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Master architecture thesis pdf

master architecture thesis pdf

It is time that we leverage the technology that gives us so much insight into the science of sound, and start designing architectural experiences that can communicate visually what we understand sonically. Despite the various opinions on the future campus, the value of physical social interaction remains the primary method of incubating ideas. Documentation of the review day is available here. This accelerating manipulation of the landscape means that the divide between the bucolic and the manmade is going to dissolve. In these new towns, public life exists within these interiors. As posthumans we will use our environment and our bodies as medium, mediator, and modifier to filter, flavor, and fashion our information. The line, activated through a set of calibrated relationships with the ground and floating infrastructure, stitches together people within the open core and works against the detritus of old divisions. The work focuses on all those steps. This project asks how destructive forces can be used for constructive purposes. For a body to understand and experience space, it is important for these environments to have an atmospheric affect that is absorbed through the senses.

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Pythagoras unifies specific rules of harmony and proportion from sound in order to determine guidelines for pleasant spaces. There are three strategies within the Master Plan - River, Rail Spine and Ward Plan, each of which could be further developed and work together simultaneously. Drawing from many professional disciplines to synthesize a mulit-purpose geoprosthetic architecture, this thesis investigates a geo-technical solution in the form of an architectural strategy and the potentials of aggregate materials in the context of environmental turmoil. Instead, children are only allowed to have an idealized version of play, which exists in mass-produced plastic playgrounds and in cyberspace. Here, architecture serves as the suture between our digital and physical lives, creating a truly networked body from the scale of the global to the microbial. Most importantly, it functioned as a meeting place for the public. The thesis proposes a series of monumental civic spaces as a new threshold to the interior across the new towns along parallel to the border of Mainland China and Hong Kong. Historically we have relied on a known quantity of sound in order to generate space. These typologies create different spatial experiences for different programs, but remain flexible for the unknown. The thesis examines the formal figuration of public space for a new agonistic public sphere within the contemporary condition of the late capitalist city where the space of massive interiors is a given. The standard 70 degree Fahrenheit, with 30-candle-feet of illumination, 30-50 humidity, and ventilation became the norm and is replicated and placed regardless of existing conditions, creating homogeneous environments.

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The administrative parts of the town hall can grow or multiply proportionally with the population, but the public functions that were originally embedded in the architecture were either pushed out into the large plaza outside of the city hall, or disappeared entirely. However, as recent generations have come to face more and more economic difficulties, a house has, for many, become more of a liability than a dream. This thesis asks how post-industrial cities like Buffalo can harness existing master architecture thesis pdf industrial and natural processes to promote growth and change. The emphasis on two faces also creates the effect of flatness, challenging the three-dimensional quality of objects by defining them with twodimensional figures. Julian Ocampo-Salazar, Scale: The Next Jump in Architectural Production. To make this step possible, it is necessary to generate cutting patterns as membrane structures exhibit double curvature and therefore, they have to be approximated by a certain amount of planar patterns. Both pioneers of sonic architecture, and both pushing the technology of sound design.

Choosing topic for architecture thesis is really a daunting task as topic of your thesis needs to be unique. They are a continuous phase-changing process. Claudia Bode: Postcards from the Blue Heart: Landscape Change in the Dutch Lowlands. Contemporary architecture's focus on communal memory has led to the primacy of a single image or rendering. And to seed, or at a minimum, to test, a possible trajectory both for architecture and for a generation of young architects who with their theses projects cross over into their professional careers as architects. By, rostislav Lang, Germany, anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Department of Architecture, Facility Management and Geoinformation. Within each block is a core that is spatially unified yet distinct from the public front of the street. It consists of two interrelated landscape systems. It is a new town hall that needs to imagine a new form of agonistic public figures that can hold new formats for the political. Having been launched through an intense and often obsessive consideration of internal disciplinary concerns or, more often through the consideration of architectures effects in the contemporary world, or its possible effects in some near future world, each MArch thesis ultimately. The region is facing twin challenges: the need to make room for water as a strategy to deal with climate change, and the fact that the liberalization of the European dairy industry will make it exceedingly difficult for.

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By their final presentation most projects strike a specific conversation between these two poles of architectural discourse: disciplinary history on one end and the contemporary world on the other, producing thus a highly varied collection of inquiries, proposals and even genres of project. The site is an existing two square mile drill spacing unit on the edge of Williston, North Dakota, in the middle of one of the largest contemporary shale oil booms in the world. The primary objective of all MIT MArch thesis projects is to refine and expand the fields of architectural discourse and practice. Rena Yang, Atmospheric Interventions Humans have been sheltering themselves from the harsh elements of their surroundings to maintain comfort since the discovery of the hearth. Lack of home ownership in New York City has reached an extreme-more than 75 of residents rent rather than own. What does it mean when a city dies? The mask, as both an object of formal and figural qualities as well as a participant in performative rituals, becomes the source material with which to resituate the current practice of architecture along the lines of narrative performance. Vernacular Architecture: House of Sert, islamic Architecture: Taj Mahal, ancient Architecture: The Pyramids at Gizah). Situated deep in the Mojave Desert, the conditions that typically spur suburban shrinkage are exaggerated here.