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Essay on arrival of monsoon

essay on arrival of monsoon

Infrastructures are required to cope with the large volume of consumers in a short period of time (Shaw,. Premium India, Kerala,. At bare minimum the folks at Blue Mountain want cold and consistent temperatures since with their snowmaking capabilities alone, they can cover 98 of their trail system. 118 il English Literature. Â Two wage-earner families, essay on arrival of monsoon with everything becoming more advanced socially, and the cost of living increasing it has come to the point where, there are two earners in one family.

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The soil gets too dry and cracks up in the heat. Under such weak monsoon conditions, delay in onset may be of few days or more than a week over Kerala while its delay may be around a month over arid parts of western Rajasthan. In southern Asia, northeastern monsoons take place from December to early March when the surface high pressure system is strongest. Monsoon (Rainy Season essay. In the Rigvedic times, Indra was also associated with the weather. There are hymns dedicated to Him in the Rigveda. Thus, as a coin has both upside and flipside, monsoon season also has both advantages and problems. If it is very late, plants and trees are badly affected. The active monsoon period is only from July to September. Also since rains provide an immediate reprieve from the heat of the summer, this season it romanticized. Withdrawal of Monsoon : Monsoon begins to withdraw from extreme arid areas of western Rajasthan by first September and in general, from northern India around mid-September. This creates a steady wind blowing toward land, bringing moist near- surface air over oceans with.

It then spreads to Peninsular region and slowly to southwestern and southeastern parts of India by 10 June. Thirdly, monsoon gives relief to all living beings from the essay on arrival of monsoon intense heat of the summer. Monsoons are strong, often violent winds that change direction with the season. The animals dance in wild celebrations since the foliage and grass blossoms to a spectacular site. Southwest monsoon is, generally, expected to begin around start of June and fade down by the end of September or mid-October. Secondly, floods also destroy property of the people. The difference of pressure between Tahiti (in French Polynesia representing the Pacific) and Port Darwin (in northern Australia representing the Indian Ocean) is called the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI). Break Monsoon Conditions : Break conditions prevail in monsoon rainfall when the monsoon trough moves northwards to the foothills of Himalayas. A lot of poetry and folk songs are based on rains and the rainy season. The northeast monsoon provides rainfall mainly to Peninsular India during October-December. When the surface pressure is high over the Pacific, pressure over the Indian Ocean tends to be low and vice-versa.

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Significant Features of Monsoon : Four significant features of monsoon are: advertisements:. It is believed that singing the 'Raag Malhar' brings the rains. Effects of the rainy season The cool and wet nature of a monsoon season brings a pleasant feeling to the people. Day after day, the sun blazes down from an unclouded sky. Structures that are not properly constructed are damaged, and some dams give in to the force of the raging floods. Southwest Monsoon : Southwest monsoon occur from June through September. Due to EL-Nino abnormality, the descending limb of the Walker cell moves eastward. Though the data of onset of monsoon is quite regular occurring around first June, there are occasions when not only the onset over Kerala coast is delayed but also the movement of monsoon across the country is sluggish. Winds arrive at Eastern Himalayas with large amounts of rain. Monsoon winds blow from northeast and carry little moisture.

This branch of monsoon moves northwards along Western Ghats with precipitation on coastal essay on arrival of monsoon areas, west of Western Ghats. The tillers of land sow the seeds or plants as soon the rain makes the fields soft. Conclusion As with all other seasons, the monsoon or rainy season has importance on common lives. Rain refreshes the mind of people greatly but also a reminder of the challenges it poses to the populace such as mud on the roads as well as flooding in some quarters. Periods of Active Monsoon: The monsoon current is pulsatory in nature and advance into different areas in two or three stages. Before it breaks, the heat is high and intolerable. For farmers timely arrival and departure of monsoon means prosperity. Negative value (-ve) of the index (Tahiti-Port Darwin) is the precursor of poor or deficient monsoon in India. How rain is formed? They believe in the regenerative power of rain and rain god and therefore pray for the blessings.

The monsoon is especially suitable for palatable dishes like Khichuri, a mixture of rice and pulses boiled with spices. But in cases of floods, the crops go under the water and are destroyed. Every year, we wait for the monsoon forecast from the weather department. The dictionary describes ' monsoon ' as "a periodical wind of the Indian Ocean, South West from April to October and North East the rest of the year, these winds are accompanied by rains". Thus, the total duration of monsoon activity across the country varies from 122 days over Kerala coast, while over extreme parts of western Rajasthan, the duration is as low as 45 days. Advertisements: The most important event in the Indian year is the monsoons. Advertisements: The change is almost magical. Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.

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Advertisements: Again after a gap of about 7 days, rains further advance westwards and northwards. The air becomes delightfully cool and moist; the suns heat is day by day moderated by the clouds, the dry parched land is quickly covered with green vegetation and life becomes bearable and enjoyable except the. Failure of Monsoons : Weather is the chance element in field crop production that can bring about crop failure in spite of providing all other necessary inputs. Indian music is also associated with rains. Tropical South America (Equador and Peru). The greatest boon of the monsoon is the rich cultivation of crops. These suggest a close association between southern oscillation and El-Nino. This stage is accomplished in about 10 days after the onset of monsoon over Kerala coast. Temperature is high because the Himalayas form a barrier that prevents cold air from passing onto the subcontinent. Water logging causes severe traffic jam in most of the cities. . On the other hand, if the monsoon continues for too long, it leads to various diseases. One Marathi poet writes, "The earth looks as fresh as a young lady who has just taken her bath".

Become havoc among the poor. Mawsynram, situated on southern slopes of Eastern Himalayas in Shillong, India, is one of the wettest places on the earth. Disruption in these areas causes abnormality in the usual monsoon pattern. Southern Oscillation Index (SOI). But the peasants prefer to put up with these inconvenience than a failure of rains which means famines and a year full of sorrows. Southern oscillation is the see-saw pattern of meteorological changes that are often observed between the Pacific and the Indian oceans. Indian agriculture is heavily dependent on rains, for growing crops especially like cotton, rice, oilseeds and coarse grains. Normal monsoon onset date over India is first June. However, if the monsoon current is weak, this movement is slowed down or initiates late as a result of which the onset over peninsular region can be delayed by a few days. The mosquitoes breed in standing pools and bring in malarial fever with them. Multiply in great proportions. Pitter patter raindrops, Pitter patter raindrops, I'm wet through".

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In such cases the joys of autumn are also spoiled. The monsoon season in India is generally from June to October. During the period of adequate monsoon, we get good agricultural output. Thus, water starts evaporating and fills vapor in the atmosphere with. Even in such occasions, some rainfall is recorded along west coast under the influence of waves in the easterlies at mid-level. The problems arising due to excess of rains are: essay on arrival of monsoon firstly, excess rains cause flooding of the fields, thereby destroying crops. Challenges during the rainy season The season experiences a lot of rains, and the conditions of the roads are left in pathetic states especially in the rural and remote areas. Without rain-water, these lands would turn into barren deserts. However, excessive or inadequate rainfall leads to scarcity and famine. . Hot air over land tends to rise, creating an area of low pressure.

The second stage usually follows after a gap of 7 days with rains advancing into Gangetic valley up to Uttar Pradesh and into Gujarat. "I hear thunder, I hear thunder, Oh! Eastern areas of Western Ghats do not receive much rain from this monsoon as the wind does not cross Western Ghats. By Omna Roy, monsoon (Rainy season essay. This causes a low pressure area over northern and central Indian subcontinent. Monsoon is an important season for many reasons. The following poetry sums up my feeling about the arrival of monsoon : "The whispering drops Started to drizzle I could hear From far a whistle The monsoon wind Is on its way Drops that fell Over.

South West monsoon winds bring rains to Kerala, Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Monsoon season is also a season when creativity blooms. Land transport and communication system is suspended in essay on arrival of monsoon many places. During the hot summers, the mention of rain brings cheers and excitement to people. Poets give expressions to their feelings by writing poems on the rains. The rivers and lakes overflow their banks, and many villages are flooded. The northeast monsoon becomes active over peninsular region by October and northeast monsoon rains merge with withdrawal of southwest monsoon along coastal Andhra Pradesh. Our heart gets filled with joy when we get the news of adequate monsoon. Motorists and their cars are swept by the floods thus endangering their lives. Northeast Monsoon : Around September, with the sun fast retreating south, northern land mass of Indian subcontinent begins to cool off rapidly. There were people distributing food packets, biscuits, water etc., giving instructions and helping people find their way through flooded streets, cautioning people about open manholes, offering free lift to people in their vehicles, etc. Monsoon accounts for 80 per cent of rainfall in India. Priests perform the "Varuna Japa which means chanting a "japa in the name of God Varuna by standing in water, if there is lack of rain.