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Some like it hot analysis essay

some like it hot analysis essay

Essay, topic: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Both men deliberately use womanliness as a disguise. Running for their lives from ruthless killers who they've seen slaughter seven people provided ample motivation. Curtis identity is strongly constructed through his consistent sexuality while Lemmons identity is constructed more so through his femininity and changeable sexuality. It is interesting that Lemmons identity as a man appears to be influenced strongly by his image as a woman. The camera typifies them also, the primary look at them as ladies catching just their legs, much as it will center around Monroes behind in only a couple of minutes. The film confronts issues concerning image and identity in 1950s America in terms of gender stereotypes and drag. As the spotlight toys with her body and with us, it turns into a surrogate neck area, plunging and sticking, covering and revealing her as she bounces here and there. Therefore it could be argued that the images in this scene construct new perspectives of womens identities. Curtis plays three characters within the film; Joe, Josephine and a billionaire, which implies that he is not settled within himself as his identity changes constantly dependent on his image. It would seem that the identities of the women in the film strongly depend on how they are viewed by the men in drag; they are very dependent on Lemmon and Curtis.

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Its likewise a highly contrasting film (reminiscent of the early film time) loaded with relentless activity (e.g., the underlying auto pursue droll, and jokes reminiscent of Marx Brothers and Mack some like it hot analysis essay Sennett comedies. Clever set-ups sustain one gag, after another (note the clues tossed off about the band manager's missing belongings before "Josephine" uses them to transform into his Gary Grant impersonation "Shell Oil." to seduce Sugar, or the comic tension. Some, like, it Hot begins in the shadowy climate of the hoodlum film, loaded with autos, weapons, city sounds, and a profound murkiness, both strict and good. In response to this I would use Lemmon as an example. In What Ways Do Images Construct Identities? Buy now on Amazon. The sexual orientation-based comic drama of Some Like it Hot goes a long ways past laughs over men wearing ladies attire. The time period in which it was made is important in my exploration of this question. Riviere implies that it is an unconscious decision; but Wilders film consisting of two men in drag could subvert this theory. "What's his last name? We will write a custom essay on, some, like, it, hot analysis specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now., the drag outfits of the two male performers, Joes camouflage as a Cary Grant- like weak mogul. Curtis and Lemmon cause a conflict in my opinions about how their images construct their identities.

Essay about film, some like it hot and analysis, sC: Film, essay 1 ( words due: Monday September 19th. They are imperfect, complex people with a large number of various, some of the time opposing aspects, constructive and adverse, male and female. While the gangsters' strand has its own good jokes "I was at Rigoletto alibis Spats. He also overrode objections to filming in black and white, not only to enhance the period setting but, shrewdly, to mute the men's make-up. They deliberately create their new characters (Josephine and Daphne) using female stereotypes appropriate for 1950s America. Wilder didn't want his two heroes camp; they had to be heatedly heterosexual so that their escapade aboard the train, surrounded by tempting totty, was excruciating. There will be three significant theories used to investigate the question. As the film was made in 1950s America it highlights how women were objectified. The parallel altering between the two dates offers a comic contrastboth are demonstrations of misleading, however both advance into something more. This alone could be alluding to the restrictive nature of womens fashion in the 1950s, as it was the done thing to wear heeled shoes. They should have some kind of an implicit engine. 147) explains that, in a disguise as a woman, he has been freed to express parts of himself that he learned to suppress.

Another central idea I have noticed that plays a part in constructing identities is that of the gaze. Joe demands he needs just sex; Sugar demands she needs just cash. There are laws, traditions, Joe reminds him, to which Jerry answers, You believe hes excessively old for me? Jerry gazes at the ladies in the station, and Sugar specifically, regardless of whether he should be a young lady: It resembles Jell-O on springs. Daphne, at that point, gives the physical muffles, tangoing his/her way into Osgoods great gracesdespite the fact that he cant resist the urge to lead and every so often plunge the mogul. It is her most extreme accomplishment that she contributes sex with sweetness.

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The best comedy of all time. Joe and Jerry are bosses of escape; in two days they escape two wrongdoing scenes, first running from the cops, at that point the mobsters. It mixes roaring 20s crime picture elements, of bootleggers, Tommy guns and chorus girls doing the Charleston, with the screwball staples of false identities, naughty repartee and madcap pursuits. Obscuring the limits and laughing at traditions is a not by any stretch of the imagination bothersome result. In contrast to my previous argument, Lemmons character does appear to have his sexuality influenced through his gender subverted alter ego. This is reiterated through Lemmons stereotypically feminine skipping along the beach Fig. The extraordinary film was the record-breaking most elevated netting comic drama up to now is the ideal time, a standout amongst the best movies of 1959, and Wilders most amusing satire in his profession.

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Curtis seems to put less personality into Josephine, perhaps to keep as much distance as he can from his female character when he is no longer in drag. Valentines Day Massacre on Feb, 14, 1929. The other most fondly recalled moment is Daphne's engagement announcement. The record-breaking ludicrous, sarcastic, drama joke top pick, Some like, it, hot (1959) is a standout amongst the most entertaining, rambunctious movies at any point made. How fitting that a wrongdoing film can transform into a comic drama simply as men can transform into ladies. Although I would not say that sexuality is what cements an identity, it could certainly play a part in building a persons identity. Indeed, even in her most suggestive minutes, on the yacht or in front of an audience, there is a delicate edge of trouble to her sexuality. Discuss Using Specific Examples. They dont care for being externalized, gazed at, squeezed; they loathe being the banner and need to backpedal to being the bull.

The preservationist, moderately aged gathering of people was apathetic, albeit two evenings later, a moment review was gotten substantially more emphatically by a more youthful understudy based group of onlookers in Westwood Village. I would say this is an example of how the protagonists images as men are used to construct the lack of identities of the women. Their transformation is startlingly amusing, but imagined in Technicolor it would be way some like it hot analysis essay too grotesque. Therefore they had to have a desperately good reason to masquerade as women. I would like to initially explore the idea of femininity and identity as a disguise. I would also like to study how the women in the film are portrayed and what their identities depend. They are wise and natural, yet have not figured out how to assume liability for their activities. Since this project is inspired by your reading of Richard Dyers chapter 3, The Role of Stereotypes, be sure to make thoughtful use of terms and direct"tions from that chapter. Joe and Jerry, or, all the more precisely, Josephine and Daphne, realize how the other half lives, and maybe, by being ladies, turned out to be better men.

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I would argue that this is particularly true for Curtis character. Joe is perplexed: For what reason would a person need to wed a person, he inquires. Actually, one of the some like it hot analysis essay films real topics is mask and disguise. Some, like, it, hot reacted catastrophically badly. Their new identities are constructed through their image as women. Mann, (2009) agrees with this notion as he explains that, after his date with Brown, Lemmon is downright giddy. It will allow me to explore the question through a number of avenues because the characters act and are viewed as both men and women. Jerrys relationship to Osgood at long last prompts a proposition to be engaged, which Daphne cheerfully acknowledges, disclosing to Joe hes locked. At the point when asked who the fortunate young lady is, he cheerfully counters, I am, and goes ahead to disclose to him theyre arranging a June wedding, and, for their special night, He needs to. This legendary comedy, which fizzes from start to finish with great situations, wisecracking banter, breakneck pace, vulgarity, wit and sensational performances, is hysterically funny every time, no matter how many times, you see. Even the prepare discharges steam as she strolls past, as though no creation on Earth is resistant to her. Precious stone and Billy Wilder from a story recommended by Robert Thoeren and.

some like it hot analysis essay