you evacuate the building.

Drinking water in emergency situations should not be rationed. The heat provided by a fire warms the body, dries wet clothes, disinfects water, and cooks food. Survival Skill #4: Build up your fire by using dry easily flammable materials like dry leaves and twigs. In addition, survival skills are often basic ideas and abilities that ancient humans had to use for thousands of years, so these skills are partially a reenactment of history. Even mild dehydration reduces endurance and impairs concentration, which is dangerous in a survival situation where clear thinking is essential. Army survival manual recommends that you drink water whenever thirsty. If you know of friends or neighbors with special needs, help them with these extra precautions. A shelter can range from a natural shelter; such as a cave or a fallen-down (cracked but not split) thickly-foliaged tree, to an intermediate form of man-made shelter such as a debris shelter, a ditch dug next.

Even if they could reach you, knowing what to do to protect yourself and your household is essential. This is the easiest way of hunting small game. You will need to avoid spots that have natural danger like insect nests and places that are prone to being flooded. The sources observe that to do either of these safely requires some navigation equipment and skills. You should also have a disaster supply kit at work. A disaster supply kit with essential ood, water, and supplies for at least three days-this kit should be kept in a designated place and be ready to grab and go in case you have to leave your home quickly because of a disaster. Generally speaking, these techniques are meant to provide the basic necessities for human life: water, food, shelter, habitat, and the need to think straight, to signal for help, to navigate safely, to avoid unpleasant interactions with animals and plants, and for first aid. Lighting a fire without a lighter or matches, such as by using natural flint and steel with tinder, is a frequent subject of both books on survival and in survival courses. Not to be overlooked is the psychological boost and the sense of safety and protection it gives. In colder or warmer temperatures, the need for water is greater. Set up a signal fire either in a clearing or a hilltop where its visibility will be maximized so rescuers can find you. Water: the absolute necessity Stocking water reserves should be a top priority.

essay on survival skills