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Native american culture research paper

native american culture research paper

Awareness of Native American Communities and Issues Most archivists and librarians in the United States and Canada are well-intentioned and want to do the right thing when it comes to culturally respectful care and use of Native American archival materials. . Pdf National Directory of Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums tml American Indian Resource Directory ml National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers thpo. What tribes are you from? Other moral rights of authorship recognized by some nations include: the right of disclosure, the right to withdraw and retract, and the right to reply to criticism. . What is the natural life cycle of the information? Q : How many Native American languages are there, and how many people speak them? Choctaws Despite losing their homes in the infamous Trail of Tears, the Choctaw Indians gave what they had to help Irish famine victims in the 1800's, and are still admired by Irish people today. Most indigenous people in the US use "American Indian and most indigenous people in Canada use "First Nations." "Native Americans" or "indigenous Americans" are frequently used to refer to people in both countries. Do some research, alongside your children or other family members. Examine assumptions about established library and archives practices which directly contradict Native American principles and practices. Anticipate that communities may ask a collecting institution to retain records in trust or under a co-custody agreement until such time as a tribal archives or library requests a return of the original documents for long-term preservation and local access.

Native American Facts for Kids - Native Languages

Culturally responsive Tailored actions which demonstrate awareness and appreciation of the needs of a particular group, community, or nation. A : They didn't all look the same. Potawatomi The Potawatomi were traditionally the fire-keepers in the powerful Three Fires alliance of Indians. Because of our website's mission, most of the information we provide is about individual tribes. The one for war is adorned with red feathers. Cahtos The Cahto are an Athabaskan Indian tribe of Northern California, known for their basketry. Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage United Nations. .

native american culture research paper

Information on Native Americans: American Indian FAQ for Kids

Nipmuc One of many small tribes of Algonquian Native Americans from southern New England. nagpra does not reference archival records or traditional knowledge. . You can make a difference. She participates in both policy debate and Mock Trial. And sometimes speakers of two dialects of English can hardly understand each other at all (especially when they're talking quickly!) So although most linguists consider East Cree and Plains Cree to be dialects of the native american culture research paper same Cree language. A third said that he did not wish to leave the country where his ancestors lay buried; that many relatives were dependent upon him, some of whom were old people, and since he had no means.

Achumawis and, atsugewis, known as the Pit River tribes, these two closely related cultures are native people of Northern California. Can you translate something into a Native American language for me? Finally, consider the effects these stories have on us today and on the people who read them at the time they were first published. Collecting institutions and Native communities are encouraged to build relationships to ensure the respectful care and use of archival material. . New issues for consideration will undoubtedly arise as the best practices are debated and implemented. .

Native american indian genealogy culture

There are about half a million speakers of indigenous languages in Canada and the US, and as many as 25 million speakers in Central and South America. In Canada, many Native American communities have a similar status through federal treaties or provincial acknowledgement. . The product was a clever demonstration of the power of oral tradition: Traditional storytelling practices save the lives of main characters Scully and Mulder after all physical records of their investigation have been destroyed. Abenakis, the Abenaki Indians have been native New Englanders for thousands of years, but are still looking for recognition from their neighbors. A : You can have a look at our list of Native American Books.

29, 1700: Lemoyne d'Iberville today visits a pascagoula Indian village, one day's walk from the French post at Biloxi. These tropes are sometimes referred to as the savage versus the noble savage. Numerous professional groups support this goal, such as the Society of American Archivists, the Council for the Preservation of Anthropological Records, the American Indian Library Association, the International Indigenous Librarians Forum, and the American Association for State and Local History. . When I see the women and children weeping in sorrow, I am distressed. 2 Archives and libraries guidelines for action: Consult with culturally affiliated community representatives to identify those materials that are culturally sensitive and develop procedures for access to and use of those materials. Some Native American communities are bilingual, but in most places parents have stopped teaching children their native language. It is a little hard for younger students to read, but it is the most accurate thing we have seen online on this topic. While its important to honor Indigenous characters who attempt to build bridges toward peace, one wonders why there is not an equal mainstream fascination for Indigenous characters who assert the rights of their own people. THE blood quantum AND indian identification. Meaningful consultation and concurrence are essential to establishing mutually beneficial practices and trust. . Those Indians captured were placed in the Jackson Barracks and later made public spectacle and paraded like zoo animals in New York City as prisoners-of-war. Q : Are Inuit/Eskimos Native American? 5 Because many Indians do not meet the federal recognition standard, the IRA definition heavily relies on blood quanta.

Protocols for Native American Archival Materials

Wiyots The Wiyots are northern California Indians who were tragically massacred during the Gold Rush era. Most of the scientific evidence suggests that Indian ancestors came from Asia in prehistoric times, either by foot over a land bridge or using ancient boats. Disneys 1995 animated classic. On the other hand, English and German are different languages, because even though they are related, an English speaker can't necessarily understand a German speaker. When Indian nations entered into a treaty of alliance, a pipe of peace was exchanged between them, which was then called the pipe of covenant. One of the best choices for a Native American art project for kids is making dreamcatchers. ) at the University of Oklahoma. Osage The Osage are Plains Indians of the prairie, known for their intricate tribal tattoos (which only distinguished warriors and their female relatives could wear.) Otoes Together with their cousins the Ioway and Missouri Native Americans, the Otoe. Request copies of legal agreements for copied and returned collections. Striving for Balance in Content and Perspectives Were not looking at an issue paper by paper or record group by record group. . Talks about in his writings on, little House on the Prairie, the kindness of the Osage man is not returned. Review research protocols with archival or library staff.

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Some childrens films, including, the Indian in the Cupboard (1995) and, the Legend of Tillamooks Gold (2006 feature a Native American character who serves as a mystical guide to a non-Native child. And third, there is a lot of spam (mass-produced, incorrect information trying to fool people) on the web about Native American religions- white people who are dishonest sometimes pretend to be Native American in order to trick people into. Or, use less problematic pieces to start a conversation. When we accept this, there will be no sadness and the memory chain will never be broken as we follow tradition and pass this knowledge down to our children. 27 (2) 2002 Copyright Basics (pyright Office) pyright.

Native Americans in the United States - Wikipedia

(Note that you cannot tell if an author is Indigenous by their name alone.) In Canada, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network plays shows for both adults and children; a few standouts for children are Raven Tales, Wapos Bay, Amys. Native native american culture research paper American Websites for Kids, submit an article, more FAQ's. Apalachees Original people of northern Florida, the Apalachee Indians were driven west and their descendants live in Louisiana today. Q : What did Native Americans look like in the past? Dakotas The Dakota tribe are one of the largest and best-known Native American nations of the Great Plains. 6 Aside from explicit federal use, blood quanta have crept into eligibility criteria through many other channels. Determined that cultural patrimony is inalienable and corporate and placed the burden of proof with regard to right of possession on institutions. Other promising stories have emerged from collaborations between Natives and non-Natives, and from writers who take the time to familiarize themselves with Indigenous issues. Two of the major publications for Native American ancestry and Indian genealogy are the final Dawes Commision roll of the Five Civilized Tribes consisting of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole Tribes also the Guion Miller Commission rolls. Q : Will you help me write a report about Native Americans? Factory (a factory was a place set up to trade with the Indians) was very important to the.S. Young people can learn a language more quickly and easily than older people. Chippewas Also known as the Ojibway, Ojibwe, or Ojibwe, the Chippewa tribe are one of the largest and most powerful nations.

Refrain from attempting to perform specialized care, such as smudging, offering corn pollen, or a general blessing, for sacred or spiritual items that have been removed from original contexts. . Actively gather metadata to accompany Native American archival collections native american culture research paper to reflect the relationship between the creator or researcher and the community of origin. Atakapas An American Indian tribe of the Gulf Coast, the Atakapas are known today for their contributions to zydeco music. Fact sheets about American Indians in general. Troops in America's wars. What were Native American houses like? Navajos The largest nation of Native Americans in the United States, famous for their beautiful rugs and their intricate language which was used as a code in World War. Coeur d'Alene American Indians of the Great Plateau, the Coeur d'Alenes were master fishermen and traders.

Native American name controversy - Wikipedia

The same heart beating in you is the genetic heart that beat in your ancestors-a free heart long before reservations and government rolls. They can't be enrolled any more and the funding stops. A Yurok man uses a traditional technique called dip netting to catch salmon on the Klamath River in Oregon. Please email us with comments or experiences you may have had in reference to this test. Native American Toys : Photographs of traditional toys and games from several American Indian cultures. There had been a mis-understanding between them and the Caddos for some years, they had been to see the Caddos and made friends with them some Caddos accompanied them here as pilots by order of their chief. 500 Nations: An Illustrated History of North American Indians : Thorough textbook on Native American Indian history. Overall it seems at the very least inconclusive.DNA tests based on your Indian/Old World heritage, if the migration theory is false then the test cannot be ere must be an unbroken (Maternal Line) or (Paternal Line)it cannot change. Consult Art and Museum Law (Robert. Most Native Americans do not have a problem with sports teams that have non-offensive names and do not include rude pictures or religious insults. If two languages are similar enough that speakers can usually understand each other, they are called dialects of the same language. Rituals or ceremonies should only be conducted by religious or cultural practitioners. . Consider joining regional and national library and archives networks that offer opportunities for sharing resources, problem-solving, and cross-cultural training.

Native American Children : Article by a Gros Ventre woman on traditional native child rearing and family life. The cdib (or "white card as it is often called) lists a person's "Indian blood quantum." Quantum of Indian Blood is "computed" from the nearest paternal and/or maternal ancestor(s) of Indian blood listed on the Dawes Rolls. Existing copyright legislation does not address issues of significance to Native American communities such as: community ownership of works and management of rights; community interests in public disclosure of religious or sensitive information; protection of older or ancient works (e.g. To such English names were given, but, whenever it could be done, the Indian name was retained and used as a surname. Download Protocols pdf for printing, view Executive Summary (Precis) 4/9/07 rstarchivistcircle. What was Native American culture like in the past? All parties are encouraged to keep in mind the power of building relationships of mutual respect between collecting institutions and communities and the advantages to be derived from balancing different approaches to the collection, preservation, and transmission of knowledge. . All their clothes were made by hand, and they were usually decorated with designs, beadwork, and other art, so no two people in the tribe had the same dress.

Native American Stereotypes in Popular Media - sapiens

Blackfoot Four tribes make up this powerful Plains Indian nation: the Blackfoot (Blackfeet) in Montana and the Siksika, Piikani, and Kainai in Canada. Use the model summary or inventory letters required by the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990, with a follow-up telephone call. . Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protocols for Libraries, Archives, and Information Services. Hupas native american culture research paper An American Indian tribe of Northern California, the Hupa are known for their beautiful baskets. Having experienced both unkind and caring Europeans, Squanto decides to assist the Pilgrims, while another even more mistreated Native character, Epenow, wants to attack them. Q : Can you help me find a good book about Native Americans? In April 2006 a group of nineteen Native American and non-Native American archivists, librarians, museum curators, historians, and anthropologists gathered at Northern Arizona University Cline Library in Flagstaff, Arizona. . Please send comments and inquiries. Where do Native Americans live today? Under any of these circumstances, issues of title, copyright, and authorship are suspect. .

Here's one way to fold them and here's another. Even children understand that friends need to help each other, and it isnt fair to have a friendship where only one person keeps giving. Christianity and Southern American Indian religion are compatiable if not one in the same. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2003 Byrne, Alex, Alana Garwood, Heather Moorcroft, and Alan Barnes. But this is not a problem to be shrugged off. Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People ml Sherelyn Ogden. Is the initial reaction? . American Indian Food, a brief introduction to Native Indian hunting, gathering, farming, and fishing techniques, with links to recipes. Each clan was further divided into local groups that might consist of a group of towns or a single village, or a part of a village. Beavers The Beavers are a traditional Athabascan Indian tribe of Northern Canada. A final, crucial step to being a responsible media consumer is to look for works made by Indigenous artists or in collaboration with Indigenous artists. Instances abound of misrepresentation and exploitation of sacred and secret information. .