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Sca application essay

sca application essay

100 Having approached the matter in that way all the findings in the report are directed towards the propriety of the payment as if it had been an ordinary commercial transaction. Mr Majali thought it would be helpful for the delegation to explain the BEE policy to the Iraqis, and thus facilitate his negotiations for an oil deal. Addressing deferrals or waitlists input into final decision. The documents do not disclose the fate of the balance of R4 million that remained in the hands of Imvume, nor the fate of the 500 000 that was retained, but that is not directly relevant to the present case. 78 Once again I sca application essay relate what that article was about with reference to documents that are disclosed in the affidavits. Mr Mkhize commented in his letter that Support Initiatives (for BEE companies) were allowed by the procurement policy. Although the article was directed at the diversion of the money by Imvume, the request by Mr Spies was directed instead at the conduct of PetroSA in paying the money. It has been identified that management information subsystem and its subsystems are used in a decision making process in different ways. The system is defined as the set of various information techniques that are included in computer automation and otherwise improves and supports the effectiveness and quality of various business functions and decisions that are created by humans. In particular, we were supposed to explore the possibility of a government to government oil supply deal for our Strategic Stocks.

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The approach to the investigation narrowed it even more, and the investigation of the remnants was undertaken as little more than a formality. The nature of the organisation was described under the hand of Mr Majali in the executive summary of a proposal that was to be submitted under the name of the organisation to the government of Iraq. 141 But even so far as the Public Protector purported to investigate the remnants with which he was left, the investigation was so scant as not to be an investigation at all. Needless to say, it cannot be said that the Public Protector investigated the tender in that context, when he failed to investigate the context at all. There is no evidence of that state of mind in this investigation. Select one of the previous six facts you were shocked by, previously unaware of, OR wished more people knew about and find a creative way to raise awareness in your community about your chosen fact. Media reports suggested that you had been involved. The Third Request 77 A further article by sca application essay Mr Brümmer and Mr Sole appeared in the issue of the M G that was published on The article related to a tender that had been awarded to Imvume by SFF. Mr Majali must have contested the disqualification because the following day Dr Mokate wrote to him and dealt extensively with various issues that had been raised, particularly in relation to the performance bond. This is how Adv Fourie replied: The deponent does not say why the Director-Generals explanation had to be corroborated by others on the trip or by further documentation. Applicants are responsible for requesting letters of recommendation as well as confirming that they have been submitted by the deadline.

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During our preparations for the visit, a person in the name of Mr Sandi Majali who is a representative of a black owned company called my office requesting to join us, having learned from the Iraqi Embassy that we would be embarking on the visit. The appellant applied to strike out those portions of his evidence but for the reasons I have given that application is misconceived. Finally, summarize what you learned from the project and what you would do differently next time. He does not produce evidence that contradicts the Director Generals explanation and does not indicate why his response should have been regarded with suspicion. Recommendation Letter Guidance to facilitate organizing requesting effective letters from teachers guidance counselor. He submitted that in those circumstances, when it comes to matters that concern its inhabitants at sca application essay large, every one of them must be entitled to vindicate that promised protection. In what may be the biggest political funding scandal since 1994 the M G has established that South Africas state oil company, PetroSA, irregularly paid R15-million to Imvume Management a company closely tied to the ANC. It needs to be kept in mind that the Public Protector is not restricted to investigating what has been placed before him or her. The nature of that organisation is to be pieced together from various documents. The MIS mainly satisfies various requirements and needs by using different systems in the business like analysis, query, and decision support systems (DSS) and modeling system. That was not the ground upon which the newspaper was discredited. The orders were granted by Poswa J and the Public Protector now appeals against them with the leave of the learned judge. Finally, state what about your role in the project gave you a feeling of pride.

To learn more, please visit the SCA Scholarships page. It includes a promise of representative and accountable government functioning within the framework of pockets of independence that are provided by various independent institutions. 19 sca application essay The Public Protector must not only discover the truth but must also inspire confidence that the truth has been discovered. 56 The IIC report recorded that in December 2000 Montego concluded a contract with the State Oil Marketing Organisation of Iraq (somo) for the supply to it of 2 million barrels of crude oil for delivery during the period December 2000 to March 2001. I have already recited the considerable documentation that supports the substance of the articles, all of which was freely available on the M G website. It then summarised allegations that had been made in the newspaper articles, motivated the request, and concluded as follows: In light of the above, the extent of the state's involvement in funding and assisting Imvumes oil ventures. 18 The affidavits filed on his behalf are also replete with challenges to the respondents to demonstrate that what has been said is untrue, and with protestations against the need for corroboration, but I think, once again, that those challenges and protestations are misconceived.

It is apparent from the report that not Imvume, nor the Minister, nor his wife, nor anyone else for that matter, was even asked what had motivated the payment. Nor could it be discredited on those grounds, because there was no investigation in that regard. On the date that the price of the cargo became payable to Glencore PetroSA paid to Imvume the balance of the price, which amounted to US7.9 million. Social networking sites are attracting peoples to waste their time by using the social media applications (Lederer, 2012). 61 Another document, said to have been a speech prepared for delivery by the Secretary General of the ANC, described sabcet as an agent of change duly mandated by the ANC to implement its programmes and said that. In those circumstances I think it is unfortunate that he should have chosen to challenge the right of the respondents to submit his report to scrutiny. They, in turn have undertaken to provide a full briefing to the President of the ANC. Any letters submitted via the Common Application will be used towards the requirement and do not need to be resubmitted via SlideRoom. The video can be live-action or animation, fiction or documentary, but it should reflect your aesthetic tastes and intellectual and emotional interests. Mr Majali went on to say: I am convinced that you do appreciate that such financial resources are crucial for the long-term sustainability of the political programmes the parties will be implementing and to run seminars, workshops in order to develop effective political development strategies. I also see no immediate reason why the improper receipt of public money is not improper enrichment by a person resulting from an act in connection with the affairs of the public body.

To submit your essay or video, please submit our. They also provide no proper basis for finding that Imvumes failure to pay Glencore could not reasonably have been foreseen or expected. Mr Spies asked the Public Protector to investigate the nature of those transactions. What is needed is to extract the substance of the complaint or request. Visual Sample (choose one) (Upload in Portfolio Section video Option: Create a narrative video that is no longer than five minutes in which you had a major creative role. Any additional letters may be submitted via the SlideRoom references system. The shares in the company were allotted in September 2001. How you raised awareness in your community about your chosen fact. The minute records that the bidders were invited to re-submit their sca application essay prices, on this occasion relative to somo prices. They do not present a picture of a businessman tagging on to a government delegation.

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The visit to Iraq was an element of the tale but was not the tale itself. (No more than two pages). On this occasion he seems to have made an exception. The finding features prominently in the report. _ ugent judge OF appeal appearances: For appellant: IV Maleka Sakola Instructed sca application essay by: Edward Nathan Sonnenberg Inc, Sandton Matsepes Inc, Bloemfontein For respondent: udlender SC Instructed by: Webber Wentzel Attorneys, Johannesburg Symington De Kok, Bloemfontein. The manner in which he then went about investigating the remainder narrowed it even further. 44 The cargo was received by PetroSA on 22 December 2003.

That is apparent from his notice of our formal complaint against PetroSA, for improper conduct and maladministration, in that it used the company Imvume as a conduit to transfer public money to the ANC. The Cinematic Arts Personal Statement will be read by the admissions committee as a measure of creativity, self-awareness and vision. Please be aware that by submitting an essay or video, you are granting AED Superstore an unlimited license to use your submission in whole or in part as we see fit, and relinquishing any copyright to your submission. There might well be some errors in the various articles, there might be some unsupportable inferences, and there might be some unjustified speculation. The report records that the information that it contained was obtained from attorneys Bell Dewar and Hall, and at a meeting attended by two attorneys from that firm, and by Mr Majali (who was described as the Chairman. You must specify what role(s) you played.

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103 The request to PetroSA was made in a letter addressed by Adv Fourie to Mr Mkhize, the CEO of PetroSA, on I set it out in full: complaint: irregular payments TO imvume investments We have received a complaint. 69 Another was addressed under the name of Imvume to somo. The use of social media for academic practice: A review of literature. A letter written by the Secretary General of the ANC to the Chairperson of the Iraq Friendship Association sca application essay commended Mr Majali to them in the following terms: His position, therefore, as the Chairperson of the South Africa-Iraq Friendship Association. His or her function is to weigh the importance or otherwise of the information and if appropriate to take steps that are necessary to determine its truth. 95 The conversion of public money into private money occurs through a bilateral transaction of payment and receipt. You must be either a college-bound high school senior or a student currently enrolled in an accredited university. An investigation that is not conducted with an open and enquiring mind is no investigation at all. As for the Minister, she had said no more than that she had not been consulted on the matter, but it does not follow that she was unaware of the purpose to which the advance was to be put. The key findings do not include a finding on the issue but in the body of the report the Public Protector said the following: There was no substantive allegation or indication that the Minister performed any official action. In each case it was in truth no more than a request for an investigation into alleged conduct that was rightly considered to be of public concern. He said that discussions had been held with the Iraq Department of Oil in that regard and he sought approval of the request by somo. I have pointed out that the mandate of the Public Protector is, in general, confined to investigating the conduct of public bodies and functionaries.

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Private DAY boarding schools, private DAY boarding schools, to help students and families with the right fit school. 50 On member of the National Assembly for the Freedom Front Plus, Mr W Spies, asked the Public Protector to investigate the information that had been disclosed in the two articles. The finding by the Public Protector discrediting the respondents is manifestly damaging. Instead of complying with its commitment to Glencore, Imvume apparently paid most of the R15 million to the ANC and relatives of Members of the Cabinet. There are no admission interviews but applicants may be contacted for more information or clarification of submitted materials.

Because that is not acceptable evidence upon which the court will rely for factual findings such statements are not admissible in trial proceedings and are liable to be struck out from affidavits in application proceedings. Those powers emphasise once again that the Public Protector has a pro-active function. (No more than two pages a dialogue scene between two people. The Second Request 124 The Public Protector drew attention in his report to the separation of party and state, which he correctly called a fundamental principle of constitutional law and democracy. Conclusions 140 The story that unfolded over the weeks that the articles were published was a story of alleged impropriety on various related fronts. Management information system refers to a discipline which mainly concentrates on elements of communication and information technology management in a company. 2 At the time that is relevant to this appeal the incumbent of the office of the Public Protector was Adv M Mushwana. He recorded that the management and execution of this transaction will be undertaken by Imvume Management (Pty) Ltd on behalf of the South African Department of Minerals and Energy and it concluded as follows: We further wish to confirm our. It proceeded to detail what had occurred thereafter and explained why PetroSA had paid the outstanding balance to Glencore: PetroSA evaluated the prospect of standing its ground with Glencore and take legal action against them, with the minimum delay. The letter recorded that if required by SFF, Imvume was in a position to facilitate a direct crude oil Purchase Agreement between SFF and somo. Activation on Our Custom Online Platform for planning, research, organization, time management to establish priorities timelines. Transcripts can be sent electronically via the Common Application or sent by mail to: University of Southern California Office of Undergraduate Admissions University Park Campus Los Angeles, CA Step 4: Send Official Test Scores Arrange for the. We fully believe that the people of Iraq do not deserve to be subjected to this kind of oppression by the West.

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I think it is clear that the proposal I have referred to was prepared for presentation in the course of that visit. The invoice recorded that the payment was to constitute advance payment invoice of North West Shelf condensate (light crude) loaded per vessel Selendang Sari at Dampier, Australia, Bill of Lading dated 06 December 2003. This technology is mainly created by main software seller like Oracle, IBM and tibco. 82 Dr Mokate was subsequently suspended, and then dismissed, from SFF on unrelated grounds. There was no investigation of the matter at all. They do not present a picture of government-to-government contracts being negotiated.

An investigation that is conducted in that state of mind might just as well not be conducted at all. You can also email an attachment to with your name and the name of the college youre attending. Report also concluded sca application essay the pros and cons of social networking in which Social networking is considered as a big source of employment on the other hand it is also allows extend of false and unreliable information. Web.0 and management information system has huge relationship with each other. The Public Protector nonetheless concluded that there had been no impropriety on the part of any of the various functionaries and entities concerned and that is what he reported. Indeed, the artificiality of the wall is demonstrated by the manner in which the investigation was conducted. In this judgment I have related the essential facts that were revealed in each of the articles with reference to outside material and not with reference to the articles themselves.

I think it is manifest that the substance of sca application essay the request was not investigated at all. Whether that material is authentic, and whether it is true, is another matter. An extract of the Minsters approval, dated, was also published. It is a combined term of applications of World Wide Web and internet which includes wikis, blogs, networking sites, hosted services, web applications and services of video sharing. 10 The Act repeats in greater detail the constitutional jurisdiction of the Public Protector over public bodies and functionaries and it also extends that jurisdiction to include other persons and entities in certain circumstances. The survival rate for SCA victims decays by 10 for every minute without proper defibrillation; after 10 minutes, survival is negligible. Describe the situation in which the project took place, the objectives of the project and others (if any) who were part of the project team. Find the AED at your school and learn more about how it works and why its so important to make sure the batteries and electrode pads have not expired. It gives academic research to large number of audience and it permits various peoples to access the earlier educational resources which are available in social media applications. It has been alleged that the said advance payment was intended for the ANC, your brother and the Minister of Social Development and that Imvume Management was merely used as a conduit to transfer the public money concerned. These were what the Public Protector called his key findings:. 120 That is all that the investigation entailed. 22 I think that it is necessary to say something about what I mean by an open and enquiring mind.