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Culture essay hispanic

culture essay hispanic

Adolescents ability to do this successfully has been tied to various individual and external factors such as an individuals and Hispanic subgroups characteristics and history, the geographic area where the individuals live, the demographics of that community, and political support (Lara, Gamboa. This section will focus on the Puerto Rican family. M provider comforting and establishing trust with the patient. These discrepancies may be partly due to the variability in measures used to assess acculturation (e.g., years in the United States, language spoken, media source consumption limiting researchers ability to accurately capture the true influence of this phenomenon. Spanish is the fourth most frequently spoken language in the world. Examples of low-context cultures include Western European cultures and mainstream Euro-American culture in the United States, while examples of high-context cultures include Asian cultures, Hispanic/Latino (a) cultures, and Pacific Islanders cultures, among others.

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Hispanic cultures and kinship patterns provide strong support for needy elders. In this regard, learning the nuances of the cultural context and the ways diverse cultures use verbal and nonverbal communication is a crucial part of the clinical knowledgebase. E: A Hispanic Cultural Taboo: Expressing negative attitudes directly is considered a taboo. According to marianismo beliefs, women are expected to embody passivity, submissiveness, humility, asexuality, and self-sacrifice for the family (Castillo, Lopez-Arenas, Saldivar, 2010). Hispanic cultural holidays include Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day, and Puerto Rican Emancipation Day that may be celebrated. Parents in her study reported that even though their children may have been a little slow, they had been doing fine in kindergarten or in school in Puerto Rico. Recognizing this similarity, researchers have called for greater exploration of the definition and relevance of machismo and marianismo, given that it is often difficult to determine the ways in which they replicate and differ from traditional gender role beliefs in American. The definitions of these concepts are at variance with Euro-American definitions, where respect is accorded in terms of the attainment of social and economic status.

Family is broadly defined, close knit, and emotionally and financially supportive. Similarly, Stephens and Eaton (2014) found that college Latinos machismo beliefs were not salient in their reflections upon dating coercion. Hispanics are concentrated in the.S. If not raised in the.S., they may avoid direct eye contact with authority figures or in awkward situations. F : 5 Important things for Nurses to know: It is important to use a little bit of Spanish to gain respect with a Hispanic client. Problems begin when these children entered elementary school and were required to read culture essay hispanic in English. Personal space is another crucial element that can interact with culture and videoconferencing. One in 7 people in the United States is of Hispanic origin. Research examining the links between ADV and acculturation across various Hispanic communities has noted that acculturation can serve as risk factor, buffer, or both. These values have implications for parental reactions to disability. Social Psychology Quarterly, 65 (3 213-226. Learned and shared patterns of communication and information that have meaning for a group.

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Even in situations where extended family members are in separate households, nurturance, guidance, support, and control of functions are readily available to assist the elderly (Ho, 1987). In low-context cultures, verbal communication is highly valued and language is its main vehicle for conveying meaning to others. Many of these variables affect test taking and, ultimately, test scores. It is really important to encourage the patient to ask questions because they tend to avoid asking them or disagreeing or expressing doubts to their health care provider in regards to their treatment. Hispanic immigrant women talk about family planning. The findings of the follow-up study are particularly interesting because, while they suggest that it may be possible to develop a culture essay hispanic preventive intervention that is effective for a relatively broad range of students, they also indicate that tailoring interventions to specific. Here are a couple of the interesting stories about this topic. You can find out much about all the original roots of a hispanic, than all the lies you find on wikipedia. Values/Norms: Family is viewed as the primary source of support. May nod affirmatively but does not always mean agreement.

Hispanic /Latino, culture, essay - 706 Words Bartleby

Greeting the patient with Buenos dias (good morning) or Buenas tardes (good afternoon) is important as well as using the proper titles such as Senor (Mr. In an emergency situation non-verbal communication may be and probably will be the only way to communicate, especially if the patient only speaks Spanish. However, this subject is often not given sufficient coverage in the training curriculum. South Americans usually prefer wheat, quinoa, and potatoes. Understanding the link between discrimination, mental health outcomes, and life chances among Latinos. In comparison, in 1950 there were only 4 million Americans from Spanish speaking nations. Different groups vary widely in their comfort levels with interpersonal proximity. 31) are all that are needed to be a competent person. You have to get up right away to drink a glass of water, clean yourself, and suck a lime. Persons of Hispanic origin, in particular, were those who indicated that their origin was Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or some other Hispanic origin. Hispanic adolescents experiences with acculturation are multidimensional and unique across subgroups experiences with ADV (Schwartz., 2013). In this context, the emphasis is on the acquisition of knowledge on cross-cultural communication, as well as cultural issues in assessment, clinical intervention, and the institutional barriers to mental health services (Arredondo., 1996; Sue, Arredondo, McDavis, 1992).

Working with a diverse population often means that the clinicians characteristics have a greater impact on the patients impression of the provider. Other characteristics that transcend the various cultures are the influence of Catholic ideology, the centrality of the family, and the highly structured and differentiated roles of men and women. The eldest male is typically the authority figure. An example can culture essay hispanic be seen in the Cinco de Mayo celebration picture. . Another legacy of slavery was the introduction of African folk beliefs into religious and healing practices. Moreover, she argued that American mainstream cultural values of individualism and materialism actually run counter to the cultural orientations of African-Americans, which includes communalism and religiosity/spirituality. M m Cinco de Mayo celebration. Innovations in Adolescent Substance Abuse Interventions, 2001, family Stress, family adjustment is a critical domain in which acculturation and acculturation stress can influence problem behavior among immigrant adolescents. Then the objects and/or goodies are gathered by the kids. Culturally Competent Nursing for Families: Listening to the Voices of Mexican-American Women.

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Lvl3 lvlID5 ID3324. Puerto Rican Emancipation Day is celebrated on March 22 and celebrates when slaves were set free in the nation. Eggenberger,., Grassley,., Restrepo,. It is evident that familism is especially important in mediating the effects of various risk factors on adolescent delinquency and drug use (Vega Gil, 1998; Vega, Gil Wagner, 1998). Ceviche: A Mexican dish of raw fish marinated in lime juice, often in a chopped salad. About 50 percent of Americans of Hispanic culture have origins in Mexico. Hispanic population is a culture because this culture values the family and religious practices, they have their own holidays such as Cinco de Mayo, they have a Hispanic cuisine and style that only the Hispanic Culture is known for. Piatas are used most typically at birthdays and Christmas to celebrate. Lunch is largest meal of the day. Gender roles are traditional. There are usually regional variations in heat, spiciness, pungency, and sweetness so this makes it difficult it difficult to define a specific Hispanic cultural style of cuisine. However, the tailored or culturally focused approach was designed to embed the skills training material in myths and legends derived from the African-American and Hispanic cultures.

As people of Hispanic culture now live all throughout the United States more commonly, traditions and knowledge of Hispanic culture have also spread and become more known. For personal issues, use same gender interpreter. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration for Mexicans celebrating the Mexican victory over the French at the battle of Pueblo on May 5, 1862. Hispanic Gender Roles, cross-culturally, ADV has been associated with the acceptance of traditional gender stereotypes. According to the Office of Minority Health Hispanics have the highest uninsured rates of any racial or ethnic group within the United States. Such beliefs can lead to the expectation that Latinos will prove their masculinity through being able to control ones girlfriend or wife through force or fear (Galanti, 2003; Kyriakakis, Dawson, Edmond, 2012; Sobralske, 2006b). Hope this helps, Thanks for reading and wasting your time. Physical space between the provider culture essay hispanic and the patient is important, Hispanics typically prefer being closer to the provider than non-Hispanic whites. There also seems to be discrimination amongst the Latino/Hispanic community based mostly on skin color. . As noted, the common bond between these Hispanic groups is the Spanish language.

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Bolivia 2 Capitals, la Paz (Administrative sucre (Constitutional). Poc Chuc: A Yucatecan specialty made with pork fillet cooked with tomatoes, onions and spices. It is important for teachers and counselors to be aware of a student or if the student has a family member who does not speak English. If the provider places themselves two feet or more away from their Hispanic patient, they may be perceived as distant and uninterested. . Both skills training conditions also impacted on several mediating variables in a direction consistent with non-drug use. Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16, claiming the beginning of Mexicos Revolution breaking away from Spanish rule in 1810 and then officially in 1821. It is always important to remember that how one defines culture and their cultural experience/background is unique to them.

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(Sable, 2009) References Rivera,., Méndez,., Gueye,., Bachmann,. Or Have you seen ads about the use of condoms? These women provided familial examples to contradict the stereotypes and describing a desire for egalitarian gender roles in their relationships. When I was pregnant and I was ready culture essay hispanic to have my baby, I drank the tea to make the delivery of my baby quicker. In fact, it may be that the loss of close connections with the familial unit through the rejection of traditional Hispanic culture is the real factor influencing teens risk for ADV victimization or perpetration, rather than the fact they are becoming.

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Puerto Ricans constitute 9, and Dominicans make up 2 of culture essay hispanic all Latinos and Hispanics. . Knight and Kagan (1977) observed that Mexican-American children (ages 59 years) expressed more prosocial behaviors compared to Anglo-American children who exhibited higher levels of individualism and competitiveness. Population, an increase of census. Among adolescent Latinas, these attitudes directly shape their willingness to challenge male partners when they disagree with them or want to make alternative choices, placing them in a vulnerable position for ADV victimization (Villegas., 2013). Students can also be assigned to visit and observe specific ethnic communities or neighborhoods, relating their observations to reading assignments (Hong Ham, 1994). Sage Race Relations Abstracts, 29 (1 7-19. Census Bureau, 2003).9 of Hispanics identified themselves as White Hispanic, only.7 identified as Black Hispanic, and.4 identified as Other. . Much of the answers that you are serching for can be found in your local library in books if you are interested. High-context cultures, on the other hand, emphasize nonverbal communication or paralinguistic factors in communication, such as facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice, which are as important as the meaning of words that are said (James, 2008; Lum, 2011). This is very important for non-Spanish speaking providers in establishing a good relationship with the patient. Several contemporary studies have sought to understand how cultural factors relate to the development of prosocial tendencies among Latino adolescents (e.g., Armenta et al., 2011). Researchers currently posit that collaboration, a group or communal orientation, is a central feature of Mexican-American cultural orientation that promotes prosocial behaviors (Knight and Carlo, 2012). More than 90 of the Spanish-speaking world is Roman Catholic thus faith and church life play a large role in traditions and family values.

Moreover, Armenta et al. This may become apparent by the patient not telling the provider important information, not following treatment, or terminating their care. This gender by culture finding was surprising given that culture essay hispanic African-American girls in the study reported higher communalism scores and seemed to resonate to a communal orientation more so than their male counterparts. Food/Feeding Habits: Food plays a large role in Hispanic culture in everyday life and in celebrations. Lvl2 lvlID54 Mexican American women 73 are overweight or obese, Hispanic Americans.1 times more likely to be obese than non Hispanic whites Mexican American adults.7 times more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than non Hispanic. Venezuela Caracas, colombia Bogotá, ecuador Quito, peru Lima. Research also has demonstrated that immigrants are less likely than US-born Latinos, African Americans, or Whites to experience low levels of familism and family cohesion (Vega, Gil, Warheit, Zimmerman and Apospori, 1993 and that familism is inversely related to acculturation. Payne, in, acquired Aphasia (Third Edition), 1998, hispanic Americans.

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The folklore dresses are used by folk dancers and are very elaborate in detail. Characterized by physical prowess, aggression, toughness, being in charge, and risk-taking, machismo beliefs give primacy to mens dominance, superiority, and strength in relationships (Marrs Fuchsel, Murphy, Dufresne, 2012; Sobralske, 2006a, 2006b). As stated earlier, people of Hispanic culture are from or a descendent of a country where Spanish is spoken. Hispanic subgroups usually share more similarities by the region or area of the world where they are from or a descendent from. All parts of the extended family are important and heavily relied on in the family support system. A health care provider should not ask questions about alcoholism, domestic violence, mental health and sexual practices directly to the patient. . A small percentage (3) live in nursing homes, including those who are over 75 years of age (Cubillos, 1987). Moreover, these variables in combination with sociological culture essay hispanic factors may selectively influence the developmental trajectory of specific cognitive abilities in children, particularly verbal abilities, as well as the form of expression of intelligent behavior in adolescents. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on the familys identity as a group (Fitzpatrick Travieso, 1980). Other studies have noted that moderate levels of acculturation serve as a protective factor against ADV (Smokowski., 2009).

The student may need additional support or a Spanish-speaking teacher. (Taylor, 2002) References Arajo,., Borrell,. The Spanish sofrito is sweet and made with tomatoes and Puerto Rican sofrito is pungent and made with cilantro, and the Cuban sofrito is mild and made with xicans tend to favor corn and amaranth products. Children are blindfolded and hit a decorated container filled with toys and/or candy until it breaks. In some Asian and American Indian groups, direct eye contact is considered rude and disrespectful (Elliott, 1999). Perceived discrimination and depression: Moderating effects of coping, acculturation, and ethnic support.

Hispanic culture focuses largely on working together whereas the United States educational system is primarily focused on the individual and achievement based on individual performance. (Sable, 2009) Machismo also appears to be the cited source for a mans right of promiscuity, which for many women, becomes the reason contraception is sought. A couple of examples of questions would be How often does your husband go out? Therefore, there is compelling evidence for connections between the decline of traditional familistic values among more acculturated Latinos, problems associated with acculturation gaps between parents and children, and increases in family conflicts. Within relationships, women are expected to defer to men and depend on them for all physical and psychological needs, including sexual and relationship needs. Typically, the syllabus of a multicultural course at the graduate level is focused on the awareness and knowledge levels, and covers issues concerning the major ethnic groups in the United States identified in the Census reports, namely, African Americans, Hispanic/Latino(a) Americans. Many Caucasians or European-Americans prefer about 23 ft in distance from one another, or about arms length (Fairlie, 2003). Census is expected to find Hispanics number more than 50 million.S., and they command 1 trillion in buying power.

The gratitude some Americans get from being successful in their job is similar to the gratitude that Hispanics feel with a successful relationship or seniority in the family. Family and extended family are relied on not only in crisis situations but also in daily life and often the entire family live in close proximity to one another. If you drank the tea regularly, and if you lost track of how many times youve had the tea and you became pregnant, the tea made you abort. It is essential to remember that Hispanic culture is a very broad term and it is important to ask and get to know the persons culture and ways of doing things specifically. Videoconferencing has the ability to manipulate the proximity between the patient and the provider by use of the zoom function on the camera. Spanish is one of the fastest growing second languages throughout the world. Paraguay Asuncin, chile Santiago, argentina Buenos Aires, uruguay Montevideo. Articles are also referenced appropriately with corresponding information. Latinos and Hispanics make up 14 of the population, and the largest Latino subgroup among this population consists of Mexicans66 of all Latinos and Hispanics. Persoanlismo, means the trust and rapport that is established with others by developing warm, friendly, and personal relationships. Marcel Soriano, in Handbook of Multicultural Mental Health (Second Edition), 2013 2 Knowledge Level In the case of the knowledge stage or dimension, students acquire specific knowledge of their own cultures, as well as the cultures and life experiences of their clientele.