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Maleficent movie review essay

maleficent movie review essay

While the natural key lighting is always shining on her, the green lighting from her magic powers makes everything stand out so much more. Kenneth Cranham, Hannah New. This latex and rubber feels nice against my skin! Any more Horny jokes and Im turning you into a turd, okay? Whenever the camera is on Maleficent, it has to show an extreme close-up shot of her. Maleficent is now a sympathetic character, with smoother lines and a more involving backstory than that provided against Auroras hopeful radiance. Boasting an impressive and impeccably costumed.

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Pardon me if this isnt the Sleeping Beauty you knew as a kid. Yes, this is a part of mise en scene, but I found a really good example that deserves to be discussed and talked about. Seriously, which one of my gazillion adopted children are you? Disney original, she strips the paint from the walls. I cant get it out! A really good example of this change would be when Maleficent walks in Aurora's christening. Musically, James Newton Howards sweeping score locates a nice sweet spot somewhere between Erich Korngold and Danny maleficent movie review essay Elfman, and Lana Del Reys gothy take on the Sleeping Beauty showstopper Once Upon a Dream makes for a fitting closer. She's always full front towards the camera, and never has her back turned. Her shadow appears on the wall of the castle before she enters the building. This movie is one of the most beautiful films I have seen in a really long time. He stops coming around, breaking the girl's heart.

Advertisement, in any event, we know what's really going on in the maleficent movie review essay scene. As teenagers, the fairy and the human share a silhouetted lip-lock on a hilltop"true love's first kiss in the Disney parlance. To counteract with the helicopter shots, the cameraman also has just as much, if not more, of the extreme close-up shots. Maleficent looks big-budget, and feels it most of the time, but Stromberg cant quite deliver on the quieter, reflective moments like he should. Maleficent is weighted very heavily because she is the most powerful person in the room. One day, a young human boy, Stephan (Michale Higgins attempts to steal a jewel from the Moors, only to be discovered by Maleficent. But its stuck so far. There are moments in "Maleficent" that are profoundly disturbing, in the way that ancient myths and Grimm fairy tales are disturbing. The lighting and focus in the film is really important to the plot and how the audience is visualizing everything. Sheppard; supervising art director, Frank Walsh; sound, Chris Munro; supervising sound editors, Frank Eulner, Tim Nielsen; re-recording mixers, Gary.

The movie is a mess, but it's a rich mess. A really good example of both of these in action is towards the beginning of the film, when the king and his army are trying to take down The Moors. Linda Woolverton, maleficent movie review essay but there have been reports of many studio-imposed rewrites, and reshoots by director. Thats probably the most prescient thing I can say about the film. As I said before, the key lighting that shines off Maleficent the entire time shows how radiant she is, and then the more natural lights shine on the trees which make them seem real, even though they are holding spears and have legs. I was looking forward to seeing Angelina Jolie play a Disney villain. I really have to show a picture of this, because how can something be really powerful and soft at the same time. It stumbles around a bit in the middle, and some of the character arcs (especially Copleys King Stephan) arent that great, but on the whole. The rest of the characters are so huddled together there is no space between any of them. Maleficent doesn't just lose her wings; they're stripped from her, against her will.

Maleficent, movie, review Film

Whenever Maleficent was talking, it was always closed; when she started using her magic, the maleficent movie review essay camera switched to open form. How the hell did you push this out? Less evil and more misunderstood, felt a little too much like a hard sell, although you got the sense that when the almighty House Of Mouse put their marketing department into the same room as the screenwriter, a whiff. Sure, for a large portion of the movie theres the well-trod path of narrative granite that everyone alive today would know, such as the young Princess being seconded into the care of three wholly unsuitable fairy women. Put them together with her wary cobalt eyes and ruby lips and the wings and horns that the character sports early in the picture, and you've got an image of female otherness as eerie.

Does this work for the character? Im wild and wicked. Darting around the moors like a sort of saucer-eyed Tinkerbell is the winged young fairy Maleficent (Isobelle Molloy who strikes up an unlikely friendship, and later romance, with a trespassing human farmhand named maleficent movie review essay Stefan (Michael Higgins). Elle Fanning ) that will send her into a coma at age 16 after a finger-prick by a spinning wheel needleis driven by the trauma of that betrayal. It's a really good effect.

maleficent movie review essay

Summary (2014) Roger Ebert

It's a symbolic assault with sexual overtones, specifically an attack that occurs after a woman has passed out. Almost, but one can take this live-action revisionism with a pinch of fairy dust, I wager. The visual effects and action sequences are generally handled with aplomb by debut director Robert Stromberg, who handled production design on Disney films like Alice In Wonderland and Oz The Great And Powerful, yet he couldnt seem to muster. Advertisement, despite winning a slew of deserved awards for early performances, Jolie has never gotten the credit she deserves as both an old-fashioned glamorous movie star and a skilled, thoughtful actress; this part fuses both sides of her talent. After snuggling with Maleficent on a hilltop, Stefan gives her a drink laced with a sleeping potion, prepares to murder her after she's passed out, then has a failure of nerve. I found it really incredible that the camera could do this with both distance and angles. Jolie towers over this film, as Maleficent.

maleficent movie review essay

(Jolie underwent a double mastectomy not long before the film was shot; it's hard to imagine her shooting this sequence and not putting it in a personal context.). Now that I had a chance to analyze the lighting and camera angles, I saw the film is a completely different light. Running time: 97 MIN. Another really powerful rule of thirds example is at the end of the film when Maleficent is presenting Aurora to The Moors. Fans of the original story might find more to fault with Strombergs heavy approach to the material than I did, but as a technical exercise its not too bad.

"Malefic"t has lines that are so crisp that it looks like a 3D painting, and the camera angles tend to be telling a story maleficent movie review essay that's parallel to the plot. Camera (color, 3D Dean Semler; editors, Chris Lebenzon, Richard Pearson; music, James Newton Howard; production designers, Gary Freeman, Dylan Cole; costume designer, Anna. It's towards the beginning when Aurora is a baby. As for its revisionist take on the travails of the iconic Sleeping Beauty villainess, however, it falls far short of something an imaginative fan-fiction scribe, let alone obvious role models John Gardner or Gregory Maguire, might have crafted from the material. For example, an expensive-looking yet utterly inconsequential battle sequence plopped into the middle of the pic sees Maleficent neutralize a squadron of nameless soldiers with neither motivation nor consequences, but the scenes in which she bonds with the 16-year-old Aurora (Elle Fanning). She plays judge and friend at the same time. This film is definitely aimed at an older market. But it's also a film of resonant gestures and dream logic, in which ancient and contemporary predicaments jostle against each other: romantic betrayal or sexual assault, and their psychological aftermath; the fundamental differences between male and female minds; the way that. The effects are lavish (but suffer from typically Hollywood hollowness) and the scope of the film is tonally far darker than Disneys.

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Young tots unaware of the animated films existence will probably miss a lot of the in-jokes and tips-of-the-hat Stromberg and his team insert, but most of an age to watch this will still enjoy it, regardless. Years later, the now adult Stefan (. I really wanted maleficent movie review essay to talk about her green lighting in her magic. Executive producers, Angelina Jolie, Michael Vieira, Don Hahn, Palak Patel, Matt Smith, Sarah Bradshaw. Maleficent is standing in the center and Diaval is standing on the left. Related articles 2014, Rodney Twelftree. Sleeping Beauty film, only with key villain Maleficent in the lead role and central focus, I found myself scratching my head and wondering if it was a story we really needed to see. Approx Running Time : 97 Minutes, synopsis: The story of the fairy Maleficent, who is slighted by her first love, a human, and seeks revenge through his eventual daughter.

While Fannings Aurora is relegated to a supporting role (and Brenton Thwaites Prince Phillip a glorified cameo) Jolie is perfectly cast in the lead, and does excellent work despite substantial physical constraints. Maleficent speaks to the king, and her emotions are terrifying because of the extreme close-up shots, but the thing that makes her powerful is the low angle shot. Like most cynical film fans, with the announcement that Disney was producing a live action reworking of its. Sleeping Beauty find itself overshadowed by its slicker, sharper recent cousin? It has sub-"Phantom Menace" landscapes and creatures, a bombastic and unmemorable score, and the sorts of chaotic images and fast cutting that signify a lack of true filmmaking imagination. This makes her very vulnerable and Maleficent takes advantage of that. We feel close to Maleficent even when she's doing the ice-mask-of-death expression showcased in trailers and in stills. Production : A Walt Disney Motion Pictures release and presentation of a Roth Films production. When Jolie is let loose to really bare her fangs, such as her nearly word-for-word re-creation of Maleficents first scene from the. As much as Disney hoped this would be the be-all-end-all of Sleeping Beautys story, Maleficent does have its share of issues.

maleficent movie, review

My absolute favorite movie, "Maleficent is my go-to. Years from now you'll hear teenagers or college students bonding over having seen it as child and lost sleep over it, and its title will have acquired three more words, plus punctuation: "Oh My God, Maleficent!". And at this point I should give you the opportunity to step away from the review, see the film based on the above description, and read the rest later to see if you agree. Even the king and queen feel inferior to her. In a far off land, two kingdoms exist in a state of mutual distrust and hatred. Summary, director : Robert Stromberg, year Of Release : 2014, principal Cast : Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, Lesley Manville, Brenton Thwaites. To be honest, Im still scratching my head, but at least I can answer that question honestly. I love that Maleficent parts the crowd, the king and queen are basically bowing before her, and baby Aurora is off to the side, which is also important. Dont screw with me!