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Mini essay scantron

mini essay scantron

Assigned: Quiz tomorrow over chapter 6 vocabulary (with definitions) and over choosing between the three perfect tenses we are working. Assign : Start studying the chapter 4 vocabulary. Also, Test this Friday over Tema. Listening activity three native speakers talking about what they do to stay in shape. Quiz over subjunctive or not with translation section. Preterit with Batalla de barco set up mini essay scantron your board, start to play if time allows. That is a fancy way of saying that we scanned in and coded over six hundred fifty pages. Assigned: Complete your vocabulary list for chapter 1you do not have to complete the chart on the back. Parts of the body quiz Assigned: the rest of the object pronoun packet from last week, 2nd page front and back.

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Assigned: Quiz tomorrow over Tema 2 vocabulary (but nor including the section over the car. We used the 5 questions we wrote yesterday (after making revisions as suggested by Sra.) to move around the room and speak with classmates in Spanish. We also worked on the apartment floor plan for the speaking activity we will have on monday, (10/22). . On the page that opens, you will see that #s 9 12 are all over the preterit tense. Assigned : Study the words and the definitions from your current vocabulary list for the quiz on Wednesday. You should use the yellow guide mini essay scantron sheet to review the endings and irregulars and also use m for more practice. Assigned: Study for the quiz tomorrow ser and estar and adjectives that change meaning / tener expressions/ and verbs like gustar. . Also, the forms of ser and estar. Practice the chapter 3 vocabulary with this quizlet Capitulo 3 La vivienda.

Read the passage and decide if each of the verbs is in the preterit or the imperfect and circle I. This has been a chaotic week with everything going on and Homecoming this weekend. Finish practica 13 (see the blog entry of 3/22). Assigned: Practice sheet with new chapter 4 vocabulary. Reviewed definitions and vocabulary words/ played Matamoscas for vocabulary definition review. Okay #10006, explore this Article, pulling off a Paper Caper, hiding Notes in Ordinary Classroom Accessories. Journals will be graded starting this Tuesday after school. In the computer lab: Complete the activities from yesterday for practice and points BUT notice the one in red is a part of Practica. Homework: Continue to practice the present and preterit tenses at m as well as at our vhlcentral site. Pairs started to rebuild a short narration by organizing cards with sentences on them. .

mini essay scantron

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Lunes: Review of the future and conditional tenses, added the use of saying I wonder with these tenses. Computer lab: In your journal today! . The Note : This great book should really be read by everyone. We talked about credibility of sources as well and how they gather their data. Jueves: Review of the vocabulary from this chapter by completing activities 1 4. Jueves (4/20) Go over the homework and discuss. Assigned: Finish the back of the worksheet that was given as homework last night. Notes today over the other past tense, the imperfect (PPT and guided notes) Assigned: Two VHL Central activities tonigh t over the imperfect tense forms. Assigned : Complete the guided notes over the preterit tense. Also you have a vocabulary quiz this Friday over the vocabulary list and definitions minus the terms over the car.

Test over Tema 4 today! . Por Para-qg2y60 lunes: Short class today due to registration procedures. These were presented in small groups. Quizlet commands practice (do the test too ) / . Finish the group sentence building activity we started yesterday and turn. Preterit o imperfect. Start the speaking grade in pairs activity writing in your questions. Note: not everything in the third section of this vocabulary list is an adverbmake sure to go over the others terms in this section when you study. We will go over this tomorrow before you return it.

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Assigned: Complete the study guide preparing for the final exam. S office) Finish speaking activity from last Friday New definitions over chapter vocabulary (PPT 8 total) Review of double object pronouns and question format En el salon de computadoras: swer questions with double object pronouns (Saca una nota 80 o mejor). S 1 and 2 and. Set yourself a goal of 80 accuracy for a 5 minute run and see how you. Part of that studying will involve completing the reading activity I gave you toward the end of class today. . Vocab quiz on Friday over the chapter 4 terms.

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Complete only the YO column of the verbs on the back (your Battleship board for tomorrow). Quiz over chapters 7 12 of the novel. Meet with your groups to complete the commands task cards. Notes over the relative pronouns of QUE/quien(ES LO QUE Assigned: Practice sheet over the present subjunctive and the three relative pronouns. . Review of conditional/future from the homework. Martes (2/7) More with the imperfect tense Cmo se dice? Mi vida aqu no vale nada.

Start to prepare for speaking activity on Thursday, five mini essay scantron sentences. Write journal entry 6 today over our daily use of technology (especially our phones.) Charlas: meet in groups of three and talk about technology and how you use it every day. Quiz tomorrow over the verbs of emotion and doubt/denial. The rest of the definiciones Chpt 1 New vocabulary-29zvjxv La semana del 21- 25 de enero viernes: Review of verbs like gustar PPT Ficha opportunity with gustar verbs Test over the Capitulo Preliminar New chapter 1 vocabulary list to fill in with the Spanish words. Block 3 had the speaking activity over chores for fichas. Test is on wednesday (23rd) En el salon de compu: Practicar los pronombres (DOPs y IOPs) DOPs y IOPs (80 o mejor) Double pronouns IOPs DOPs El preterito (saca una 85 o mejor despues de hacer 40 conjugaciones) jueves.

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Attached here is a study guide over most of what we have learned this unit. Click on it and it takes you to the timed conjugation practice activity. Start preterit notes today reviewing this tense. . Llantas Leccin 3 Vocabulario escoger. Assigned: Quiz on monday over chapters 7 12 and Project due on Wednesday.

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Study time first with partner. Must complete TWO assigned sentences. habla Para m no hay otra mujer que t en el mundo,. If you need help, click on Hint under the frog. Go mini essay scantron over the homework as well. Jueves: Go over the first page of the study guide for the test tomorrow. Assigned : Finish activities A and B from the homework. (Journals) Assigned: Test tomorrow over Unit. .

Also mark the phrases in the text that guided your answers. . Ficha sheets are also due tomorrow for a grade. Vocabulary quiz this Friday. Keep on studying your vocabulary! These are due this Friday. Journals due today- students had another 15 minutes in class today to work on these. Make sure you know words meanings, their definitions, and how to spell them. You also have the list of questions to be prepared to answer on Friday with your partner. Jueves: 14 definitions of vocabulary words from Chapter 2 Journal writing: Entrada 6: technology that I use every day. We present on Tuesday. 10 Flip your eraser over while your teacher is making their rounds, and try not to be too obvious about what youre staring.

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Of verbs like gustar. . Also, your top table on the other side of the body vocabulary graphic I gave you will not have enough room; use the smaller graph below to fill in the rest of the definitions. In the computer lab:. Finish the study packet for extra credit to turn in tomorrow miércoles: task cards over preterit and imperfect in groups a group grade! . Jueves: Journal entry 10 today: topic Sra. Remember, we did NOT work with the adverbial clauses in chapter 4 and we only added the adjective clauses and the past participles with estar from chapter. .

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Give her advice about what to do with the money. Assigned: study for the quiz over adverbs and over the body (spelling and definitions) for this Thursday. Martes: Partner activity with white board activities. You can easily fit a few formulas, dates, names, or shorthand sentences on the face of an ordinary rubber eraser. If time, play At Caramba game reviewing the novel and cited lines. Game to play for practice of commands: m Assigned: Do the front of the worksheet over commands and prepare for a quiz over the present subjunctive: forms, when to use, and when not to use. Signed syllabus form in? La semana del 22 27 de octubre viernes: mini essay scantron Kahoot with chapter test review material Study guide to complete.

Quien dijo?: Me dijeron siga adelante, siempre adelante, y as lo hice. Notes over emotion verbs and verbs of doubt and denial. A clean copy (written in ink please) tomorrow. We also played At Caramba with the preterit tense. 2 Print your notes on a water bottle label.