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Security threats india essay

security threats india essay

Experts reckoned it is a matter of time before cyberspace becomes an independent theatre of war. Insiders may not need a great deal of knowledge about computer intrusions because their knowledge of a target system often allows them to gain unrestricted access to cause damage to the system or to steal system data. It has resulted in a total demographic transformation and has assumed an inexorable proportion. Some studies have tried to quantify this external factor in Indias internal security, and it has been placed at as high as 80 per cent. (a) Nodal Agency for Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Crime. The exodus of Northeast students from the southern states in 2012 and the Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013 are some examples of the problems being created due to the fast growing communication systems. Social media is emerging as a very powerful phenomenon in Indian cyberspace with around 45 million 21 Indians using the social media and the number is increasing every day. Apart from monitoring the Internet, the nccc would look into various threats posed by cyber attacks. In todays networked world, cyberspace is considered as a national asset, it has enabled a host of business and government services to citizens, efficient operations of critical infrastructure depends. Police and Security Forces: It has been seen that, at times allegations of police atrocities and police indifference security threats india essay towards peoples problems, aggravate internal security problems.

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The government has taken a number of measures to counter the use of cyberspace for terrorist-related activities, especially in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Mumbai in November 2008. An attack that uses third-party web resources to run script within the victims web browser or scriptable application. Another very important challenge requiring ongoing efforts is poor awareness and education about cyber security threats and the need to follow best practices, across different levels ranging from school children to top government officials, and management in the corporate world. In January 2012 alone, 1425 websites were defaced, with 834 target websites being domain . In India, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) takes care of internal security, while external security comes under the Ministry of Defence. (f) PPP model should be explored for taking security to the regions and industry sectors. Today, sophisticated set of nation states and non-state actors are increasingly making efforts to intrude the networked domain of its adversaries. This again would be a tri-service organisation, with additional experts from the drdo or any other such institution. MHA should be the nodal agency for handling cyber terrorism as well as cyber crime. The country adopted the equitable and inclusive growth model for growth and development. This new responsibility, however, does not lie solely with the government.

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Indigenous development of cyber security solutions as enumerated in the policy is laudable but these solutions may not completely tide over the supply chain risks and would also require building testing infrastructure and facilities of global standards for evaluation. (c) Installation of systems, monitoring and response, especially for emergencies. Since 2000-01, there have been regular reports of Pakistani cyber criminals defacing Indian websites and writing derogatory messages against India. A fully empowered head for Cyber Security should be appointed, positioned at the highest level within the government. With advent of technology attack tools have become more sophisticated and easier to use. We inherited the first three factors at the time of independence. Org)Mr Prakash of CIS, which has done extensive work on surveillance and privacy issues, said, An additional principle must be collection limitation or data minimisation. We need to cover a lot of distance before we could say that we have a safe cyber space. Also reps from Rep from MEA who is an expert on international agreements. When directed, conduct cyberspace operations in support of Unified Land Operations to ensure freedom of action in cyberspace and to deny the same to our adversaries. Subjecting the points of security concern to be a close-knit and comprehensive scrutiny, it is quite clear that a formidable challenge lies ahead.

Drdo should conduct specialised research for the armed forces to provide necessary military hardware for conduct of offensive cyber operations and also hardware immune to hostile cyber attacks, which is more relevant due to embedded hardware supplied by our adversaries. The absence of a globally accepted cyber regime and legal structure adds further to the commotion. Unified cyber command should be created in a time-bound manner with both offensive and defensive components. The fourth, fifth and sixth factors in the above list can be termed as administrative failures and the seventh, eighth and ninth could be due to the rise of partisan politics. Thus, it is crucial to comprehensively understand the risks associated with the use of technology and operating in cyberspace. Anja Kovacs, who works with the Internet Democracy Project, said this form of mass surveillance criminalised everybody since it was based on the assumption that each citizen was a potential criminal. India, the mass exodus of people all across the country to North East and Assam riots are testimony to what cyber domain can trigger and its enormous power. (c) Cyberspace Force Modernisation Proponent.

Cyber security is the latest challenge. Individuals or organizations distribute unsolicited e-mail with hidden or false information in order to sell security threats india essay products, conduct phishing schemes, distribute spyware or malware or attack organizations (e.g., a denial of service). Clandestine in nature, these operations are connected to some domestic fault-lines which lend them a character and colour of an internal security problem. The cyberspace is being used by terrorists to spread their message, hire recruits, do encrypted communication, surreptitious surveillance, launch cyber attacks on govt infrastructure, etc. It has become the lifeline of critical infrastructures such as energy, telecommunication, banking, stock exchanges, etc. (g) Strengthening telecom security is the key pillars of cyber security, especially through development of standards and establishment of testing labs for telecom infrastructure (equipment, hardware). Businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and even the governments are using this platform for variety of reasons which include communication, marketing, branding, awareness, etc. The Indian Express, share. (b) Substantive laws dealing with illegal access, illegal interception, data interference, misuse of devices, computer-related forgery, child pornography, etc. Cyber security should be regarded as an integral component of national security. It provides a comprehensive definition of the computer system tries to ascertain liability based on the type of cyber crime committed (Hacking, spamming, tampering, identity theft, impersonation, cyber terrorism, pornography, child pornography). Thus there is need to study the structure, role and capabilities of cyber command in detail.

Essay on Cyber Security India

India ranks 9th and in personal computer across the globe, India ranks 7th. Any failure to check cyber-attacks could be fatal to our economy and security. Cyber attackers use numerous vulnerabilities existing in cyberspace to pose cyber threat. Print, reference This, signature, dSSC, Wellington Name Anil Kumar Mor. (b) Nodal Agency for Cyber Warfare. The draft policy has been aimed to enable secure computing environment and adequate trust and confidence in electronic transactions. Essay on Internal Security Doctrine, essay #. Many of the govts social benefit programs are envisaged to be linked with the Aadhaar number. Considered the newest domain in modern warfare, cyberspace has now joined the ranks of traditional areas assessed by militaries all over the world. India next to Brazil, Romania and Mexico the least able to defend against cyber attacks. (c) National Telecom Policy, 2011.

It collaborates internationally for the incident response, tracks incidents affecting both public and private sector and issues security guidelines and advisory on vulnerabilities. Specifically, organized criminal groups use spam, phishing, and spyware/malware to commit identity theft, online fraud and computer extortion. The composition of this ciwec could include:- (a) Members Public Agencies. (d) The police must work closely with both govt and non-govt agencies, Interpol and the public at large to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the problems. Contribute to its vulnerability. The nuclear-empowered Pakistan has repositioned its massive security threats india essay apparatus to destabilise India. Whereas some believe that too much of government intervention through regulations can undermine business innovation.

security threats india essay

Essay on the Internal Security of India - India Essays

Unintentional threats can be caused by software upgrades or defective equipment that inadvertently disrupt systems, and intentional threats can be both targeted and untargeted attacks from a variety of threat sources. Given the increased usage of Internet in the country, India is witnessing sharp rise in cyber crimes. The rise of Indian Mujahideen (IM) has been another dangerous phenomena in the last decade. In fact, it appears that cyber space will be the theatre of warfare in the 21st Century. Dy NSA who is the Secy of the CIW board security threats india essay could chair the ciwec, DG CIW will be the Secy with support from the nscs. Many such cyber threats can be easily mitigated if individuals are aware and vigilant. Instead, diluted versions of policies are implemented and lives are put at risk.

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Cyber warfare forms a part of Information War (IW which extends to every form of media and inter alia includes aspects of propaganda and perception management. In 1956, the country was forced to redefine its inter-state boundaries due to linguistic riots. Major Challenges to Internal Security : Independence for India came with some inherited problems related to internal security. Govt should initiate and create critical infrastructure to ensure implementation of practices and provide necessary budgetary support for the same. Externally aided internal, indias internal security threat security threats india essay perceptions are a mix of all four shades of threats defined above. The nciipc will mandate a security audit of CII apart from the certification of all security roles of chief security officers and others involved in operationalising the CII. To plan, coordinate, integrate, synchronize, direct and conduct network operations and defense of all defense forces networks. Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection. (b) Raise a Cyber Command and build up offensive capabilities. The Gujarat Police had accessed call details of 90,000 phones.

(e) Lobbying at an international level for the harmonisation of existing national legislation to ensure that such laws provide a fair measure of deterrence to cyber criminals and cyber terrorists, thereby making cyberspace a safer place for national and international transactions. (Full text available on cessaryandproportionate. India has since long been paying dearly for these externally- sponsored internal security threats. (m) Defines responsible actions for network service providers, large corporates and small/medium home users to secure information and systems. This threat will pose a challenge to national security. E-Commerce industry is witnessing phenomenal growth and expected to touch USD 10 billion, an increase of .

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In such a scenario, covert action has evolved as suitable alternative to many nations and agencies. Under this forum (set up in 2001) high power delegations from both side met and several initiatives were announced for intensifying bilateral cooperation to control cyber crime between the two countries. To meet this end, it is the need of the hour that nations of the world cooperate and make constructive efforts to reduce vulnerabilities, threats and risks to manageable levels. While cyber warfare is on going activity during peacetime, however it will form an essential part of preparation of the battlefield in any future conflict. Already, the revelations made by the Nepalese Maoists with respect to bilateral relationship between the two countries, have been quite disturbing. The IT (Amendment) Act, 2008, recognizes cert-In as a nodal agency for security incident management and provides it the authority to call for information on security incidents from organizations. Cyberspace has no boundaries, it is man-made and ever expanding. While it is the government that correctly takes a lead in evolving a coherent picture of what constitutes vulnerability in our cyber domain and a strategy on how to counter attacks, the private sector needs to recognise the real threat it faces. Intelligence: Intelligence is a major component of Internal Security.