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New cat thesis statement

new cat thesis statement

Feral cats generally do not live around centres of human habitation. Plants and animals have always been the surface on which humans have etched the foundations of culture, sustenance , and identity. To the east of the sanctuary separated by a residential area is the Polhill Reserve. This was published over three months ago. Late last year, one of our colleagues filed a lgoima request with Auckland Council requesting the definition of an 'ecologically significant site The documents that describe the administrative and political processes used to designate an 'ecologically significant site' and the documents. Stray Cat - For the purposes of this code, means a companion cat which is lost or abandoned and which is living as an individual or in a group (colony). Due to the number of incidents this is a herculean task and sadly it is, for now at least, an ongoing one. Study Guides, Essays, Lesson Plans

Standing, moving, feeding, drinking, defensive and escape behaviours). A larger image of the map and 'information' evenings flyer may be viewed here Usage Of Arbitrary Terminology In Service Of Death On the subject of the 'biodiversity focus areas' designated in blue in the map. Readers, ask yourselves: Who are the real extremists who are indulging in speciesism? In a media article dated published in the environment section at Stuff, Wayne O'Donnell said his council strongly supported limiting cats to three per household, and even fewer in areas that were rich in wildlife. John Collins is a relatively recent arrival in Omaui, he moved there in 2011. He was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2004 and promoted to Officer of the Order for services to animal welfare and governance in the Queens Birthday honours in 2018. By the time she presented her thesis, Ellen's academic and artistic interests in the biological where intrinsically interwoven. How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay.

Predator Free-2050 claims to have an 'army of tens of thousands of New Zealanders many of them recruited from children whose schools have received money and complimentary traps if they accede to the terms and conditions of war. Omaui resident Nico Jarvis cited the rat problem in the area and how new cat thesis statement the local Cats are valuable working Cats who keep the rodent population in check. Our policy is clear that any cats (or other invasive pests) found inside the fenced sanctuary will be killed to protect sanctuary values. Thus, they have a strong focus on indoctrinating local communities to engage in the mass execution of alleged 'pests' and one could look nowhere better than their own 'Pest' Control Guidelines document to get handle on their position when it comes to Cats. However experience demonstrates these are often deliberately designed to inhibit the input citizens contribute to the consultation process. Galison, Peter ; Stump, David., eds. We query why the press constantly references Morgan on the subject of Cats, he's an opinionated abrasive old sod and has zero hands on experience with Feline welfare work, thus is totally unqualified to pass comment on Cats.

We are also concerned at how feral Cats will be killed. Culling Feral Cats Actually Increases Their Numbers (PDF 91kb) Recommendations * Remove all entries of the term 'pest Cats' from the rpmp proposal and abide by the classifications of Cats as defined under the Code. We are very concerned regarding the stray/Cat colony situation as it was worryingly obvious that Auckland Council is confused on this issue and had conflicting and vague responses to our concerns. "Special sciences (or: The disunity of science as a working hypothesis. Conclusion, this list is a basic guideline by which to structure all your essays. Brown stated the plan "represents the continuation of current practice". It's similar to antisemitism. Delegates representing spca, Paw Justice, Bob Kerridge, NZ Cat Coalition and Feline Rights also attended the meeting with Auckland Councillors Penny Hulse and Cathy Casey In no uncertain terms those of us that attended Mondays meeting on behalf. In addition to her life as a professional artist Ellen operates a small scale animal refuge with the help of her partner on their Vancouver Island farm. .

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Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. We are presently awaiting responses from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) on the matter of Connovation's withdrawal of it's application for a reduction of notification area for the mass execution of Cats via the dedicated Cat poison known as papp. Within this ethereal menagerie, anthrozoology meets psychoanalysis as themes of natural beauty, curiosity, colonialism, domestication, death, growth, visibility and wildness are explored. 30th November 2017 - Letter To Mayor Phil Goff And Council Response (PDF 359kb) As to online access to documentation we found none of the web links worked. Following the media frenzy and also the meeting with Auckland councillors detailed in our earlier report, Feline Rights and our friends and supporters who engage in social media work have been new cat thesis statement approached by many people who. The antifelinists became a clear and present threat to our families and now when folks speak out about this huge problem, we are designated as extremists. Ncmsg is a private organisation which advocates the mass execution of Cats via "a blow to the head with a solid object "a head shot with a firearm usage of a "captive bolt tool" and that "all methods. This disturbing talk exemplifies a dangerous path down which we are being led which could result in an ecological disaster because of this new-found obsession to become predator free. New Residence Halls, our new residence hall complex, The Woods, is now completely open! . Unbelievably cats are the latest animal to be selected as a targeted predator which will astound and horrify most people, but will delight rats, and Gareth Morgan.

There is a belief microchips are an infallible method of providing identification. We will next document some of the senior staff involved with 'biodiversity' and 'biosecurity' at Greater Wellington Regional Council so all citizens are aware of who is who in these departments. If you find this difficult to comprehend, and a little frightening, for verification you need go no further than listen to the war-like rhetoric emanating from the people at Predator Free-2050. The methods suggested include various forms of kill traps, shooting and Connovation's dedicated Cat poison papp (Para-aminopropiophenone). In January 2018, Virbac NZ issued a recall of some 15,000 microchips which they determined are prone to failure. By attempting to redefine stray Cats as 'pest Cats we have absolutely no doubt Auckland Council are acting outside of the law. While you can never know exactly what a teacher will like, as long as you have proven a point, you will write a successful essay. End": It is clear what the council is presently doing at Shakespear amounts to nothing less than Nazi tactics and regardless of what the council has stated, by summarily executing companion Cats their actions are unquestionably immoral, unethical and quite possibly illegal. When approached by the media he stated he made the posts to "rark up the Cat ladies of Otatara" and also claimed "I don't hate Cats". Over time I find my sculptures are evolving to be of greater emotional presence by using less physical substance: I subtract more and more to increase the negative space. Pest control the old fashioned way via the good efforts of our Feline friends? Additionally, a trapped Cat will tend to revert to instinctual mode and display all of the characteristics of a feral Cat making it next to impossible for anyone to get a reading on a microchip scanner.

Auckland Council Meeting - Monday 17 September 2018 From Auckland Correspondent Julie Clayton-West Anne Batley Burton representing NZ Cat Foundation and Community Cat Coalition addresses the media prior to the meeting with Auckland Councillors. Furthermore, you can expand your individual themes, as well. Toronto studies in philosophy. Conclusion, your conclusion is a wrap-up of the entire essay. The first covered the position of the pro-Cat lobby featuring Anne Batley Burton of NZ Cat Foundation and Craig Dunn of Paw Justice. Two articles were published in the Sunday Star Times on 25 February 2018. The news of the total Cat ban proposal went viral and was picked up by the international media. As this is not a reactive program where the council reacts when it becomes aware of specific instances where it is actually proven beyond a doubt there are Cats predating on protected species in a particular location. We are not clear about their stance on our Cats on reserves in urban areas and neither are they. Many of these components are microcosmic representations of plants, animals and objects. .

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If gwrc, it's private partners or commercial pest control operatives were permitted to trap Cats around the sanctuary, it is inevitable that much loved companion Cats will be new cat thesis statement captured and executed simply for being Cats. Let's be clear, speciesism is a very similar abberation to racism, thus we feel the term antifelinism is an accurate representation of what is presently being conducted in New Zealand. Potential Adverse Ecological Consequenses Of Removing Cats Which is better for the environment? The information evenings were by invitation only, some of our supporters phoned Auckland Council and call center staff claimed no knowledge of the information evenings. It takes your introduction and essentially says to the reader, "See, I told you." You should be writing your conclusion with the belief that you have proven everything you have set out to prove in your essay. Right now, the intention is to get the basic information Cat lovers need to know out on the web, and bring Cat lovers together to actively oppose the eco-extremism which now is a clear and present threat to us and our families. The unity of science is a thesis in philosophy of science that says that all the sciences form a unified whole.

The council's response to our colleague's lgoima request was an eye opener to say the least: Read that again with care folks. You can write two or three paragraphs in support of new cat thesis statement "theme 1" (or Body Paragraph One). Penny Hulse said one thing and yet their Auckland Council "Pest Management Plan" says another. No Cat anywhere be it a truly 'feral' Cat, stray Cat or companion Cat will be safe from the scourges of antifelinism and environmental mass hysteria. For myself, natural forms are a continual source of fascination and deep aesthetic pleasure. He has recently established a Fellowship to seek positive and harmonious solutions for animals, humans and the environment. Anne and her team of volunteers run a Cat sanctuary and have rescued innumerable stray Cats in the Auckland region. Growing Constraints On Cats Left: Dr Imogen Bassett - Biosecurity Principal Adviser - Public face of the rpmp proposal Center: Phil Brown - Biosecurity Manager - Directing from behind the scenes Right: Matt Maitland - Senior Park Ranger. You should also list your argument with its supporting evidence in this sentence. Given there are many dedicated individuals employed by DoC who labour long and hard to preserve the lives of many of our endangered species, and more power to them, this was a foolish and heartless statement to make.

Position, statement on Community Cats and Community, cat

The National Socialists went so far as to compare persons of Jewish heritage to rats, subjected them to curfews, required compulsory identification and ultimately consigned millions of individuals to death. As part of our investigation we communicated via email with both the sanctuary and Matt Maitland, senior park ranger for Auckland Council. Councillors and Mayor, or in the case of regional councils, the Chair, really only have a 'yes' or 'no' vote on an entire proposal and they do not have a whole lot of input options when it comes to the details. Stewart Island Residents Back DOC's Plan To Get Rid Of 'Feral' Cats Eight months after 'conservationists' began engaging in the Feline holocaust on Rakiura/Stewart Island, Phillip Smith was proven correct. In an incredulous move the current Minister of Conservation, Eugenie Sage, wants to see kiwi wandering the urban gardens of Wellington, which would not exactly be their choice of where they would wish to reside given the human dangers. quot;: "The term 'ecologically significant site' is not a specific technical term, but rather wording developed in collaboration with council's media team to communicate complex technical information to the public". Auckland Council Looks At Microchip Policy For Cats The first media disclosure covering the nefarious intentions embodied in Auckland Council's regional 'pest' management plan proposal was published on in a media outlet well known for dispensing antifelinist propaganda, the Rodney Times. This is not the way of good democratic governance. From his thesis entitled 'The Reconciliation of Introduced Species in New Zealand' through various media articles and interviews on national radio, he has tirelessly acted as an advocate for introduced species and for a common sense approach to ecology and conservation.

Explanation, evidence A, explanation of evidence A, possible evidence. Whichever way we look at it, it's clear to us this all amounts to deliberate fabrication of an open ended gray area intended to grant the council license to kill whenever and wherever it chooses. Remember: A vote for the rpmp proposal in it's current form which includes the arbitrary term 'pest Cats' is a vote for the Feline holocaust. Remember, new cat thesis statement "Body Paragraphs" simply stand for Specific Ideas for your thesis. Presently our challenge is a political challenge and one of the most basic rules of good politics is to oppose bad policy itself rather than directly opposing the individuals who are promoting bad policy. We have no doubt the proposed total Cat ban at Omaui is intended as a test to see if they can get away with it there in the interest or rolling out total Cat bans throughout the nation. 21 February 2017 - Rats A Symptom Of Something Rotten In Protection Of Conservation Estate Documentation provided by the environmentalist movement claims it is "estimated that feral, stray and 'pet' cats kill up to 100 million birds in New Zealand each year". Opinion - Bob Kerridge - Animal Welfarist The average peace-loving New Zealander may not be aware of it but, apparently, we are at war. If you have two or three paragraphs in support of one piece of evidence, then you should have the same amount of paragraphs in support of all sequential facts. Davor Bejakovich is"d in the article as stating: "It's very unlikely we will be trapping cats in the Wellington urban area but it would give us an ability around areas like Zealandia, to live-trap cats.".

NMU Housing and Residence Life

The definitions of the three types of Cats from a legal perspective is covered in the Ministry of Primary Industries Companion Cats - Animal Welfare (Companion Cats) Code of Welfare 2007, henceforth referred to as The Code. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2017.). Illegal protest actions bring our movement into disrepute with both the public and the media and thus they are counterproductive to our cause. We also seek to keep the public informed of the plans to place restrictions on Cats and restrictions on citizens who keep Cats by Local Government and the New Zealand Government, and actively oppose what they are trying. ALL cats WHO DO NOT havunctional microchip will BE executed IN THE name OF politicised 'environmentalism' Consultation Period: 28 February 2018 to Left: 'Information Evenings' invitation. Hempel 's "General system theory and the unity of science" (pp. . It is a mechanism to assist identification of owner, assuming they take the step to register the chip and cat on the Companion Animal Database. To" Matt Maitland: "WE DO NOT differentiate between domestic, stray OR feral" "Yes the cat had a microchip. The image on the front page of the print edition was a paste up of an image of Anne along with the antifelinist Gareth Morgan. The Vacuum Effect The Vacuum Effect - Why Catch And Kill Doesn't Work (PDF 550kb) Engage in the removal of Cats from a locality and one is confronted by what is known as the 'vacuum effect'. That's the bulk of what they take." Cat control - Are Councils Too 'Wimpy' To Do It Themselves? Virbac NZ Product Recall Notification (PDF 235kb) As we were about to publish this article another supporter presented us with the following letter sent to Mayor Phil Goff dated 30th November 2017. This suggests to us the Morgan Foundation were permitted to run an online form on their own website as they did for the Wellington City Council Animal Bylaw Review 2016.

Counter intuitively, while there is an appearance of complexity in new cat thesis statement design, there is a simplicity in execution. We decided to investigate Ian Gamble further. One resident had six of her Cats murdered for the cause of 'conservation'. Totally reject the usage of the inhumane Cat poison papp in the Greater Wellington region. He expressed concern that "people are living with a false sense of security about the microchip's ability to track and find their 'pet' if it goes missing" and "My concern and I think it's probably every vet's. Her submission filed on behalf of Environment Southland may be downloaded here: ES Submission To the Environment Protection Agency In Support Of papp by Ali Meade In this article have presented considerable evidence of both major conspiracy and infiltration of Environment Southland by environmental fanatics. In fact, the only real powers that Mayor or Chair and councillors appear to have in this, the corporatist era, are to set the rates, borrow money, enact bylaws and approve the Long Term Plan. Suffering: The lag period is likely to be associated with minimal suffering, however after the onset of clinical signs when cats cannot coordinate body movements it is likely that they will experience some distress, confusion and anxiety as they cannot perform normal behaviours (e.g. If Environment Southland wishes to appear impartial on the matter of Cats they would do well to hire someone else for the role of biosecurity operations manager and conduct a complete lustration of all staff who have an association. The following article published at Stuff will leave readers both speechless and in no doubt that the people involved with any one of NZ Landcare Trust's community 'environmental' groups are likely to be nothing more than cold blooded killers. Transitional/ Opening Sentence (pertaining to Reason/Theme #2).

See also page 52 where you may read about the "pervasive, intense and continuing campaign to 'educate' the public about the impacts of cats on wildlife and human health and the resulting need for culling something no one. On occasions some expel from the animal soon after insertion, some fail to be read at some later date because of manufacturing failure and movement of microchip to other parts of the body". Each sculpture is constructed using an additive technique, layered from inside to out by an accumulation of innumerable tiny components. The discrimination against Bengal Cats by the council is nothing new, Environment Southland has had Bengals in their sights since at least 2009. Dodrecht; New York: Springer-Verlag. Salon Première Vision, Parc des Expositions of Paris Nord Villepinte. . In general the reasons are unscientific and immoral, as are the weapons used against them. "To manage the biodiversity values of the open sanctuary we do not differentiate between domestic, stray or feral. Please note that Housing and Residence Life communicates with students through their NMU email address. The commonsense residents and guardians of Cats in Omaui were quite rightly incensed by the prospect of the extremist conservation minority in association with the regional council walking roughshod across the customary rights of local residents who keep Cats. The basic high school essay should be organized in the following five paragraph structure: Introduction, body Paragraph One, body Paragraph Two, body Paragraph Three. Again, you must open this paragraph with a transitional sentence; one leading from the previous theme to the current theme. It's called 'privatisation which is a palatable term for corporate fascism and corporate dictatorship.

This new, but generously funded, movement has a clear mission: To be rid of all predators, (whatever or whoever they may be by the year 2050, with its website calling us to arms urging us to 'unite to fight'. Blue areas: "indicative of 'biodiversity focus areas' that may be subject to 'Cat management' as part of multi species management at the site. Much of this amounts to anecdotes only at this point, but we can assure John and his conservation soldiers once we have obtained sworn affidavits as firm evidence, we'll certainly publish that which we already know. Where possible I source the natural, the local, the low impact and, always, the authentic. The real proof of the intentions of the council is contained in the Matt new cat thesis statement Maitland letter, where Matt states "we do not differentiate between domestic, stray or feral. Lasharna Turner, "Naturalism" S tyleBiblio Spring 2015, Vol 2,.37 Jeanette Melin, "Kom med til Krible Krable Land Magasinet Kunst (The Art Magazine, Denmark), April 24th, 2015 Sekai Banzuke, The Nippon Television Network (Japan Oct 31st, 2014 Harriet Levenston, "Ellen Jewett HI-fructose. That our stance on this is totally non-negotiable and if Auckland Council insists on proceeding with this we will fight them all the way. Phil Brown delegated the response to our request to Dr Imogen Bassett. New Zealand officially acknowledges three classifications of Cats: Companion Cats, Stray Cats and Feral Cats. While gwrc has a page on their website which covers KNE areas, we are quite unclear exactly what administrative and political processes used to designate a KNE and we have yet to view any documentation which accurately describes scientific.

Feline Rights New, zealand

Our stance is that it must be humane. It's 'democracy' if they say it is and the majority of citizens buy into the lie, but it's certainly not real democracy as we know it and expect it. From the transitional/opening sentence, you can go on to cite evidence to support your argument. Our view is vice versa applies in Aotearoa at new cat thesis statement present. I have no hesitation in adding my heartfelt support to that sentiment, as my dream for our country has always been that we respect and love all life, and that humans, animals and the environment can coexist. Everyday offers no shortage of inspiration. .

Thus it is quite clear Auckland Council is well aware of the legal definitions of Cats under the Code, yet the council has decided to come up with a completely arbitrary new term 'pest Cats' to replace the accepted. Davor the Devious has been consulting with the Environment Protection Authority advocating the reduction of notification area for the dedicated Cat poison known as papp (Para-Aminopropiophenone) in the form of a formal submission from gwrc in support of the Cat poison manufacturer Connovation. Right: Ali Meade - Biosecurity Operations Manager for Environment Southland. Gwrc would not have their own biosecurity manager filing a formal submission in support of this heinous poison if they were not intending to use it, so we'd better take a look at what papp is, how it works and what it does. The open ended not so 'pest proof fence at Shakespear Open Sanctuary.

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All pose threat to the native fauna we seek to protect and enhance". New Zealand Council Proposes Banning All Cats The Express - Fury As New Zealand Village bans cats With Radical Plan To eradicate Felines. The bylaw was essentially back engineered and we have a considerable amount of evidence obtained via lgoima request in the form of emails shared between WCC councillors and staff which demonstrates this. While some have described the proposal as having 'police state' ramifications, we feel a more accurate definition is akin to National Socialism in action, though in truth what we are confronted with now is Globalist Socialism. Now, lets new cat thesis statement take a closer look at some of the antifelinists of the Southland region and who is pulling their strings. No consolation to four year old Kyah, who's best friend was executed in cold blood via a shot to the chest by the 'conservation' nazis at Shakespear.

Unity of science, wikipedia

Environment Southland, Department of Conservation, Invercargill City Council and spca who due to their connection with the subversive. A line of code which says 'px' and the links to each of the pdf files have the suffix appended directly after the file extension. Stray cats have many of their needs indirectly supplied by humans, and live around centres of human habitation. We won't accept Monday's meeting being the one and only time our voice is heard for all of you. Next, let's take a look at one of NZ Landcare Trust's other groups in Southland, Otatara Landcare Trust. We figure when it comes to Cat care Alison would do well to up her game. There is not new cat thesis statement always a "right" or "wrong" answer. Both articles are dated 0500hrs, so the articles were prepared earlier and published online as first task once staff began work. Explore our website to learn about how our focus on student involvement and community make our halls unique and fun!

The bottom line is this figure is likely a huge overestimate provided by private environmental extremist and antifelinist groups such as Morgan Foundation, Forest and Bird and Predator Free. The local vet clinic documented a total of 16 missing Cats over a period of 12 months in Raglan West. If you put too many different themes into one body paragraph, then the essay becomes confusing. You may have several pieces of evidence to support this one them, which is absolutely fine. In the spirit of surrealism, this psychological approach to artistic expression creates a rich network of personal archetypes and motifs that appear to occupy their own otherworldly space. Feral Cat - For the purposes of this code, means a cat which is not a stray cat and which has none of its needs provided by humans. Despite growing public abhorrence, we are now purchasing 80 of the total supply, making us by far the largest user in the world. It appears to us the council has made up it's mind on what it plans to do prior to the consultation period and the operational directive is to fob off citizens concerns via official 'smoke and mirrors'. Or the good citizens who are in fear of the lives of their Feline family members due to the ceaseless anti-Cat propaganda and now have no choice but to speak out about it?

Statement and Press Ellen Jewett Sculpture

The term 'halo' is one coined by the antifelinist Gareth Morgan and this 'buffer zone' was imposed on citizens who reside in the area without reasonable notice or consultation. Biodiversity staff need to purge themselves of the 'kill them all' approach, because by going down that path they may do more harm to an ecosystem than good. It is the equivalent of allowing Bishop Brian Tamaki to run a template on the Destiny Church website for a consultation on gender diversity and lgbtq rights, or allowing the White Nationalist movement to run a template on their website. It is also important to have a concluding mini-thesis in this paragraph. Knowledge 2013 - Present University of Guelph, Equine Science, Horticulture Science Halliburton School of the Arts and Fleming College (various courses) Women in Crisis Guelph, Crisis Councillor Certification Apprenticeship in Canine Behavior and Aggression Therapy McMaster University, Honors Fine Art and Anthropology. Well known animal advocate Bob Kerridge's recent opinion piece published in the NZ Herald covered the matter of 'research' designed to demonise Cats in the interest of furthering the primary aim of the antifelinists which is the total eradication of all Cats.

The Wellington City Council planning office describes reserve land as follows: "Our formal definition of reserve land is public land set aside for recreational, ecological, landscape, cultural and/or historic purposes and generally managed under a reserve management plan. She expressed concern about the number of half-eaten eggs and dead chicks appearing, all killed by rodents the Cats would have dealt with were they still around to do their job. In order to make the best of a writing assignment, there are a few rules that can always be followed in order to find success. In this report, Phil Brown uses every argument in the environmental extremist's book to demonise Cats in any way he can, at this point we are uncertain if this is because he is deluded by the opinions of the fundamentalist 'conservationists'. The persecution of cats, the countrys most popular and adored companion animal, is as unfathomable as it is without foundation.