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Rural employment in india essay

rural employment in india essay

These programs have been especially incorporated keeping in mind the needs and conditions of Indian women, to ensure their participation. No major television network or newspaper has a dedicated reporter who travels rural employment in india essay across the countryside speaking to ordinary Indians. 4) Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (step) The step scheme aims at imparting skills to women, making them employable as well as to become self employed. Rural Society (Pre-industrial Society urban Society (Industrial Society). On the other hand, it is also popular as a male chauvinistic nation. There is an instant need to take measures to lift the social, personal and professional status of women, bringing them shoulder to shoulder with men. We must understand that women empowerment is a process which hopes to bring gender equality and a balanced economy. They are much better than men to deal with certain problems in the society. In India, to empower the women, first it needs to kill all the demons killing womens rights and values in the society such as dowry system, illiteracy, sexual harassment, inequality, female infanticide, domestic violence against women, rape, prostitution, illegal trafficking and other issues. People of India used to say this country as Bharat-Mata however never realized the true meaning.

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International Womens day, mothers day, etc in order to bring awareness in the society about the true rights and value of the women in the development of the nation. Their poverty is further accentuated because of indebtedness. 4) Pay disparity Women in India are paid less than their male counterparts. Empowerment of the women would automatically bring empowerment of everyone. To get the high level goal of women empowerment, it should be promoted from the childhood in each and every family. The ratio of female sex and female literacy both has increased. All such type of ill practices is because of male superiority complex and patriarchal system of the society.

In India, the Widow Remarriage Act, 1856 was initiated by the continuous efforts of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar in order to improve the conditions of widows in the country. This accounts for the poverty of the ruralites. Women empowerment has the power to change many things in the society and country. There had been a steep rise of about 170 in the workplace sexual harassment of women in India in the past couple of decades. 2) Workplace Sexual Harassment Workplace sexual harassment is the most significant barrier to women empowerment in India. They were kept totally unaware of their rights and own development. Demographic factors: The following demographic factors are accountable for poverty in India. Early marriage reduces the growth prospects of girls who soon be moving onto adulthood. The cost of this entire campaign is estimated to be quite high. Women are capable enough rural employment in india essay to handle any impulsive violence in comparison to the men whether in the family or society.

About the abhiyan, also referred to as, swachh Bharat Campaign or Clean India drive or Clean India Mission, this Swachh Abhiyan was inaugurated on the 145th birth anniversary of the Mahatma Gandhi. The term Women Empowerment refers to empowering women with education, employment, decision making, and better health in view of an equal and just society. Providing better education and employment opportunities to women, ensuring their better health, providing justice and ensuring professional equivalence, are the few methods of women empowerment. Moneylenders, however, exploit the poor by charging exorbitant rates of interest and by acquiring the mortgaged land in the event of non-payment of loans. The scheme provides a universal emergency number -181 across the country for women in distress. A woman is considered to be responsible for everything in the family so she can better solve all rural employment in india essay the problems from her own end. It is a manifestation of deep rooted male supremacy in the society. The Department of Women and Child Development functions well in this field for the proper development of the women and child in India.

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Advertisements: The main difference between the two societies as under: Rural society was one which has not industrialized, whereas present day urban society is highly urbanized and industrialized. Advertisements: In the rural society culture was very deep-rooted. There rural employment in india essay are many formulating strategies and initiating processes started by the government of India in order to bring women into the mainstream of development. Mumbai responded to the marching farmers with heartening warmth. The chain of these nine people is similar to a branching of the tree.

Essay on the History of Cooperative Movement in India

Many marchers who couldnt afford shoes walked barefoot in the searing heat. As a result, they remain in debt and poverty. Women are given first priority in India however on the other hand they were badly treated in the family and society. In this society people loved nature and natural bounties. Women need to be progressed in the number of spheres. The people in the city belong to different castes, creeds, religions and cultures, thus do not enjoy the same social status. In order to empower women, various steps have been taken by the government to prevent violence, social separation, gender discrimination and abuse against women. As a result they are closed down. Women Empowerment Essay 5 (300 words). Social causes: ( i) Education: Education is an agent of social change and egalitarianism. As she rural employment in india essay is just few days away from entering into new year 2019, India is filled with hope and aspirations as never before and she is about to win back her tag of worlds fastest growing economy.

How agonized we are over how people die. Thousands of them walked more than 100 miles to protest the countrys agrarian editCreditIndranil Mukherjee/Agence France-Presse Getty Images. Empowering women rural employment in india essay is the main motto of the development department because an empowered mother with child makes the bright future of any nation. (ii size of family: Size of the family has significant bearing on rural poverty. The real meaning of the women empowerment is to make them well educated and leave them free so that they can be capable to take their own decisions in any field. People associated, the great thing about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is that while launching this cleanliness drive, the Prime Minister himself had cleaned the road to set an example to the people of India. This is sufficient to make this country a clean country by 2019.

Essay on Women Empowerment for Students

There is a high level of gender inequality in India where women are ill treated by their family members and outsiders. They can select any women empowerment essay given below according to their need and requirement: Women Empowerment Essay 1 (100 words). It is for this reason the Prime Minister has urged every Indian to devote their 100 hours every year for the cleanliness of India. We now rank fourth in the world on the Forbes billionaires list and 131st on the United Nations. Most of the farmers in the protest owned less than five acres each. Village industries fail to compete with them in terms of quality and price. It aims for changing the mindset of people towards a girl, by providing financial support and also by strict enforcement of laws and acts. Swaminathan, Indias most distinguished agricultural scientist, submitted detailed reports to the Parliament over a decade ago. With the slogan of women empowerment the question arise that are women become really strong and is long term struggle has ended. Women Empowerment Essay 4 (250 words).

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Women in India are always subjected to rural employment in india essay the honour killings and they never given their basic rights for the proper education and freedom. Frequent flood, famine, earthquake and cyclone cause heavy damage to agriculture. The way to the socio-economic development of India goes through the socio-economic development of her women folk. Many of those fell from being farmers to being landless agricultural laborers, into the ranks of the agrarian underclass. The most famous saying said by the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. (v) Growing indebtedness: In the rural sector most of the ruralites depend on borrowings from the money-lenders and land-lords to meet even their consumption expenses. Socio-political rights (right to work, right to education, right to decide for themselves, etc) for the women were completely restricted by the male members of family.

5) Mahila Shakti Kendras The scheme focuses on empowering rural women through community participation. On the contrary, nearly 90 of rural women are employed as daily wage labors, mainly in agriculture and allied sectors. ( ii) Unequal distribution of land and other assets: Land and other forms of assets constitute sources of income for the ruralites. The female literacy rate in India lags behind the male literacy rate by a significant ratio. Why Do We Need Women Empowerment in India. Advertisements: (iii) Decline of village industries: At present consequent upon industrialization new factories and industries are being set up in rural areas. Some ruralites do not have a motive to work hard or even to earn something. Many societies dont allow the women to go out for employment or education. Due to rigid caste rural employment in india essay system, the low caste people could not participate in the game of economic progress. A severe water crisis, often driven more by unequal access than by poor rainfall, has further damaged agriculture.

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Many of these programs are for providing employment, education, health accessible to the rural employment in india essay masses. Women empowerment is the better treatment of any big or small problems related to human being, economy or environment. The second is the cause of the first. Long Essay on Women Empowerment 7 (800 words). In villages there is no fast change and as such no necessity for social adaptability. In urban India girls are at par with boys in terms of education but they significantly lag behind in rural areas. The economic empowerment of women refers to their right to control the economic decisions, income, assets and other equivalents; improving their economic as well as social status. In urban communities women enjoys comparatively high social status. In the ancient Indian society, there was a custom of sati pratha, nagar vadhu system, dowry system, sexual violence, domestic violence, female infanticide, parda pratha, wife burning, sexual harassment at work place, child marriage, child labour, devadashi pratha, etc including other discriminatory practices.

108th Constitutional Amendment Bill (also called Womens Reservation Bill) was passed to reserve one-third of the seats for women only in the Lok Sabha to make them actively involved in every area. It is empowering women to make them able to get their real rights in the society. Mahatma Gandhi's cleanliness drive was once again revived by our Honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on 2nd of October in 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi, under the name 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'. Increase in real income leads to reduction of the magnitude of poverty. Governments Role in Woman Empowerment in India The government of India has implemented many programs for the empowerment of women. The number of Indian billionaires on the Forbes annual list rose from 55 in 2011 to 121 in 2018. Since the better education can be started at home from childhood, the upliftment rural employment in india essay of women needs healthy family to bring a holistic development of the nation. Clean India drive is a national level campaign that is aimed at making India a clean and green country by the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in 2019.

Swachh, bharat Abhiyan Clean India Campaign English Essay

Some of those significant schemes are given below- 1) Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme The scheme focuses on eradicating female infanticide and also on the education of girl child. They live upon the income of others. Uplifting of women in all means should be the utmost priority of the nation. It needs to be open-minded and change the old mind set against women together with the constitutional and other legal provisions. In cities, people have no time to stand and gaze at the nature. Women are being more open minded and breaking the societal barriers in order to achieve their rights in all dimensions even after crimes are going side by side. Climatic factors: Climatic conditions constitute an important cause of poverty. Women have been given a special place in every religion which is working as a big curtain covering the eyes of people and help in the continuation of many ill practices (including physical and mental) against women as a norm since ages. Indias last national census conducted every decade in 2011 recorded nearly 15 million fewer farmers than there were in 1991; thats a dropout rate of about 2,040 every 24 hours. The number also provides information on women related schemes in the country.

Introduction, women Empowerment is a significant topic of discussion, mainly in underdeveloped and developing nations. Millions have left their villages for other villages, small towns and cities in search of jobs that are not there. Women working for the same number of hours and doing the same work are paid less than the men, which implies unequal powers between men and women. A waiver of their bank debt was among the key demands of the marchers in Mumbai. It is process which empowers women to know that they too can achieve their aspirations as the men of the society and help them do that. Its strange that the women in urban areas are more prone to criminal assault than the women in rural areas. However, after the sad demise of Bapuji, this objective was lost and the Indians continued to lead an unhygienic and dirty lifestyle. Were launched by the government for personal cleanliness and environmental sanitation.

rural employment in india essay

They were religious minded and afraid of gods and goddesses. In order to provide safety to women and reduce crime against women in India, government has passed another act Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2015 (especially after Nirbhaya case when an accused juvenile was released). The swachh abhiyan can play a great role in reducing death rate, health expenses and lethal disease rate. It is empowering women to understand their rights to be independent in every area for their proper growth and development. It is aimed mainly rural employment in india essay at improving the social status of women in rural India. To cumulatively make the amount. 6) Child Marriage Though, India has successfully reduced child marriages in the past few decades, through a number of laws and initiatives taken by the government; still a report in early 2018 by the unicef (United Nations Children Emergency. Moreover, absence of timely rain, excessive or deficient rain affect severely countrys agricultural production. Lot of Indian girls who join school, dropout in the initial years without having passed even 10th grade. It needs women to be strong physically, mentally and socially. Various mass campaigns need to be organized in the backward rural areas to make them aware about the real values of women and all the facilities available by the government for their bright future. The size-wise distribution of operational holdings indicates a very high degree of concentration in the hands of a few farmers leading to poverty of many in the rural sector. Advertisements: (i rapid growth of population: Rapid growth of population aggravates the poverty of the people.

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In cities there are many occupations, so occupational mobility is as well as frequent. 7) Crimes against Women Indian women have been subjected to domestic violence and other crimes such as dowry, honor killing, trafficking etc. Women Empowerment is a process to make the women financially independent, educated and progressive, enjoying a good social rural employment in india essay status. Prices received by farmers have seen repeated collapses. Female infanticide has led to a high male female sex ratio in the states of Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir. Life in the society was very simple and reflected in the way of living, dressing, food habits, shelter and manners etc.