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A true friend cares for you at all times. A friend is one who will be your side when all others will part ways with you. These will also…..
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Mit thesis online

mit thesis online

After thou shalt come To a far land, a dark-skinned race, that dwell Beside the fountains of the sun, whence flows The river Ethiops: follow its banks Until thou comest to the steep-down slope Where from the Bibline. No more of that: I should but weary you With things ye know; but listen to the tale Of human sufferings, and how at first Senseless as beasts I gave men sense, possessed them Of mind. And on the left of the The Chalybes, workers in iron, dwell. In kindness cometh this array On wings of speed to mountain lone, Our sire's consent not lightly won. And every hour shall bring its weight of woe. And they returned with slippery oracles, Nought plain, but all to baffle and perplex- And then at last to Inachus there raught A saying that flashed clear; the drift, that Must be put out from home and. Returning to disperse the frosts of dawn. Stale, peradventure, seem these words of mine: Nevertheless, of a too haughty tongue Such punishment, Prometheus, is the wage. Nicholas Xuanlai Fang, nicholas Xuanlais Research Areas, ahmed Ghoniem. Or bend a knee; and vainly shalt thou lift, With groanings deep and lamentable cries, Thy voice; for Zeus is hard to be entreated, As new-born power is ever pitiless. Courage from manifest necessity, For woe worth him that slights the Father's word.

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When first upon his high, paternal throne He took his seat, forthwith to divers Gods Divers good gifts he gave, and parcelled out His empire, but of miserable men Recked not at all; rather it was his. Then, things beneath the earth, aids hid from man, Brass, iron, silver, gold, who dares to say He was before me in discovering? O wandering feet When will ye rest? Fair progeny That many-childed Tethys brought to birth, Fathered of Ocean old Whose sleepless stream is rolled Round the vast shores of earth Look on me! But thou art not unlearned, nor needest me To be thy teacher: save thyself the way Thou knowest and I will fortify my heart Until the wrathfulness of Zeus abate. Neither of winter's cold had they fixed sign, Nor of the spring when she comes decked with flowers, Nor yet of summer's heat with melting fruits Sure token: but utterly without knowledge Moiled, until I the rising. My tongue the Gods estrange not; My firm set purpose change not, As wax melts in fire-shine. I tender the For this my thanks and ever-during praise. Mourns Ares' stock, that flowers in desert Araby, And the strong city mourns, the hill-fort planted high, Near neighbour to huge Caucasus, dread mountaineers That love the clash of arms, the counter of sharp spears. Go not thou nigh them. None, I wot well, unless he loves to babble. What land is this? Watch Video, six MIT researchers elected to the National Academy of Engineering for 2019.

And who is he, The prisoner of this windswept mountain-side? Hast thou no art to tell What subtle shift, Or sound of charming song shall make me well? And cease to play the lover of mankind. For now new steersmen take the helm Olympian; now with little thought Of right, on strange, new laws Zeus stablisheth his realm, Bringing the mighty ones of old to naught. Surely he wandereth from the way, His reason lost, who thus can pray A mouthing mad man he! She hides the light of day; welcome the sun. Snap at thy bit and fight against the rein. But hear the sequel and the more admire What arts, what aids I cleverly evolved.

I tell thee that the self-willed pride of Zeus Shall surely be abased; that even now He plots a marriage that shall hurl him forth Far out of sight of his imperial throne And kingly dignity. And yet thy confidence is in a straw; For stubbornness, if one be in the wrong, Is in itself weaker than naught at all. I will resist No further, but to your importunacy All things which ye-desire to learn reveal. And like a bowling wheel mine eyeballs spin, And I am flung By fierce winds from my course, nor can rein in My frantic tongue That raves I know not what!-a random tide Of words-a froth Of muddied waters buffeting. Beware of them, for they are savages, Who suffer not a stranger to come near. And many times to Pytho and Dodona He sent his sacred missioners, to inquire How, or by deed or word, he might conform To the high will and pleasure of the Gods. The giant dweller in Cilician dens I saw and pitied-a terrific shape, A hundred-headed monster-when he fell, Resistless Typhon who withstood the Gods, With fearsome hiss of beak-mouth horrible, While lightning from his eyes with Gorgon-glare Flashed for the ravage of the realm of Zeus. An evil portion that none coveteth hath Zeus Prepared for thee; by self-made laws established for his use Disposing all, the elder Gods he purposeth to show How strong is that right arm wherewith he smites a foe. I fail of that So much, the total all of space and time Bulks in between. Air, That shedd'st from the revolving sky On all the light they see thee by, What bitter wrongs I bear! May Zeus who all things swayeth Ne'er wreak the might none stayeth On wayward will of mine; May I stint not nor waver With offerings of sweet savour And feasts of slaughtered kine; The holy to the holy. He'll bring news, A message, never doubt it, from his master.

For ever famous among men shall be The story of thy crossing, and the strait Be called by mit thesis online a new name, the Bosporus, In memory of thee. And now, I do entreat thee, spare thyself. Look upon these chains Wherein I hang fast held On rocks high-pinnacled, My dungeon and my tower of dole, Where o'er the abyss my soul, Sad warder, her unwearied watch sustains! Bacteria: The Good and the Bad. Too long a race Stripped for the course have I run to and fro; And still I chase The vanishing goal, the end of all my woe; Enough have I mourned! But me my mother Themis And Gaia, one form called by many names, Not once alone with voice oracular Had prophesied how power should be disposed- That not by strength neither by violence The mighty should be mastered, but by guile. And yet the telling of it Harrows my soul; this winter's tale of wrong, Of angry Gods and brute deformity, And how and why on me these horrors swooped. But touching my fate silence and speech alike Are unsupportable. And by my politic counsel Tartarus, The bottomless and black, old Cronos hides With his confederates. Sweet is the life that lengthens, While joyous hope still strengthens, And glad, bright thoughts sustain; But shuddering I behold thee, The sorrows that enfold thee And all thine endless pain. Lest the bellowing thunderblast Like him should strike you mad I Only-with ruin on your track- Rail not at fortune; but look back And these my words recall; Neither blame Zeus that he hath sent Sorrow no warning word forewent! But if thou hast told all, then grant the boon We asked and doubtless thou wilt call to mind. Harken, oh harken, suffer as I suffer!

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Read More, meet the women shaping science and engineering in Saudi Arabia. How drowzily it shrills! There cometh nought but to my spirit brings Horror and fear. What people here abide? New come to power And ye suppose Your towered citadel Calamity Can never enter! First, being himself a God, He burneth to enjoy a mortal maid, And then torments her with these wanderings. Is he who shall release Chee from thy pain. And what a match for thee if thou would'st wed Why, pretty, here is Zeus as hot as hot- Love-sick-to have thee! Ezra Zuckerman Sivan, alvin. 'Tis a tale Were't told in full, would occupy us long. Yet having heard so much Thou art not even in the overture And prelude of the song. So helped by me, The tyrant of the Gods, mit thesis online such service rendered With ignominious chastisement requites.

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A very solemn piece of insolence Spoken like an underling of the Gods! Who doth not inly groan With every pang of thine save Zeus alone? [email protected] is a digital repository for MIT's research, including peer-reviewed articles, technical reports, working papers, theses, and more. MIT's DSpace and Open Access in the News. He stole and gave to mortals; trespass grave. Then, in that hour, Shall be fulfilled, nor in one tittle fail, The curse wherewith his father Cronos cursed him, What time he fell from his majestic place Established from of old. Now have we journeyed to a spot of earth. And now, what ye inquired, for what arraigned He shamefully entreats me, ye shall know. These are my works. Associate Professor Cullen Buie researches a novel method to quickly sort and identify the various strains of bacteria.

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Yea, and they mourn who dwell beside the Colchian shore, The hero maids unwedded that delight in war, mit thesis online And Scythia's swarming myriads who their dwelling make Around the borders of the world, the salt Maeotian lake. What echo, what odour floats by with no sound? And now lament no more the ills I suffer, But come to earth and an attentive ear Lend to the things that shall befall hereafter. And thou, O seed of Inachaean loins, Weigh well my words, that thou may'st understand Thy journey's end. And such a stroke None of the Gods save me could turn aside. And now, Hephaestus, thou must execute.

Thou'rt to declare-this is the Father's pleasure These marriage-feasts of thine, whereof thy tongue Rattles a-pace, and by the which his greatness Shall take a fall. Thou wilt not move him: he's not easy moved Take heed lest thou find trouble by the way. Now of another portent thou shalt hear. MechE faculty are passionate, out-of-the-box thinkers who love to get their hands dirty. [email protected] is used by researchers around the world. Freeing mankind myself have durance found. But, for compassion shown to man, such fate I no wise earned; rather in wrath's despite Am I to be reformed, and made a show Of infamy to Zeus. O Cronian child, wherein by aught unmeet Have I transgressed To be yoke-fellow with Calamity? Thou hast my story, and, if thou can'st tell What I have still to suffer, speak; but do not, Moved by compassion, with a lying tale Warm my cold heart; no sickness of the soul Is half so shameful as composed falsehoods.

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With the cold breath of fear upon my brow, Not without mist of dimming tears, While to my sight thy giant stature rears Its bulk forpined upon these savage rocks In shameful bonds the linked adamant locks. I mit thesis online hold him wise who first in his own mind This canon fixed and taught it to mankind: True marriage is the union that mates Equal with equal; not where wealth emasculates, Or mighty lineage is magnified. And of each sort The habits I described; their mutual feuds And friendships and the assemblages they hold. But fear hath roused my soul with piercing cry! Behold, a thing indeed to gaze upon The friend of Zeus, co-stablisher of his rule, See, by this sentence with what pains I am bowed I Prometheus, all too plainly I behold: And for the best would counsel thee: albeit Thy brain is subtle. These things are sorrowful for me to speak, Yet silence too is sorrow: all ways woe! How dost thou know my father's name? He who stands free with an untrammelled foot Is quick to counsel and exhort a friend In trouble. Bellows the main of waters, surge with foam-seethed surge Clashing tumultuous; for thee the deep seas chant their dirge; And Hell's dark under-world a hollow moaning fills; Thee mourn the sacred streams with all their fountain-rills. Pent thunder rakes The depths, with bellowing din Of echoes rolling ever nigher: Lightnings shake out their locks of fire; The dust cones dance and spin; The skipping winds, as if possessed By faction-north, south, east. Much I will omit That had detained us else with long discourse And touch at once her journey's thus far goal. In adamantine bonds infrangible; For thine own blossom of all forging fire.

Cross not, for it is ill to cross, Until thou come even unto Caucasus, Highest of mountains, where the foaming river Blows all its volume from the summit ridge That o'ertops all. Sorrow with me, Sorrowful one! And, instantly-even in a moment-mind And body suffered strange distortion. And that star-neighboured ridge Thy feet must climb; and, following the road That runneth south, thou presently shall reach The Amazonian hosts that loathe the male, And shall one day remove from thence and found Themiscyra hard by Thermodon's stream. I have talked much, yet further not my purpose; For thou art in no whit melted or moved By my prolonged entreaties: like a colt New to the harness thou dost back and Plunge.

And the third, who his brief "now" Of lordship arrogates, I shall see yet By lapse most swift' most ignominious, Sink to mit thesis online perdition. Ah, not thus on me was shed The rapture of sweet music, when I hymned The marriage-song round bath and bridal bed At thine espousals, and of thy blood-kin, A bride thou chosest, wooing her to thee. This is the crime that I must expiate Hung here in chains, nailed 'neath the open sky. Speak, godlike form, And be in this dark world my oracle I Can'st thou not sift The things to come? It pricks-the barb, the hook not forged with heat, The gadfly dart! First unto her declare her wanderings, And unto me him who shall set thee free; 'Tis that I long to know. Famished I come with trampling and with leaping, Torment and shame, To Hera's cruel wrath, her craft unsleeping, Captive and tame Of all wights woe-begone and fortune-crossed, Oh, in the storm Of the world's sorrow is there one so lost?

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The heart of the mit thesis online process is the students transition from being a consumer of knowledge to being a producer of knowledge. Therefore, O ye who court his fate, Rash mourners-ere it be too late And ye indeed are sad For vengeance spurring hither fast- Hence! And, oh, beloved, for this graceless grace What thanks? Horror and misery Was this the traveller's tale I craved to hear? For, being a God, thou dared'st the Gods' ill will, Preferring, to exceeding honour, Man. For boons bestowed On mortal men I am straitened in these bonds. And they shall lead the Upon thy way, and with a right good will. This is thy wage for loving humankind.

I know not How fitly to refuse; and at your wish All ye desire to know I will in plain, Round terms set forth. Commentary: Many comments have been posted about. Your former wish I lightly granted ye: And ye have heard, even as ye desired, From this maid's lips the story of her sorrow. May none of all the Gods that greater are Eve me with his unshunnable regard; Fir in that warfare victory is hard, And of that plenty cometh emptiness. Energy Science And Engineering News Media. I speak not in contempt of man; I do but tell of good gifts I conferred. I tarried not to tic my sandal shoe But haste, post haste, through air my winged chariot flew. Rather, O thou much chastened one, refrain Thine anger, and from suffering seek release.

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Com'st thou To be spectator of my evil lot And fellow sympathizer with my woes? For Zeus knows not to lie These are stale tidings I foreknew; Therefore, since suffering is the due A foe must pay his foes, Let curled lightnings clasp and mit thesis online clash And close upon my limbs: loud crash The thunder. At our annual Doctoral Research Forum, we celebrate the great research that our doctoral students do, and the research community that supports that development process. With a reputation as risk-takers who are unafraid to embrace the unconventional, they are engaged in exciting disciplinary and interdisciplinary research that often includes PhD students as key team members. A wrestler of such might he maketh ready For his own ruin; yea, a wonder, strong In strength unmatchable; and he shall find Fire that shall set at naught the burning bolt And blasts more dreadful that o'er-crow the thunder. Ah, and have not Seen from those pinnacles a two-fold fall Of tyrants? You, the sophistical rogue, the heart of gall, The renegade of heaven, to short-lived men Purveyor of prerogatives and tities, Fire-thief! Therefore let lightning leap with smoke and flame, And all that is be beat and tossed together, With whirl of feathery snowflakes and loud crack Of subterranean thunder; none of these Shall bend my will or force.

You can view the stats for the top papers by download, or view, as well as the top countries from which people access DSpace. The ache of pulses dinned With raging throes It beats upon my brain-the burning wind That madness blows! And now a heap, a helpless, sprawling hulk, He lies stretched out beside the narrow seas, Pounded and crushed deep under Etna's roots. Impart To one like thee A poor, distressful creature, who thou art. Oh that he had conveyed me 'Neath earth, 'neath hell that swalloweth up the dead; In Tartarus, illimitably vast With adamantine fetters bound me fast- There his fierce anger on me visited, Where never mocking laughter could upbraid me Of God or aught beside! But thou, not yet brought low by suffering, To what thou hast of ill mit thesis online would'st add far worse. Then shalt thou come to the Cimmerian Isthmus, Even at the pass and portals of the sea, And leaving it behind thee, stout of heart, Cross o'er the channel of Maeotis' lake. These manifold inventions for mankind I perfected, who, out upon't, have none- No, not one shift-to rid me of this shame. Nothing care I for Zeus; yea, less than naught! Put thou all fear away!

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Who of the Gods is there so pitiless That he can triumph in thy sore distress? I marvel that thou art not in my case, Seeing with me thou did'st adventure all. For to these younger Gods their precedence Who severally determined if not I? Learn to know thy heart, And, as the times, so let thy manners change, For by the law of change a new God rules. And, Io, first to thee I will declare Thy far-driven wanderings; write thou my words In the retentive tablets of thy heart. Also by roasting limbs well wrapped in fat And the long chine, I led men on the road Of dark and riddling knowledge; and I purged The glancing eye of fire, dim before, And made its meaning plain. I mourn for mit thesis online thee, Prometheus, minished and brought low, Watering my virgin cheeks with these sad drops, that flow From sorrow's rainy fount, to fill soft-lidded eyes With pure libations for thy fortune's obsequies. What prowess for thy bold essay Shall champion thee from men of mortal race, The petty insects of a passing day? But forcibly to bind a brother God, In chains, in this deep chasm raked by all storms. A sorry suitor for thy love, poor girl, A bitter wooing. These things I learned seeing thy glory dimmed, Prometheus. But now a wretch enskied, A far-seen vane, All they that hate me triumph in my pain. For, not to mitigate my own mischance, Would I see others hap on evil days.

In the beginning, seeing they saw amiss, And hearing heard not, but, like phantoms huddled In dreams, the perplexed story of their days Confounded; knowing neither timber-work Nor brick-built dwellings basking in the light, But dug for themselves holes. Prometheus, we have heard thy call: Not on deaf ears these awful accents fall. A God ye behold in bondage and pain, The foe of Zeus and one at feud with all The deities that find Submissive entry to the tyrant's hall; His fault, too great a love of humankind. Faculty, throughout MIT Sloan's history, our professors have devised theories and fields of study that have had a profound impact on management theory and practice. Lo, I am rockfast, and thy words are wave That weary me in vain. This is the oracle Themis, my ancient Mother, Titan-born, Disclosed to me; but how and in what wise Were long to tell, nor would it profit thee. The chiefest that, if any man fell sick, There was no help for him, comestible, Lotion or potion; but for lack of drugs They dwindled quite away; until I taught them To compound draughts and mixtures sanative, Wherewith they now are armed against disease. Oh here here runner comes The upstart tyrant's lacquey! And those sea-wanderers with the wings of cloth, The shipman's waggons, none but I contrived. The task our father laid on thee, and fetter. There is a city Yclept Canobus, built at the land's end, Even at the mouth and mounded silt of Nile, And there shall Zeus restore to thee thy mind With touch benign and laying on of hands.

I sought the fount of fire in hollow reed Hid privily, a measureless resource For man, and mighty teacher of all arts. I was the first that yoked unmanaged beasts, To serve as slaves with collar and with pack, And take upon themselves, to man's relief, The heaviest labour of his hands: and Tamed to the rein and drove in wheeled. Hephaestus follows dejectedly with hammer, nails, chains, etc. Always there were dreams visiting by night The woman's chambers where I slept; and they With flattering words admonished and cajoled me, Saying, "O lucky one, so long a maid? Do I touch old wounds?- Of Zeus, honoured above thy sex; stung thence In torment, where the road runs by the sea, Thou cam'st to the broad gulf of Rhea, whence Beat back by a strong wind, thou didst. For Zeus thou hast despised; Thy fearless heart misprized All that his vengeance can, Thy wayward will obeying, Excess of honour paying, Prometheus, unto man. Hear'st thou the lowing of the maid cow-horned? Against my ribs with thud of trampling feet Hammers my heart! The PhD Program is integral to the research of MIT Sloan's world-class faculty. Therefore, while thou hast me for schoolmaster, Thou shalt not kick against the pricks; the more That an arch-despot who no audit dreads Rules by his own rough will. Remote-the Scythian wild, a waste untrod. See, see, Earth, awful Mother!

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Saw'st mit thesis online not how puny is the strength they spend? If in aught My story seems to stammer and to er From indirectness, ask and ask again Till all be manifest. Thus much for thee in witness that my mind Beholdeth more than that which leaps to light. Take thyself hence and count Thy toiling steps back by the way thou camest, In nothing wiser for thy questionings. There hath gone up a cry from earth, a groaning for the fall Of things of old renown and shapes majestical, And for thy passing an exceeding bitter groan; For thee and for thy brother Gods whose honour. I am not to sweat for thee, Prometheus, Upon a double journey. This involves learning to ask precise, tractable questions and addressing them with creativity and rigor. My mind unstrung, A crack-brained lack-wit, frantic mad am I, By gad-fly stung, Thy scourge, that tarres me on with buzzing wingl Plunge me in fire, Hide me in earth, to deep-sea monsters fling, But my desire- Kneeling I pray-grudge not to grant, O King! And there he perished By violent and sudden doom surprised.

Who knows, who knows, but on some scatheless head, Another's yet for the like woes reserved, The wandering doom will presently alight? Mountainous country, and in the middle of a deep gorge a Rock, towards which kratos and BIA carry the gigantic form of prometheus. See now, if thou wilt not obey my words, What storm, what triple-crested wave of woe Unshunnable shall come upon thee. Fate, that brinks all things to an end, not thus Apportioneth my lot: ten thousand pangs Must bow, ten thousand miseries afflict me Ere from these bonds I freedom find, for Art Is by much weaker than Necessity. Ye Gods, with suffering ye have sent, That mit thesis online clings and clings; Wasting my lamp of life till it be spent! And thou shalt learn that I speak verity: Mine is no smooth, false tongue; for do but show How I can serve thee, grieved and outraged thus, Thou ne'er shalt say thou hast, come weal, come woe, A friend more faithful than Oceanus. I feel the weight Of Atlas' woes, my brother in the west Shouldering the pillar that props heaven and earth, No wieldy fardel for his arms to fold. Ye labour for your fall With your own hands I Not by surprise Nor yet by stealth, but with clear eyes, Knowing the thing ye do, Ye walk into the yawning net That for the feet of is set And Ruin spreads for you. Or of what is he fain?