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Word accent essay

word accent essay

9 In this sense, it would remain so into the 1970s, when an influx of people from the Northeast made the state and its culture significantly less Southern (especially Baltimore and the suburbs of Washington DC). If there were nothing else hard about Chinese, the task of learning to write characters alone would put it in the rogues' gallery of hard-to-learn languages. There are dictionaries of classical Chinese particles, dictionaries of Beijing dialect, dictionaries of chéngyu (four-character idioms dictionaries of xiehouyu (special allegorical two-part sayings dictionaries of yanyu (proverbs dictionaries of Chinese communist terms, dictionaries of Buddhist terms, reverse dictionaries. Again, hard to say, but I would estimate that it takes the average learner several months of hard work to get the basics down. There are phonetic loan words from English into Chinese, of course, but they are scarce curiosities rather than plentiful semantic moorings.

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I found it just too hard, impossibly slow, and unrewarding. How many of us would dare stand up in front of a group of colleagues and read a randomly-selected passage out loud? Whatever the reason they started, every single person who has undertaken to study Chinese sooner or later asks themselves "Why in the world am I doing this?" Those who can still remember their original goals will wisely abandon the. I suppose if someone put a gun to my head and a dictionary in my hand, I could get through.) Simply diving into the vast pool of Chinese in the beginning is not only foolhardy, it can even be counterproductive. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. Well, very often you just totally forget, with a forgetting that is both absolute and perfect in a way few things in this life are.

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Throughout the next week I see the word again several times, and each time I can reconstruct the sound by simply reading the word phonetically - " a-mor-tis-seur ". When little Chinese kids go through the "terrible twos it's Chinese they use to drive their parents crazy, and in a few years the same kids are actually using those impossibly complicated Chinese characters to scribble love notes and shopping lists. Plus you are then at the mercy of the few dictionaries that are arranged according to the numbering scheme of the four-corner system. "What's an amortisseur?" I think to myself, but as I am in a hurry to make an appointment, I forget to look the word up in my haste to leave the apartment. 19 These banks issued ten-dollar notes 20 labeled Dix on the reverse side, French for "ten". Beautiful, complex, mysterious - but ridiculous.

9 I could read the article because most of word accent essay the operative words were basically English: aeropuerto, problema mechanico, un minuto, situacion critica, emergencia, etc. "Hey, you speak Chinese. And in the process of making these spatial accommodations, these components get flattened, stretched, squashed, shortened, and distorted in order to fit in the uniform square space that all characters are supposed to fit into. Can you imagine three. MasonDixon line, but now is more of a cultural reference, referring to parts of the United States that "feel" southern. The beauty of the characters is indisputable, but as the Chinese people began to realize the importance of universal literacy, it became clear that these ideograms were sort of like bound feet - some fetishists may have liked the. A teacher of mine once told me of a game he and a colleague would sometimes play: The contest involved pulling a book at random from the shelves of the Chinese section of the Asia Library and.

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Traditional symbol of the South: the "Rebel flag", based on battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. Maybe a year or more if they're a klutz who was never very good in art class. "The General Assembly Moves to Frederick, 1861". TM ) tM the first question any thoughtful person might ask when reading the title of this essay is, "Hard for whom?" A reasonable question. I'd say it took me a good year before I could reliably find in the dictionary any character I might encounter. "I've never studied Spanish in my life. Mair includes a rather hilarious but realistic account of the tortuous steeplechase of looking up a low-frequency lexical item in his arsenal of Chinese dictionaries. As if all this weren't bad enough, another ridiculous aspect of the Chinese writing system is that there are two (mercifully overlapping) sets of characters: the traditional characters still used in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the simplified characters adopted.

word accent essay

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That's easy: 26 letters. Revised February 17, 2019, firearm related deaths and injuries are a serious public health problem in the word accent essay United States of America, and the rate of gun related deaths in our country is currently at least ten times higher. C'est du chinois "It's Chinese.e., "It's incomprehensible". and you follow your intonational instincts - that is, to put a distinct falling tone on the first character of the word for "my" - you will have said a kind of gibberish that may or may not be understood. The reason was obvious: cognates - those helpful words that are just English words with a little foreign make-up. At any rate, they generally become aware at some point of the Everest-like status of their native language, as they, from their privileged vantage point on the summit, observe foolhardy foreigners huffing and puffing up the steep slopes. There is a standing joke among sinologists that one of the first signs of senility in a China scholar is the compulsion to come up with a new romanization method. For other uses, see, dixie (disambiguation).

If you don't know the word in question, it's usually fairly clear what you should look. 166 "West Virginia is found to have its closest attachment to the Southeast on the basis of agriculture and population." David Williamson (June 2, 1999). The rest of us just swear. There are probably a dozen or more romanization schemes out there somewhere, most of them mercifully obscure and rightfully ignored. And given the large body of evidence showing that there is no net protective value from owning or carrying a gun, self defense should not be automatically accepted as a reason for owning a gun in the. After you learn a few more characters and get hip to a few more phonetic components, you can do a bit better. Despite the esoteric glories of the harmonica literature, it's probably safe to say that the piano is a lot harder and more time-consuming to learn. This kind of "sink or swim" approach just doesn't work in Chinese. Retrieved November 24, 2017. For them it would often be hard to tell where the word boundaries were supposed. As one mundane example of the advantages of a phonetic writing system, here is one kind of linguistic situation I encountered constantly while I was in France. (Smithsonian Institution Press, 1993) Coordinates : 34N 86W / 34N 86W / 34; -86.

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So much for the physical process of writing the characters themselves. Because the language doesn't have the common sense to use an alphabet. Other languages have similar sayings.) So then the question arises: What do the Chinese themselves consider to be an impossibly hard language? In fact, compared to the difference between China and the.S., American culture and and French culture seem about as different as Peter Pan and Skippy peanut butter. We believe, however, that common sense dictates that in order to reduce rates of gun violence in the United States to levels comparable to other high income democratic countries, we must adopt comparably stringent gun control laws laws that. Kennedy, George (1964) "A Minimum Vocabulary in Modern Chinese in Selected Works of George Kennedy, Tien-yi Li (ed. Imagine the kind of task faced by the average Chinese adult who decides to study English. This state of affairs is very word accent essay disheartening for the student who is impatient to begin feasting on the vast riches of Chinese literature, but must subsist on a bland diet of canned handouts, textbook examples, and carefully edited appetizers for the first few years. And how are these components combined to form characters? Specifically, we believe that we should follow the examples of Australia and the United Kingdom, both of which reacted swiftly and definitively following mass shootings in their countries over two decades ago, by banning civilian ownership of all automatic. A French person can usually learn Italian faster than an American, and an average American could probably master German a lot faster than an average Japanese, and. There is no evidence that this story is true. The research demonstrated that between 19 in some 19 of US cities sampled there was an increase of relative use of Dixie, in 48 of cities sampled there was a decline and there was no change recorded in 32 of cities, Derek.

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You can rush into a doctor's office, and, with a minimum of Spanish and a couple of pieces of guesswork diabetes" is just " diabetes " and "insulin" is " insulina it turns out you're saved. Speaking with a Chinese person is usually a different matter. And you're sunk whether your native language is Chinese or not; contrary to popular myth, Chinese people are not born with the ability to memorize arbitrary squiggles. By itself, this property of Chinese would be hard enough; it means that, for us non-native speakers, there is this extra, seemingly irrelevant aspect of the sound of a word that you must memorize along with the vowels and consonants. A non-native speaker of English reading an article with the headline "jacuzzis found effective IN treating phlebitis" is not going to get very far if they don't know the words "jacuzzi" or "phlebitis". It might as well be an EKG readout of a dying heart patient. There are dictionaries that use the Wade-Giles romanization, dictionaries that use pinyin, and dictionaries that use other more surrealistic romanization methods. 11 And if you're serious about a career in Chinese, you'll have to grapple with at least four or five of them, not including the bopomofu phonetic symbols used in Taiwan. United States, "Dixie" is usually defined as the eleven.

Suppose a Chinese person has just the previous day learned the English word "president and now wants to write it from memory. Today, it is most often associated with those parts of the Southern United States where traditions and legacies of the Confederate era and the antebellum South live most strongly. What was going on here? Southern United States for the.S. The study in question was John Shelton Reed, "The Heart of Dixie: An Essay in Folk Geography in: "Social Forces" 54/4 (1976. Back Incidentally, I'm aware that much of what I've said above applies to Japanese as well, but it seems clear that the burden placed on a learner of Japanese is much lighter because (a) the number of Chinese characters used. There is nothing that corresponds to an alphabet, though there are recurring components that make up the characters. Forgetting for a moment the problem of spelling and actually making words out of these letters, how long does it take this Chinese learner of English to master the various components of the English writing system? I couldn't comfortably read a newspaper when I had 2,000 characters under my belt. Not every foreigner (or native speaker for that matter) has noted or internalized the various flawed spelling heuristics of English, of course, but they are at least there to be utilized. I carried around a little dictionary to look up unfamiliar characters in, but it's almost impossible to look up a character in a Chinese dictionary while walking along a crowded street (more on dictionary look-up later and so I didn't. Way Up North In Dixie. Since I know at the outset that the whole tone of this document is going to involve a lot of whining and complaining, I may as well come right out and say exactly what I mean.

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Mach., no weirdos please." In fairness, it should be said that classical Chinese gets easier the more you attempt. Contents, bayou Navigation in Dixie, engraving of a Louisiana Steamboat, 1863. But where the real difficulty comes in is when you start to really use Chinese to express yourself. (Many are even proud word accent essay of this, in the same way some New Yorkers are actually proud of living in the most unlivable city in America.) Maybe all Chinese people deserve a medal just for being born Chinese. The problem of reading is often a touchy one for those in the China field. A few hours later I'm walking down the street, and I read, on a sign, the word " amortisseur " - the word I heard earlier this morning. You can repeat the word as often as you like; the sound won't give you a clue as to how the character is to be written. Back John DeFrancis, The Chinese Language: Fact and Fantasy,. But I still feel reasonably confident in asserting that, for an average American, Chinese is significantly harder to learn than any of the other thirty or so major world languages that are usually studied formally at the university level. And even then, the next time I pass the shop I might have to look the characters up again. Has the average history major here ever heard of Qin Shi Huangdi and his contribution to Chinese culture? Now imagine that you, a learner of Chinese, have just the previous day encountered the Chinese word for "president" ( zongtong ) and want to write. Recognizing these words as just English words in disguise is about as difficult as noticing that Superman is really Clark Kent without his glasses.

Notes I am speaking of the writing system here, but the difficulty of the writing system has such a pervasive effect on literacy and general language mastery that I think the statement as a whole is still valid. This is a very rough and intuitive estimate, but I would say that it takes about three times as long to reach a level word accent essay of comfortable fluency in speaking, reading, and writing Chinese as it takes to reach a comparable level in French. It's truly embarrassing to be out at a Chinese restaurant, and someone asks you to translate some characters on a wall hanging. What skills are needed to master the writing system? It is also one of the reasons it is so damn hard. If necessary all, or any part of the members, must be arrested.

I, like many students of Chinese, was first attracted to Chinese because of the writing system, which is surely one of the most fascinating scripts in the world. Newspapers, too, were still too daunting. It is the position of Americans word accent essay Against Gun Violence that the. In the long term, Americans Against Gun Violence advocates the adoption of a new constitutional amendment that clarifies the Second Amendment in a manner consistent with the following statement in the majority opinion in the Supreme Courts 1980. I happened to have a cold that day, and was trying to write a brief note to a friend canceling an appointment that day.

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And when I say "forget I mean that they often cannot even put the first stroke down on the paper. Of Oriental Studies, University of Pennsylvania). (English, in turn, is less phonetic than a language like German or Spanish, but Chinese isn't even in the same ballpark.) It is not true, as some people outside the field tend to think, that Chinese is not phonetic. 5 Eventually, usage of the term broadened to refer to the Southern states in general. It can also be argued that Maryland was, in 1860, part of Dixie, especially culturally. It takes me hours to get through two or three pages, and I can't skim to save my life." This would be an astonishing admission for a tenth-year student of, say, French literature, yet. Before long I can retrieve the word easily, use it in conversation, or write it in a letter to a friend. Like other gun violence prevention organizations, we support common sense firearm regulations. Johan Dixie (sometimes spelled Dixy a slave owner on Manhattan Island where slavery was legal until 1827. So part of what I'm contending is that Chinese is hard compared. 3, even Chinese kids, whose minds are at their peak absorptive power, have more trouble with Chinese characters than their little counterparts in other countries have with their respective scripts. Miles, to the territory at the confluence of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

word accent essay

Can you imagine a well-educated native English speaker totally forgetting how to write a word like "knee" or "tin can"? After all, Chinese people seem to learn it just fine. As George Kennedy writes, "The difficulty of memorizing a Chinese ideograph as compared with the difficulty of learning a new word in a European language, word accent essay is such that a rigid economy of mental effort is imperative." 6 This is, if anything, an understatement. Not so with Chinese, where your intonational contours must always obey the tonal constraints of the specific words you've chosen. How many such components are there?