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Importance of english language essay pdf

importance of english language essay pdf

Each class had to send a representative to participate the competition. The second programme is English Fortnight. All the activities went well smoothly. Learning English Can Make You Smarter On top of all of these benefits, learning a new language such as English helps your brain function in new ways. All in all, the education in universities should be done with English for three reasons. You learn more about the various traditions, culture, and customs of various nations all over the world through travel and study. For afternoon session, students of form one and form two needed to send representatives for each class to give presentations on the stage everyday. It is the mental faculty or power of vocal communication.

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Research also shows that bilingualism can keep the brain strong and healthy into old age, and helps with memory, concentration and other skills. . It is very difficult to translate each and every relevant webpage into the language of various countries. A series of activities was planned to be organised for all the students to participate. For Information: In todays world of information superhighway, English is essential for getting easy access to any most any information is available is English. The possibilities are endless! The day is not far when this language will become the single language of the world like we importance of english language essay pdf have a single currency. English is also very essential for air traffic controls and airline crews. For example, the Internet, which, in my opinion, is the largest source in the world, based on English knowledge and information. You can develop your knowledge for betterment of your knowledge. FluentU lets you learn engaging content with world famous celebrities. No matter what career path you decide to pursue, learning English is a valuable skill. English is the language of the latest business management in the world and Indian proficiency in English has brought laurels to many Indian business managers. It can also help you in your personal and professional life.

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People know its significance and that is why the language is taught as the basic language in any country. First of all, English Language society would wish that the school administration would give the permission to extend the activities to be carried out outside the formal schooling hours, regardless the time and places. The sooner you start learning English, the sooner youll be able to enjoy all of these benefits. In many cases, the British forced the people they ruled over to speak English and some of these countries still speak English, even if it isnt their main language. The writing skills would be increased too. Some of the students realised the importance of English and began to speak in English when communicating with students or even teachers.

In this era of consolidation and trying to unify various aspects of life, it will not be long before English can be made as a single language of the world like the single currency and the union of various nations. The language has great impact on sharing different traditions and cultures of various nations, enhancing better knowledge to know each other. For the poem recitation competition, it took place in the school hall. Both panels had the hard time choosing the final winners for the competition. Lim were the judges to evaluate the participants performances. Learning English will open a whole world of entertainment for you.

Did you know you can start enjoying tons of entertaining English videos even while youre still learning the language? Indirectly this will discourage other students to take part as they think that they will definitely lose to the school representatives. For this reason, they have to learn common language. The companies were willing to play their part in corporate social responsibilities by sponsoring the hampers and providing the incentives as the fund of the programmes. Generally, Standard English today does not depend on accent but rather on shared educational experience, mainly of the printed language. You wont need to rely on translationsyou can enjoy the authentic originals.

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Form ones students were still undergoing a period to adapt to the new studying environment and new rules and regulations. Conclusion In a nutshell, the programmes planned by English Language society had hopefully generated positive effects towards the students, teachers, or even parents. With Internet becoming very important in E commerce and also in education, English language is bound to grow. Around 380 million consider English as the first language, two-third of them prefer it as the second. Under the circumstances, English can be the only link as people in each place will not be able to learn all the other languages to communicate with the people. The usage of, english, language has become significant in our daily life. You can read online news articles. This was because form twos students had adapted to the new studying environment after studying in the school for one year.

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The champion received cash RM 200 and hamper worth RM100. The second runner up went to Audrey Lim from class 2B with the poem titled Loneliness. Through the activities, students are expected to equip themselves with fluent English as it will be very helpful to them in the future. Mr Illamaran and Ms Toh were the judges to mark the essays. Therefore, undoubtedly, his managers would like his effort or prepared projects. For the broken PA system, the school administration is advised to take immediate action to send the PA system for repairing and maintenance in order to maintain the good quality of the equipment. Swipe left or right to see more examples for the word youre learning. English as the mean in carrying out the administration work. Duration of Programmes At the beginning of the year, English Language society officiated the learn a phrase a day activity at the assembly. In short, the programmes provided a medium for all the students to learn English and to speak English among them. As long as you educate yourself, you will come across many new things. English is important because it is the only language that truly links the whole world together. Very often, that means finding employees who speak English.

In conjunction with the global trend, the. The other languages may be important for their local values and culture. This is implemented so that the students of the school can be exposed to the importance of, english, language. They allocated the marks for the pronunciation of the grammars, the gesture, and the rhythm of the poem. English, language is the language that is used globally in the world nowadays. We can make use of English to promote our worldview and spiritual heritage importance of english language essay pdf throughout the globe. They are listed below. Nevertheless, English Language society had noticed few weaknesses that are needed to improve. For example, if you tap on the word brought, then you see this: FluentU lets you tap to look up any word. Many of the leaders, who denounce English, send their own children to English medium schools. English, language as the formal language to carry out their jobs and to complete the paper works. A set of linguists who based their assumptions of language on psychology made claims that language is nothing but habit formation. Importance Of English : Today importance of English needs no explanation.