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Natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala

natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala

View More, guest Feedback, thank you for a great tailormade roundrip! Usually in Asia you see elephants in chains, ridden by mahouts, and used for work and tourism. They claim to have felt and understood, while in Sri Lanka, what it is to experience the incredible creations of man and God at the same time. We can actively design your tour package from start to finish. Politicians should be informed of this, every time natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala it happens. Such hosts have been known to retaliate by turning off the internet, and ignoring their guests normal questions.

Beauty of sri lanka essay

View More 07 Days Discover Sri Lanka Tour. Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa : This was my favourite. (8) The local media often treats as entertainment instances of Sri Lankan politicians dishonesty and bad behaviour (especially their mistreatment of women). My colleague Michael Turtle wrote a comprehensive post about this experience and the status of elephants in Sri Lanka. This one is more for those who like to chill out, swim natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala and surf. Such things exist under water, too. (3) Women and Children Only carriages can be instituted in all trains. Here they will continue their conversation in the station while we take a walk to the pizza restaurant down the road, use the washrooms, charge our phones, and walk back unhurriedly amid the slow-streaming traffic. It is a long afternoon, and the hot air is pushed around by slow-moving blades of standing fans placed in the galleries. It is supposed that it will make the region an artificial paradise coupled to the natural paradise.

Over nine years of travelling extensively in India, I had wanted to visit Sri Lanka. I would like to see superlatives such as ncredible, and amazing which are in danger of becoming meaningless through overuse banned from the English language) things they encounter in Sri Lanka. For example: each pair produces 10 per season. (14) The natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala stilt fishermen on the shore of Koggala arent actually fishing, they are waiting for tourists to take their picture, threatening to take their phones unless they are paid. Polonnurawa was the royal city of the Polonnaru Kingdom, largely built in the 12th century and abandoned about a century later. Cinnamon Bey Beruwala : A great location on a beach promontory, this large and stylish hotel features a massive infinity pool and lots of dining options. This oral tradition has nothing to say about a storm but why should the Portuguese have to dry their powder? Well, preserved cave arts securely can be captur.

The organization of restaurant cars on trains has been handled well by private companies in the past. We are a flexible tour company: from the most complex itinerary to a single nights hotel stay, you can book with Suomi Travels. Tragic part on the side of the people at work here is that they have not discovered the best economic combination to the strait, to the bay, to the dotting islands and its surroundings. Our driver stops the car in the middle of the road not difficult in the traffic thats barely moving and so does the other driver, natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala who is wearing a t-shirt and cargo shorts, as if hes headed for a day at the sports ground. A great surfing point that recognized. One: to be fascinated and be charmed by the beauty it offers and two: to see the horror side of the nature and go home with goose skin. Sri Lanka finds herself at the receiving end of bad publicity, and tourism suffers as a result. Years of a bitter civil war; and then the devastation wrought by the tsunami.

natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala

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But that, unfortunately, is what we are called upon to do by the tourism industry. But the best experience of Polonnurawa was yet to come. Perera adds that this detail is indirectly confirmed by a local story: The belief among the villagers is that a party of Kandyan archers was stationed here during the fighting with orders to shoot fire arrows arrows tipped with. It has been a tragic contemporary history for this green, fertile island. The crevice of I will do mine, you do yours in many people will offer possibilities to hundreds to find a living with reasonable income. The trick is allowing the strait natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala to thrive on its own. A Portuguese account of the fierce clash mentions that a thunderstorm had soaked the Portuguese firepower. (6) All taxis and three-wheelers should be ordered to carry meters that are accurate and in working order.

natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala

What do we learn about our country as others (visitors from elsewhere) experience it? (11) They were over-charged at many homestays and hotels they patronized. The tbcasia conference was a wonderful learning experience; my flights on Sri Lankan Airlines were smooth and comfortable (and they both arrived early! Near the end of the site, we parked our bikes and walked to into a parkland setting to see three massive, beautiful and serene Buddha statues on display. Aside from some excellent national parks, like Yala, you can also go whale watching in Sri Lanka. We are on the first floor and close enough to feel the spray. View More 05 Days Cultural Tour, our professional chauffeur will wait for you at the door of arrival to warmly welcome and start most convenience with the safest journey to observe unlimited travel temptation. Ive never had an experience like this before and I was exhilarated to see so many unchained and free elephants.

View More 05 Days Beach Tour, the arrival of Airport and then start more safely the great journey to enjoy natural lush of Sri Lanka. When we return, we are not surprised to find that the conversation is still continuing, in the politest of murmurs. The pool and riverboat dining are the stars of this one. And while there are only a fraction left of the original number (about 21 of 500 they make up for it with their grace and beauty. Heres the full story from an edited. Can anything be done by Government institutions to eliminate some, at least, of the above problems? Many visitors think it quite ok at present to buy ivory and tortoise-shell items, feathers of exotic birds, and leopard skins, ignorant of the fact that these have been obtained from the destruction of endangered species; or to have themselves. Around us, a bunch of shrieking, energetic schoolboys, masses of club lunch of rice and curry, the eternal cricket fan Percy Abeysekera, and another elderly gentleman from Kandy Im 80 years young! Throughout the extensive site, I was astounded by the beauty of the Buddhist carvings. For a country so full of luxuriant natural beauty, Sri Lankas architecture is equally striking. Their findings, which are available on line, are admirably frank and balanced. It was a great first trip, and I hope the first of many.

The husband and the boys settle in to watch the Sri Lanka vs South Africa cricket Test match at the lovely Colombo Cricket Club Ground. Therefore one had allowed the strait to be rich with fish for the visitors to see and amuse themselves or get goose skin, a thrill many like to have unexpectedly. The first prime destination is Hikkaduwa. In short, most of the marine food netted out from the waters can be bred on the land and near beach offshore. (1) It is visually beautiful (2) It is unusually diverse (3) It appears capable, to a degree unattained by natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala other countries, of illustrating, encouraging, and promoting spirituality. The breakers are brilliantly white.

natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala

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(6) They (women in particular) have been insulted and publicly humiliated by sexual innuendo and obscene language. Buddhas timeless serenity, with some of the other travel bloggers at tbcasia, I cycled through the ancient city of Polonnurawa. With very good driver and guide We got lot of good information and experience of this beautiful landscape. They get forced and weaned to leave the strait by the seniors and same aged. According to the unesco site, The Maidens of the Clouds are comparable to the most beautiful creations. Many are students travelling on strictly controlled budgets, so that they have to watch and account for every cent they spend. It is sculptor Laki Senanayakes depiction of the Battle of Randeniwela, waged in 1630 between the Portuguese invaders and the Sinhalese warriors, with life-sized horses and horsemen, bows and arrows, a head on a spear, and above it all, the Sinhalese king playing the flute.

Just to make the person never think of such an error. The rise will go further till the strait gets saturated with fish population. Our 10-year-old son befriends him and buys a bunch of handpainted bookmarks and pebbles. Jude - excellent tour, lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and Lorem Ipsum has been the great font. In other words, we were in the way. Elephants Abbey Road in Kaudulla National Park, Sri Lanka. Heres a quick review of each of them. Shaking his fist, holding up his beer can and yelling swear words every time someone misfields. I smiled at natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala them, they smiled at me, and the next thing you know, I was seated among them, linking arms and getting our photos taken together. The prime destination is Hikkaduwa.

And yes, it is the root of serendipity, one of my favourite words. Only a masochist would dream of sojourning repeatedly there. The timeless beauty of the 1,500 year old damsel frescoes at Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. and I enjoyed the Cinnamon Hotels comfort and amenities. Many people are waiting, without their knowledge, to see the nature at work. Good combinations are the trees and the birds. (7) The Education Department should make social training (including ethics, morality and the protection of women and children) part of the school curriculum. Monks snapping photos of the delicate damsels. Sigiryas divine damsels, you can see the ancient Sigiriya rock citadel from a distance, in every direction, as it pokes up above the lush tropical forests and gently rolling hills of central Sri Lanka.

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Elephant safari photo courtesy Derek Freal. Several large Buddhist statues seemed to shimmer and glow in the dim light, and I was told they were each made of a different stone so that each glistened differently. An enthusiastic journey that covers in six days within finest tourist hotspots. The more thoughtful and well-informed are not simply out for a good time on our beaches and in our malls and restaurants, and they are perfectly aware that Sri Lanka is dependent on the tourist dollar for her economic survival. The first thing we notice as we enter the hotel in Galle is the massive winding staircase.

At present, unfortunately, the region is exposed to all natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala kinds of out-fishing. Lorem Ipsum - Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy. Sri Lankas elephant gathering which also has stunning photos. However, two preconditions must come into its own evolution. Sigiriya means Lions Rock, and the whole thing is one big rock, outfitted with huge lions paws (the head is long gone) sitting on a massively big rock. When the Dutch first built this house egg white was used to paint the walls. It should play to all the senses the smell of vegetation after rain, the sound of birds, and the wind in trees.

Some of these can be achieved without financial cost or expenditure, with a stroke of a ministerial pen. The two drivers embark upon a lengthy conversation but in soft murmurs, while traffic honks half-heartedly and then continues to ebb and flow alongside, treating the two men as a part of the street design. The Portuguese attack was led by the fidalgo Constantino de Sá de Noronha, who would be killed in battle. I sit in the huge living room of the old governors home in Jaffna. The location is brilliant, I loved the ocean front dining, and the beach here is pristine, beautiful and seems to be exclusive. They do either out of excess greed to fish, or a desperate struggle for survival. Elephants free and wild, on the first day of the tbcasia Sri Lankan tour, I dutifully climbed into a jeep along with about five other travel bloggers, and set off in a convoy of jeeps for Kaudulla National Park in central Sri Lanka. Designed by legendary Sri Lankan architect and landscape artist Geoffrey Bawa, the hotel is named after the Galle Lighthouse. It will bear income, too, season to season, if one had the patience to pluck only the fruits with reasonable replanting without full scale depletion. The bitter debate in the newspapers seems oddly incongruous with the quiet, almost gentle argument between the two drivers.

My country essay sri lanka

He saves his phone number into my phone: Artist, Colombo. The walls, painted a warm rose-red, stretch awesome distances away to my left, to my right and natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala up towards a white ceiling. (15) Sri Lankan men dont seem to know how to treat women, objectifying them, harassing them, and insulting them by using language with sexual implications. The gorgeous beach at Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa. We got a very good driver with good driving skills and very friendly. Lorem Ipsum - Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text. The doors are twenty feet high, as if awaiting the day when a family of acrobats will walk from room to room, sideways, without dismantling themselves from each others shoulders. Beautiful Colombo, with its great houses and bits of history and its sense of peace slipping inexorably away. At Suomi Travels, we cherish our clients as individuals.

As we ascend, climbing alongside us is a sculpture of the Portuguese-Sinhalese encounter on the battlefield: Sinhalese warriors and Portuguese invaders frozen into brass sheet and copper, with animals, weapons, cannons, pennants, all making their way intractably along the balustrading to a blue-tiled dome. Long Essay Abstract / Summary: The region is of versatile marine waters having a traditional fate that invites criticism. A building can only be understood by moving around and through it, and by experiencing the modulation, and feel the spaces one moves through from outside into verandah, then rooms, passages, courtyards. Sigiriya is considered to be one of Sri Lankas leading historical sites, and was declared. (9) Some male drivers seem to think they own the public roads by virtue of their nationality. The prime destinations with stunning perfect golden sandy beaches. Back at home, we would have been fretting by now; here, on our summer vacation, we wait calmly, carried along by this unhurried mood.

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Arabic in origin, the name was recorded in use as early as 361 AD and for a time gained considerable currency. On a landing, an artist from Colombo has set up a stall where he is making miniature paintings on white pebbles. Then there will be sudden rise in kids, a fish plague. Here are the problems identified by these and other visitors: (1) They find people intrusive (pushy and inclined to pester them to go somewhere or buy something against their will. It has taken three hours for the two men to have this discussion, but without road rage or even raised voices. If one allows them to breed unhindered they will have more of them at breeding seasons increasing in tens or even hundreds. But these wild elephants were wandering freely in small groups. What do you think? (7) They have been sexually harassed.

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Aunty Chelvams house was of a beauty so luminous, so incandescent, it left you breathless. The site was declared. After a bit, the two drivers get back on the road and pull into the large and tidy compound of the police station. As we travel through Sri Lanka, its strong literary voices come crashing in like waves, and life seems to imitate art. Great hotel for those who like to socialize. (4) Since it was made abundantly clear to the nation and the world last year that our parliamentary representatives (of both sexes) cannot be trusted to conduct themselves with propriety in public, TV coverage of parliamentary proceedings should be halted immediately.

natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala

If the fishing is done only outside the strait then the strait will supply more than ten per season. The phrases below are"d from the Hidden Travellers essay, which lists and natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala describes what they liked best about Sri Lanka: Its mind-blowing heritage, which includes ancient ruins, unspoiled natural habitats and so many species of endemic animals that we lost count of them. So here are some of my discoveries made by chance while I was in Serendip, er, I mean Sri Lanka! Anything cautious was booed There were trumpets and drum rolls, klaxons and whistles and rattles and chants and screams. And of course I did make it to the top, though it was not the top that was tops for me it was the beautiful and delicate damsels frescoes. It is the fishing. They are: cultivation of fish, crabs, prawns, molluscs and others in private premises to such an extent the saturations like tomato, potatoes, beef, milk and all others found in many countries and sectors is reached. These are the moments that make being a tourist worthwhile when you reach across language and cultural barriers to just BE together in a common humanity. It is not a loss as it appears. Wealthy and experienced travellers who place their travel arrangements in the hands of professional travel companies are not usually exposed to the problems outlined above.

Though with a natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala bit of patience one sees it flickering under every involved person's nose. Unesco World Heritage site in 1982 and is one of the leading historical attractions in Sri Lanka. Secondly, a good breadth, a few tens of metres of coastal stretch, part on the land and a part on water, has to be left in favour of nature, which implies: promoted to be botanically active. A great surfing point that recognized by all over the world and able to enjoy the superb and adventurous experience. They are waiting for. It appears though cloudy at the beginning, but a bit of patience with contemplation may elaborate the prospects and do the trick. If they have something to complain of in the treatment they have received, they publish it to the world, often with illustrative photographs. Sri Lanka batted first. We laughed together and enjoyed the lovely spot, lit by the slanting rays of a warm afternoon sun. Regularly treated in our newspapers and on TV as high comedy, such reporting suggests to uneducated readers (and most tuk-tuk drivers, for example, lack even a GCE qualification) that such activities are perfectly permissible, since they are practised.

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Sri Lanka is actually a very good destination for wildlife tourism. It is obvious that the causes of these problems should be addressed immediately. Its delightful to see the topless women, adorned with ropes of jewels, cavorting on the rock face. The waves crash against the rocks. If you enjoyed this post, please sign up to The Travel Newsletter in the sidebar and follow Breathedreamgo on all social media platforms including Instagram, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. It was a decisive victory for the Sinhalese. They should be read by everyone involved in the hospitality industry and most especially by Government-controlled bodies such as the Tourist Board, Sri Lanka Railways, and the Ministry of Transport, whose activities bring them into close contact with. It is not, despite its aura of strength, its rising pillars, its soaring towers, a solid place. Drivers who violate this law should be filmed, and their ID cards photographed as a condition of license approval. (8) The public toilets on trains are filthy and insanitary.

The reckoning goes thus: If there are ten flocks of fish in the strait, one depletes or reduces the number available by fishing. (5) Police should be given special training in duty of care: especially the care of women, natural beauty of sri lanka essay in sinhala children, the elderly, the disabled, and those suffering from trauma or harassment. On the contrary, well-intentioned and well-educated travellers (of whom we welcome a great many every year) would appreciate being enlisted in such a cause. I knew it would be a hot and sweaty climb, there would be narrow stairs and one worrying place where bees sometimes swarm without warning. It has no costs save a bit of daily physical work, ideal for retired gents and ladies to get rid of their extra calories, circulate the blood, stretch the idle muscles to vitality in fresh air and with satisfaction. Running in the Family, Michael Ondaatje. We arrived early to climb the 1,000 steps to the top and I was worried I wouldnt make.