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An essay on merits and demerits of internet

an essay on merits and demerits of internet

Whenever there occurs clash of interests, the an essay on merits and demerits of internet coalition is lost and governments crumble down. My worst experience with this was a virus I got from a spam email. Majority party holds the reigns of government. The world is smaller because of it and for the most part better because. Just like substance abuse, I have grown a dependence on the internet and the cyber community it brings. On the other hand, anonymity also empowers people by protecting them from responsibility from wrongdoing. The Cyber Community The internet has truly made the world a smaller place as it enabled people to meet more individuals from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. All means of propaganda-public meetings, posters, radio, television and speeches by important leaders of the parties- are used to win public favour.

Essay on the, merits and, demerits of, dictatorship

Thus, "a few manipulators who can collect votes with the greatest success get democratic power." The result is that democracy run by the ignorant and incompetent becomes totally unfit for intellectual progress and search for scientific truths. Youth Adopt, Drive Technological Advances. Some healthy, others not so healthy. What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up In Cyberspace. All have equal right to choose their government. Thus, stable governments under democracy generally dont exist. On the other hand, the internet is a tool which could also be used for foul deeds. We will write a custom essay sample. He says that history records the fact that a few are intelligent. Representatives elected by the people conduct the affairs of the state with public support. You no longer have to write a letter by hand, affix a stamp, and then mail it afterwards waiting for not minutes but entire days just to send a letter to a friend or colleague.

Essay on, nationalism: Meaning, Merits and, demerits of, nationalism

(vi) Stable government: Democracy is based on public will. Leiner, Barry.,. In the amount of time that it takes to read this sentence, I could have forwarded a chain letter to dozens if not hundreds of people in my email address book. Internet users with shady interests have used the internet to cause harm and promote their foul agenda. I myself am a member of this community by my blog. Ministers are proving white elephants. (v) Lowers the moral standard: The only aim of the candidates becomes to win election. All enjoy show more content (ii) Rule of the incompetent: Democracies are run by incompetent persons. Influence of moneyed people over politics is probably clear in England, America and India. (vi) Democracy is a government of the rich: Modern democracy is, in fact, capitalistic.

All members of the State are equal in the eyes of law. It ignores the minority altogether; the minority is oppressed. A political party aims at capturing power. The rich candidates purchase votes. It is against an essay on merits and demerits of internet the law of nature. Democracy creates proper environment for the development of personality and cultivating good habits. On the other hand the internet has not only made my life easier, it has also made the lives of shady characters easier too. I myself have had no experience with Internet crimes but that is something I dont want to change in the near future.

It has helped me keep in touch with my family members and friends at home. Some are intelligent, others are not. Even simple messages like trivial requests or an essay on merits and demerits of internet a short how are you? (x) Bad influence of political parties: Political parties are the basis of democracy. Critics are of opinion that "it is against the law of nature to grant equal status to everybody." (iv) Voters do not take interest in election: Voters do not cast their vote in a spirit of duty as democracy requires them. Convenience This has got to be the reason most everyday people use the internet, it simply makes things easier. The convenience of the internet has equally empowered me to do my email and shopping and empowered crooks to perform felonies from credit card fraud to piracy and even identity theft. (vii) Helps in making people good citizens: Success of democracy lies on its good citizens. (viii) No stable government: When no party gets absolute majority, coalition governments are formed. Under dictatorship, the dictators do not involve people at all in decision making, people have no right to criticise the decisions of the dictator even when they are bad and against peoples welfare.

Merits and, demerits of, democracy free essay sample - New York, essays

Even then, it is generally found that turn out comes to 50 to 60 percent only. Democracy is based an essay on merits and demerits of internet on the principle of equality. Muscle power and money power work hand-in-hand to ensure success to him. Merits and Demerits of the Internet specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, whether by emailing my friends, or ordering a book on m, I am a part of the internet generation, the generation. Unlike the real community, the cyber community is impersonal and has no intimacy.

This forefeits the very tall claim of holding elections. The coalition of political parties with a view of sharing power is only a marriage of convenience. I may be guilty of this to some degree. In retrospect, is the internet worth it? (vii) Misuse of public funds and time: Democracy is a huge waste of time and resources. It really does make my life easier and allows me to do more things that were unthinkable of even just 50 years ago. Information The internet has changed both the way we get access to information and the amount of information we can have access. Majority after gaining success at the polls forms its ministry and conducts the affairs of the state by its own sweet will. It has changed the way we do business, communicate with each other, and even how we view the world in the short amount of time that the public has used. By the sheer simplicity and ease of sending a letter through email, we probably communicate with each other more and with greater intimacy. Sometimes, they overlook the overall interest of the state for the sake of their party.

Looking at my internet use, I see that there are primarily three ways that I use the internet; for convenience, for information and lastly for the cyber community. My blog allows me to connect to other people just as reading other peoples blogs give me a connection and insight into their lives. These days tenure of the elected representatives is fixed. Thus, a few manipulators who can collect votes with the greatest success get democratic power. It lends development and progress to individual and arouses his interest in social activities.

Merits and, demerits

Enormous amounts of web pages are born everyday, with equally impressive search engines to quickly comb through these web pages to get the information you want. Might of economic power rules over the whole process. The Internet for Dummies 7th edition. (viii) Based on public opinion: Democratic administration is based on public will, public opinion lends it strength. Truly, this is a way that the Internet has made my life much easier. People get impetus to take part in the affairs of the state. (iv) Voters do not take interest in election: Voters do not cast their vote in a spirit of duty as democracy requires them. In representative democracy, peoples representatives discuss matters more thoroughly and take reasonable decision. It has created a worldwide meeting place where people could seek out people who share their interests and values.

Internet Usage Statistics The Big Picture. Universal adult franchise grants right to vote to everybody. Democracy is considered to be the best form of government these days. And Naver as they have almost everything I need, news, entertainment, weather information, dictionaries, study materials etc. Even as I did this, the virus had already spread to other email addresses stored in my email address book. Inefficient and corrupt persons get themselves elected. We, in India, have been experiencing the same thing for the present. If an essay on merits and demerits of internet they dont work efficiently or dont come up to the expectations of their masters. Critics are of opinion that it is against the law of nature to grant equal status to everybody. Consequently, communists dont accept it democracy at all. As members of the cyber community, one needs to be wary of these things as it may leave one vulnerable to anything from damage to your computer to damaging scrutiny or even more serious crimes like identity theft. The administration is conducted with a sense of responsibility.

The internet is a socially disruptive technology. Citizens learn their rights and duties from birth till death. Its members are to safeguard the interests of the party. Also, it makes one think less of others as people are reduced to a few lines of text on a webpage or chat room. The result is that democracy run by the ignorant and incompetent becomes totally unfit for intellectual progress and search for scientific truths. Character assassination is openly practised, unethical ways are generally adopted. (iii) Based on unnatural equality: The concept of equality is enshrined in democracy. Under monarchy the Monarch takes decisions as he pleases. For me, even with its downsides, the internet is still a blessing to be treasured. The internet on the other hand empowers me to voice out my opinions and get feedback on these opinions right away. Most of the countries in the world have adopted.

Merits and, demerits of the Internet, essay, example for Free - Sample 1688

They are a heavy burden on public an essay on merits and demerits of internet exchequer as they waste public money on their tours and recreations. In it, every citizen is allowed to take part, whereas everybody is not fit for. Levine, John., Baroudi, Carol., Young, Margaret Levine. The majority is required to safeguard the interests of minority but in actual practice it does not. All enjoy equal social, political and economic rights and state cannot discriminate among citizens on the basis of caste, religion, sex, or property. This paper tries to explore how the Internet has touched my life. New York Times, A24.