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Essay on education is the best policy

essay on education is the best policy

According to University Education Commission. Both functionalists and conflict theorists view education differently. Ever essay on education is the best policy since 1951, India has been making an all-out effort to universalize primary education. Americans have lost their desire to learn; very often we hear phrases like, school is boring or school is a lot of work, among students. (e) Modification of Behaviour: Education is the modification of behaviour. Acquisition of skill is more important in present day status, so as scientific, technological, industrial, economic and political advancements. Education should aim at developing vocational efficiency of young students. Promotion of social efficiency. Thus, it is clear that democracy can function properly only if all the members of the community are educated up to a minimum standard. (iv) Provision of non-formal education: The non-formal education adopted by the Government of India has created a new hope for the education of the backward classes.

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When technical knowledge and correct learning structures are combined, technical knowledge will build up their scholastic achievement. But in India, women in general, religious minorities, lower caste people, the tribal are considered as backward people. To enable them to utilize their leisure hours effectively. Man gains educational experiences from cradle to grave which bring about changes in the behaviour. Assisting those needy students will raise the level of education available to them which in turn will allow them to get a better paying job to better support their families. Concept of Backward Classes : The people who are socially disadvantaged, underprivileged, culturally deprived or environmentally handicapped, considered as backward classes. It is as wide as the world and as long as the history of man on this earth. So Human Resource Development refers to development of all those factors in the individual which contribute to personal satisfaction, social utility and efficacy. On the other hand, education is a powerful instrument which shapes the future destiny of society. Tagore: Education is that which makes ones life in harmony with essay on education is the best policy all existence and thus enables the mind to find the ultimate truth which gives us the wealth of inner light and love and gives significance to life. Qualified writers in the subject of education are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. Her personal experience and achievements, the way she praises the studies and the professors and the universitys unique friendly environment inspired me to apply. Cultural values and utilization of leisure.

It makes one economically self-sufficient. Values relates to values of human life. Education creates such an atmosphere that leads the members of the society to follow the ideals presented by the education. This also gives out the meaning the process of learning and the function of teaching which are individual in education. It is essential for bridging the widening gulf in society, specially in developing countries, where the education of upper classes has been purely literary and that of lower classes mainly vocational. He must possess certain attitudes and certain qualities, so that he may work usefully and efficiently in active co-operation with others for the establishment and development of true democratic ideas. Political propaganda through political leaders changes the society for freedom. Dimensions of social mobility is seen through occupational ranking, social class, economic (consumption) ranking, power ranking. Teens and their parents believe that access to the Internet improves the social life and academic work of teenagers. Christopher Jencks Inequality, published in 1972 reviewed some of the empirical evidence on education and inequality and concluded that educational reforms have only minor effects on existing inequalities. Education develops a sense of discrimination between bad and good. Without education, youre not going anywhere in this world is a famous" by Malcolm. Development of healthy and balanced personality.

In spite of such demand the backward classes like the lower castes, tribes, women and other minority groups in India are deprived of getting educational opportunities. So that education should give emphasis on these aspects where students get due prestige from society. As man is in the apex of the animal world, he tries to seek new ideas and new ways of life through education. Thompson says, Education is for the individual; its function being to enable the individual to survive and live out its complete life. A healthy synthesis of the two is the best solution. My best reference for applying to the George Washington University is my step sister who already pursues a degree in the international studies. Most of the population continued to have no schooling whatsoever until the first few decades of the 19th century when systems of primary schools began to be started in Europe and elsewhere.

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For this purpose a minimum levels of educational attainment should be provided. Kautilya: Education means training for the country and love for the nation. Kanners essay on education is the best policy article, Todays Class Brought to You Byâ he mentioned that with the baby boomers retiring, and a high turnover among new educators, who are ordered to give instruction on subjects they are not properly trained for, are causing difficult classroom situations (280). In this regard Thompson says, For such children there is only one hope, one way to give them self-respecting place in the adult community. And find out their solutions. Important Definitions of Education by Various Personalities. Essay on the Vocational Aim of Education in India.

The term also implies field of activity, operation and application. Indian Education Commission recommended Work Experience as the basis of all education and emphasised the science and technology oriented education. It is needed for realizing national aspirations. In my experience while growing up, I noticed that students, who passed the fifth grade and quit school to support their family financially, are creating a large uneducated labor force. As the individuals live in it are not only rational but social and political animals. The students of education should get themselves acquainted with different techniques of teaching which is coming under the scope of education.

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It has no end. To create an awareness among the female drop outs regarding their social, political and economic rights and responsibilities and to motivate them to take part in different developmental activities. So the main functions of education should be to lead the individual to self-realization and the realization of higher values in life. (viii) Provision of special facilities: In order to spread education among the backward classes special provisions like free books, mid day meal, free coaching, free studentship, scholarship, stipend, programmes for workers education, etc. Image Source: m, the greatest problem on all fronts has always been essay on education is the best policy felt in the rural area and particularly in the matter of the girl child there. Unfortunately, poor families are more concerned with the basic necessities in life such as money and food, rather than books to help their mind grow. Factors like dependence and adaptability are responsible for the growth of the man. Conclusion : In the emerging Indian society, a remarkable attempt should be made in the field of school education, community education, vocational education, higher education and in other types of special education for the backward classes in order. Etymological Meaning : Etymologically, the term Education is traced to different sources of derivation. That is the reason that the State has successfully implemented the programme of education for all. 1 page, 368 words, the Essay on Values-based Education. Visit m to see how we can help you! Advertisements: To conflict theorists, however, education is a means by which powerful groups prevent change.

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An ideal education will not be possible if one of these three components is missing; they are: parents, educators and students. Functions of education include individual development, conservation, transmission, promotion of culture, acquisition of skills, generation of human values and social cohesion. It is a hope for the backward or undeveloped nations. So the whole human life is education itself and the entire educational process is life itself. Higher learning and research work brings greater social mobility. The broad meaning of education describes educational process which is broad based. Having got this done, they remain on roll of the school while they are attending more to their own farming or home. These students would rather be out with their friends or cavort around their home or anywhere but be in school. 1 page, 496 words, most people believe that higher education is important: it offers a better prospective, allows the person to achieve more in life, broadens the outlook and stimulates creative thinking based on the academic knowledge. Therefore individual and not society should be the centre of all educational efforts and activities. It exists in the hearts of men and women. Need and Importance : The need and importance of human resource development are as follows:. Knowledge is power says the celebrated painter Francis Bacon.